EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 8


Precap: Suman helped Shravan with his study. Shravan finally comes to school.

At School

Suman get down from her bus and comes to Shravan, who just parked his bike.

Suman: Shravan why did you come to school? Doctor asked you to take complete bed rest.

Shravan: Yes, but maybe you are forgetting today is the last day of taking bed rest. So I’m here.

Suman: But the day isn’t still over. You were supposed to visit the doctor after 21 days and then the doctor would say what do next after testing.

Shravan: Come on Sumo, I got super bored in my room, you can’t even imagine how I passed the last one and half month. It was a jail. And anyway I’m going to the doctor after school. If you are so worrying about it then come with me.

Suman: No that won’t be needed. Call me later and tell me what the doctor said.

Anish: Hey Shravan, you are here? How does it feel? After falling on the bathroom floor?

Anish and the other boys start laughing. Suman gets awkward. Shravan looks at them once and then at Suman.

Shravan: When our team won the cultural fest and I won the best performer trophy, the way you felt at that moment, I felt less bad then that.

Anish’s smile disappears.

Anish: Shravan, those things are in the past now. It’s good that you are back. Now you will see what it costs to take trouble with us.

Anish and gang leaves. Shravan looks at Suman.

Suman: Shravan, I’m sorry. I lied to you, that nobody knows about your leg. Actually they got to know about the whole thing the next day itself. I lied to you cause you would have felt bad to hear it.

Sharvan: Sumo chill. I knew that they know about this.

Suman: What?

Shravan: Well I had myself said everything to Sahib on phone. He later informed me that everyone got to know it.

Suman: Oh, so..uh ok then. Let’s go to class.

Shravan: Sumo wait. I mean Suman.

Suman: What happened? Suddenly “Suman”.

Shravan: I uh needed favour. I did came to school but I don’t think I can do the drill class. Can you manage that one for me?

Suman: Even if you wanted to do the drill class I wouldn’t have let you. You are still limping, there is no question of doing excercise. First the doctor would give permission only then you will join the drill class.

Suman goes to go to class. Shravan keeps standing in his place and smiles.

Shravan: Yaar, my sumo takes so much care of me.

Shravan smiles like crazy and places his hand on his chest and closes his eyes. Suman turns and sees him standing like that.

Suman: Shravan.

Shravan immediately stands properly.

Suman: Why are you standing like an idiot there. Come, you will be late for class.

Shravan nods and runs.

Suman: Slowly.

Shravan stops and nods again. Then he comes slowly.

At class break

Sharvan comes to canteen. He finds Sahib and sits beside him.

Shravan: Now tell me, how are you?

Sahib: What will be wrong with me, you tell me. How is your leg? Does it still hurt?

Shravan: No, there is no pain. But because it was plastered for a long time, I think it got a bit much straight then my other leg. And even if I try there is a bit difficulty in walking. But I think it will get better in no time. You tell me, how is the situation here. Does the army-gang still disturbs? You didn’t share anything on the phone.

Sahib: Now what can I say on the phone, you were stuck in your room. You could do nothing even if you want to.

Shravan: That means they did somethig. When I came to school in the morning, I met with dhumketu at the gate. By seeing his face I was sure he must have done something. What did he do? Tell me.

Sahib: Don’t ask what he did, ask what sort of things he did. He and his gang took the chance of your absence and did whatever they wish to do. After we won the cultural fest, we thought now things will be better. It was going better too. But after a few days…..


The civilian gang is standing silent, their head is down. Anish’s gang are smiling like villain at them.

Anish: Just by wining a competition, you guys have forgot your status. Don’t forget you won it by cheating. If that Shravan hadn’t cheated then my team would have got selected and our team would have won. So don’t try to act smart.

One of the civilian kids try to say something but Anish stops him by his stare.

Anish: You guys were flying high too much these days, but your leader himself has ran away from the field. He hurt himself by falling on the bathroom and now have hidden his face in his house.

