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Ft. Mishbir and Kuku

Episode 1
At Maheshwari House ;
Varsha : Mishti, Kuhu get up now, How long will you sleep? Oh my God! This girls!
Rajshri : Hey, Varsha! Why are you shouting?
Varsha : See to them maa, It’s 10 ‘o’ clock and these girls have not woken up yet. Today, Ananya and her in-laws are coming and will it look good…
Rajshri : Dear, But Ananya and her in-laws are coming at 2 ‘o’ clock. You are worrying unnecessarily.

Vishambhar (from the hall) : Rajshriji, Where are you?
Rajshri : Yeah ! I’m coming (to Vishambhar). Varsha your father is calling me now. I will
see to him and come.

Rajshri and Varsha both goes from there. Suddenly a strong wind comes and the windows started rattling. Due to the noise of Windows, Kuhu wake up.

Kuhu : Oh my God! This window also.
Kuhu looks at Mishti. Mishti is sleeping under her blanket. Her face is not shown.
Kuhu : Mishti! You are sleeping. Come on, now get up. How much will you sleep? (Suddenly with a sad tone) But, you slept very late, yesterday. Don’t worry! Sleep. #CUTE DREAMS.
Kuhu goes for fresh up. After sometime, sunlight falls on Mishti. She wakes up because of sunlight. A beautiful girl with black eyes, pink lips, and beautiful smile. Mishti Maheshwari is shown.

Mishti : (in a sleepy mood) Good Morning, Kuhu.
Kuhu : (while coming out of the washroom) Good Morning, #Sister. You woke up…
Till that time Rajshri comes in the room. Mishti and Kuhu greets her.
Mishti and Kuhu : Good Morning, Badimaa.
Rajshri : Good Morning, my girls. By the way, my morning is good only, beta. But I don’t think that yours will be good. (In a chilling mood)
Mishti : Why, badimaa? Is everything okay? (With a slight worried mood)

Kuhu : Oh No! Has Ananya di canceled the program of coming home? #PROBLEM
Rajshri : Arey! Not at all, Girls. Why will she cancel her program? I was telling this because your mother was very angry on both of you as you were not getting up. Now God only knows! What will happen! (In naughtiness)
Kuhu : Oh No! Badimaa you please save us because whenever she is in such a mood she will definitely scold me and Mishti. She will start scolding us. #SCOLDINGS IN MORNING.

Mishti : Yes, Badimaa please!
Rajshri : Okay! Baba! First both of you fresh up and come down for breakfast.
Mishti and Kuhu : Okay, Badimaa.
Both the girls smile seeing Badimaa.


So sorry if you think that this episode was shorter and less interesting. In future I will surely try to make much interesting episodes.

  1. loved it , pls make the episode a bit long and u are a great writer

    1. Thank you so much for such supportive words☺

  2. Supriya_r

    Really nice!!! Please make it little longer.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Will surely try to make more interesting and longer episodes in future. Keep supporting me.

  3. I will keep posting my fan fictions at every Monday. And Sorry for short episode. From next time onwards, I will post a bit longer episodes. So keep supporting me.😊🙂

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