My greetings to all the readers. Hope you all are well. Let’s start with Episode 5. The story of Mishbir and Kuku will take a spicy and sweet turns. Let’s take a look.

Ft. Mishbir and Kuku

Episode 5

Narrator : Let’s have a look at Fantastic Four. It’s night.

At Rajvansh House ;

Kunal : Abir, do you know when is Kuhu’s birthday?

Abir : Is she your friend or mine?

Kunal : Obviously she is mine… I mean my friend.

Abir: Okay, so who should remember her birthday? And by the way why are you stalking that girl?

Kunal : Abir, I am not stalking her. She is just my friend. And I wanted to know her birthday so that I could wish her the first on her birthday.

Abir : It’s just 2 days you got this new friend. And you wanna know her birthday too?

Kunal : Yeah… No, but…

Abir : Why are you asking me her birthday?

Kunal : Because her sister – Mishti is your friend. So I thought she told you her sister’s birthday!

Abir : Oh! Hello, first of all she is not my friend.

Kunal : Ohooo! Then who was that in college who was asking for Mishti’s friendship?

Abir : Hey! You are spying me?

Kunal : You’re my brother. So I have that right to spy on you.

Abir : Oh really? ( He took a pillow and threw on Kunal)

Kunal : Bhai, now wait. (He too takes the pillow)

Narrator : They both argued in a funny manner and started pillow fight which was quite funny and enjoyable. Let’s see Maheshwari sisters, what are they doing?

At Maheshwari house ; (At night)

Mishti : Kuhu, you please break your friendship with that silly guy’s brother.

Kuhu : #Why?

Mishti : Because you haven’t seen his brother. If you will see him na…

Kuhu : Mishti! I know. Kunal is my friend, his brother is not my friend. Okay?

Mishti : But just think Kuhu, if Abir is like a silly monk. Then how will be his brother?You know his brother don’t have any common sense too.

Kuhu : Abir is your friend. You know him better.

Mishti : Oh! Hello, what are you saying? He is my friend? Who is spreading this false rumours?

Kuhu : (Laughs) Mishti, you know who can be your friend. And I know who can be my friend. And see It’s only formal friendship, not like he’s my best friend. Okay? Now, go to sleep and good night.

Mishti : Okay, Good Night.

Narrator : Let’s see to what extent these both friendships have blossomed after a month!

At College ;

Mishti : Kuhu, I am much excited.

Kuhu : Me too!, After so many days…

Mishti : Yeah… Wait! What are you excited for?

Kuhu : Because day after tomorrow there is a challenge on Friendbook. We’ll see to that, how many likes we gained by posting black and white selfies. It’s only among my group.

Mishti : Uhhh… Kuhu?

Kuhu : What happened?

Mishti : I am excited for the Food Festival which is being conducted after 1 week. There will be music, dances, enjoyment and moreover delicious food… Yumm!

Kuhu : Oh!

Narrator : See, here they were going to the auditorium for lectures. Meanwhile these talks were going on.Just then Kunal and Abir comes there.

Abir : Kunal Putr, May I know, what these balikas are talking about?

Kunal : Yes, Prabhu. They are talking about Food Festival.

Abir : Tathatsu. Okay. (Fun)

Mishti : Abir, you also na…

Kuhu : Mishti, let’s go from that side.

Mishti and Abir seems worried.

Kunal : Kuhu, please listen to me.

Kuhu : Mishti, #can’t you hear? Let’s go from other side.

Mishti : Kuhu, If Kunal is apologising to you, then please forgive him na. Kuhu, In these 15 days you haven’t talked to Kunal.

Kuhu is irritated. She left the scene without uttering a word.

Abir and Mishti look each other worriedly. Kunal too leaves from there with a sad face.

Mishti : Kuhu is badly hurted.

Abir : Yeah, I can understand.

Mishti : But she is behaving arrogantly. If Kunal is telling her these many times sorry, she could have pardoned him.

Abir : No, Mishti. Kuhu is right. If I would be in her shoes, I would have also done the same thing.

Mishti : Hmm… Okay, now they both left. Shall we move too?

Abir is thinking something.

Mishti : Abir…

Abir : Yeah… What happened? Did you called me?

Mishti : Abir! Let’s move or else the lecture will be finished.

Abir : Yeah!

They both leave for the auditorium.

Next episode to arrive soon

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  1. Episode was very good.💖💖💖. Why Kuhu fought with Kunal???🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. Was it that Kunal proposed her or something??🤔🤔🤔. Anyways, u could do it on Monday and Wednesday ig.

    1. Zingo

      Thanks😍, Shivani for reading. No, Kunal didn’t proposed her yet. You will surely get to know what really happened, in next episode. Thanks for your suggestion 😊

  2. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Loved the pillow fight between the brothers and the sister’s conversation. Wonder why Kuhu and Kunal are not talking. Abir supporting Kuhu and Mishti supporting Kunal was nice. Excited to know the reason. You may upload each episodes with 3-4 days gap to maintain consistency

    1. Zingo

      Gratitude 🙏🏻, Shesha485. Glad that you loved the scenes. Thanks to you too for for your suggestion. I will check to it which is helpful for me. Interesting episodes to come. Keep reading💝

  3. Amazing update. Mynsuggestion is that you can update on Sunday and Wednesday so that there will be gap of some days also and we can enjoy your ipdata also. Please update soon

    1. Zingo

      Thanks, Aditi. Hope you’re loving the episode. Keep reading. Will also try to implement on your suggestion. Thank You😍

    2. Yes I am loving your update. Waiting for your next update. Please update soon

  4. Zingo

    Yeah, Aditi. Episode 6 is on the way. Thanks for loving😍

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