Anish’s gang laughs on this statement. The civilian gang looks at each other but doesn’t say anything.

Anish: Now, if any of you dare to do anything against us, his situation will be worst then your leader.

Flashback ends

Shravan: How dare they. What else did they do?

Sahib: After that, every day every hour they are torturing us. They don’t leave on moment to show us down. The situation at school is now worse then earlier. And when the time comes to give the buddy project report, they prepare it such a way that the teacher doesn’t get any idea of the real situation. Do you remember Anish had promised me to make the basketball referee?

Shravan: Yeah, because of that I had lied about my relationship with Devika and Suman. That was the lie that got me into problem at that stupid party. What happened about that?

Sahib: Because of that I even told him about how you hurt your leg. But when the time came to make me the basket ball referee…..


Anish and his team member on the ground, in sports costume. They are all standing in a circle. Sahib is standing in the middle.

Anish: Referee and you? Do you even know the rules of playing basketball?

Sahib: But Anish sir you had promised me….

Anish: What did you say?

Sahib: Anish sir we are buddies. If you take part in the basket ball then I have to too. But I can’t play.

Anish: Then come I’ll teach you.

Flashback ends

Sahib: The way he said he will teach me, I ran away from there before he could do anything. I didn’t even go near the field from then once. Shravan yaar I’m sorry. You got insult for me so many times and all for nothing. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have shared your information with Anish.

Shravan: Why are you saying sorry? I gave you permission to do that. Actually it’s my fault. I should have realized that we can’t trust those guys. Those guys. They have to be taught a lesson, it’s high time now. Sahib, go and make this announcement at the every corner of the school, that Shravan Malhotra has returned. We will get back at the army-kids and take revenge of every insult.

Sahib smiles.

Sahib: That’s not necessary. It’s the hot topic of the school today. Everyone is talking on this subject from morning. Maybe tha’s why the army students didn’t do much today. But they won’t stay silent for long.

Shravan: Then we won’t stay silent either.

Sahib: I know, all the civilian students is thinking the same thing. They even planned a meeting today. To celebrate your return and discuss our next move. After all our leader have returned.

Shravan: But this is not going to work like this. We have to do something big this time. Something so big that this partiality problem ends from it’s root for good. But the meeting have to be postponed for tomorrow. I have to visit the doctor today after school.

Sahib: That can be arranged. Don’t worry. But we should go now, otherwise we will be late for class.

Shravan: Class? Which class is at this time? Earlier there was no class at this time.

Sahib: Oh, I forgot to tell you. A new class have started, dance class.

Shravan: Dance class? I am not able to walk properly, how will I dance?

Sahib: Don’t dance, just sit in the back. But if you miss it then Anish and his gang will get a chance to talk about it. Let’s go.

Shravan comes to the dance class, he finds where Suman is sitting and goes to sit beside her. Suman smiles at him

Shravan: Did something happened?

Suman: No, why?

Shravan: Then why are you looking so happy?

Suman: Well, because this dance class is my favourite class.

Before they could say anything else the teacher comes in the class. Everyone stands up,

Sakshi ma’am: Sit down everyone. Ok, so you all know the routine by now, so everyone take your place and start. Today we are going to practice.

Everyone gets ready to come on the floor.

Shravan: Direct dance? I don’t know anything, what will I do?

Suman: I think you should just see, I’m not sure if you should dance or not. Your leg is still not fine.

Suman gets up and go to the dance floor. Everyone pairs up and starts dancing with the music, Suman is dancing with Anish.

Shravan: This dhumketu, I can forgive all he have done till now, but this is getting too much now. I feel like punching him right now.

Shravan notices the other pairs.

Shravan: Wait a sec, whichever girls and boys are together in the buddy project, they are their dance partner too. That means this dhumketu is in my place. Now it’s going to be fun. I’m showing him his place right now. (he raises his voice) Ma’am.

