EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 7

Precap: Suman forcefully takes Shravan to doctor, the doctor plasters Shravan’s whole leg.

At school

Everyone is in the assembly except Shravan. The principal gives a speech in front of everyone about yesterday’s event and their success. In the last he announces before everyone about winning the cultural fest. Everyone claps.

Anish: Look at Shravan, how irresponsible of him. Only by wining a competition he is flying on cloud nine, he didn’t even think it is necessary to come to school.

Suman: Anish, don’t talk in the assembly.

Anish: Suman, do you know why Shravan didn’t come today? After all you are his buddy.

Kanchan: Actually Shravan got hurt in his leg yesterday, that’s why he couldn’t come.

Anish: Oh, I should have guessed. After all, going in to parade isn’t a cup of tea for civilians.

Suman: Anish, you should not talk about something you don’t know.

Anish talks to the boy in front of him.

Anish: Hey, we have to find out about what happened with Shravan, OK?

The boy nods.

At afternoon

Suman comes to Shravan’s house. Shravan was sitting in his bed, he seemed to be in a bad mood. Suman enters in his room.

Suman: Hello Shravan.

Shravan: Suman! I mean hello.

Suman: How was your day?

Shravan: Are you kidding? My day? I have been sitting here the whole day, I couldn’t even go to the  terrace. You tell me, what happened at the school?

Suman: Principal sir gave a speech about yesterday’s function and praised a lot about our performance. And I gave your application, so don’t worry about that.

Shravan: Thank you. You know what, from morning mom and dad is calling every person they knows and keeps saying that I fall on the washroom and broke my leg. I got tired of telling them that my leg didn’t got broken, only the ligament got torn. That’s why I fall. And it was a coincidence that I was in the washroom at that moment. But no, they payed no heed at me. But it’s a relief to know that no body at the school came to know about this. Otherwise my prestige….

Suman smiles awkwardly. Flashback shows Suman sees Anish chatting with his gang.

Anish: Hey do you all know why Shravan haven’t come today at school?

Devika: No, why?

Anish: Cause Shravan has broken his leg, and do you know how he has broken his leg?

Devika: How?

Anish: He fell on the washroom floor.

Then all of them starts laughing. Flashback ends.

Shravan: What happened? No body at school know, right?

Suman: Yeah, don’t worry. I just said that you have hurt your leg and doctor have asked to take bed rest. Should we start studying?

Shravan nods. Suman opens her backpack and takes out her books. Together they starts studying.

At night

Kanchan: So that means you lied to him.

Suman: What else could I have done Kancha, he was stressed about it the whole day. And if I said that everyone at school too knows then he would have felt bad.

Kanchan: But when he gets fine he will go to school. He will get to know the truth by then.

Suman: There is still a long time left for that. And I think by that time the situation will cool down. Everyone will forget the whole matter.

Kanchan: So now what?

Suman: I guess I have to go to his house everyday and help him with his study. Anyway, it’s getting late. Go to sleep.

Kanchan: OK, good night behna.

Suman: Good night.

The next few days Suman attends School. In the afternoon she visits Shravan and helps him with study. Sometimes Shravan comes at the terrace, they waves at each other from their terrace.

After 21 days they goes to visit the doctor again. The doctor cuts the plaster. Then he prescribed some medicine again and asked Shravan to take bed rest for 21 days again. Shravan could not able to walk properly so he sticks to the crutches. The next few days Suman  helps Shravan to walk without the cruch, plus helps him with study.

At the last day of 21 days to complete, Suman is going to school as always in the bus. Suddenly she hears a horn. And looks outside of the window. She gets surprised to see Shravan smiling at her from his bike

Next: Shravan attends the dance class with Suman

Sorry everyone, I’m posting so late and this chapter I guess isn’t big enough like it was used be. I got caught up in a few things last few days. But I hope to be continuous from now on and give you all my best.

  1. Radhakrishn

    Shravan saying ‘thank god noone knows that I fell in the bathroom otherwise my prestige’ was very funny. The doctor seeems a bit suspicious🤔

    1. Enoughshanti

      Now if I say this is from personal experience then my prestige will be in the line….. 😉😊😊😊

  2. hi,
    I know it took a month to write… i too was waiting for the next part… anyways i was literally laughing when he said abt his prestige and heard suman flashback… happy at last on his feet… but true you said script was small… you could have added more spices to their meeting… lets hope 4 the best next part… i am dying to waiting for the next part…

    1. Enoughshanti

      Thanks for your support. I will try to post soon.

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