Shravan raises his hand. Sakshi ma’am switches off the music everyone stops.

Sakshi ma’am: I don’t think I have seen you in my class before.

Shravan stands up.

Shravan: Ma’am, actually I had an accident, that’s why I couldn’t attend school since last one and half month. I’m Shravan Malhotra.

Sakshi ma’am: Yes Shravan, tell me.

Shravan: If I’m not wrong, everyone is partnered with their buddy, right?

Sakshi ma’am: Not everyone, but whoever possible.

Shravan: Then shouldn’t I be paired with my buddy, Suman Tiwari.

Anish looks angrily at Shravan. Suman looks at Shravan once then at teacher.

Sakshi ma’am: You are right, but you came late Shravan. Suman and the others have rehearsed a lot in the past few days. You won’t be able to manage up the gap. Suman will have to start from the start again then.

Suman: It’s ok ma’am. I can start from the beginning for my buddy.

Sakshi ma’am: That’s some really good buddy spirit Suman. Shravan, come and take your place.

Shravan smiles and comes to take his place before Suman. Anish angrily leaves. Both of them look at each other for a second. Where Anish had fierce look but Shravan smriks. Shravan and Suman takes place, Shravan smiles at Suman.

Suman: What are you doing?

Shravan: It’s a dance class. So I’m dancing.

Suman sighs, but Shravan smiles. The theme is couple dancing. They try to do it like the other pairs. But Shravan does mistake at every point. Sakshi ma’am comes and stands before them and gives instruction. Shravan start doing it proper bit by bit. But his leg does give a bit trouble to him and makes this tough. Shravan then steps on Suman’s feet by mistake. Suman tries not to make any noise. They break position.

Shravan: Sorry, I’m really sorry.

Suman: It’s ok, after all this is your first time.

They again starts practicing.

Sakshi ma’am: Shravan you are a good learner. But I’m afraid we have very less time. The prom night is very soon. It will be hard for you to learn the whole routine by then.

Shravan: Prom night?

Shravan looks at Suman with question. They keeps practicing while talking.

Sakshi: Yes don’t you know? Suman haven’t you told him?

Suman: I actually forgot to tell you Shravan.  There is going to be a prom night soon. And it’s for us, cause this is the last year of us at school. This happens every year.

Sakshi ma’am: That’s why this dance class is arranged. So you all can dance properly in the function.

Shravan: Then Sumo I mean Suman, I think you should take someone else as your partner for prom night, cause I will make you look worse.

Suman: Thanks Shravan. But actually I wasn’t going to go with you. I didn’t know that you will be back at school by the prom. So I said yes to Anish, that I’m going with him. And there is no rule of taking your buddy in the prom night like the other event and class. So it can’t be changed.

Shravan: What?

Shravan looks at Anish, he gives a smirk at Shravan this time, from his sitting place. Shravan stops dancing and looks at the other students. Everyone stops dancing too and looks at them. Sakshi ma’am stops the music.

Shravan: Then with home I’ll be going? By now everyone must have decided who are they going with, no one will be free.

Shravan looks at everyone around the class, then he looks at Sakshi ma’am.

Shravan: Ma’am will you….

Suman: Shravan.

Everyone laughs. But Sakshi ma’am gets angry. She silence everyone.

Sakshi ma’am: Shravan Malhotra, I actually heard a lot about you. But you turned out to be more then what I thought. For your information I’m coming with my fiancé Tanuj at the prom.

Shravan: No ma’am I didn’t meant that. You are thinking  wrong.

The bell rings. Sakshi ma’am looks at Shravan angrily and leaves. All the students start leaving too. Anish takes his bag and comes before Shravan, he gives a smile and goes. Shravan looks angrily at him. Then he looks at Suman, she sighs and takes her bag.

Shravan: Sumo.

But Suman too doesn’t listen to him and leaves.

Next: Shravan’s friend tell him that most of the girl will wear saree for the prom night.

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