EDKV2 Suvan FF – School Time Part 10

Precap: Shravan’s gang throws him a welcome back party, they decides to teach the army gang a lesson, also they are in search for finding a date for Shravan for the prom night.

The class is going on. Suman and Shravan is sitting together like always. The teacher is giving back everyone’s assignment after checking it. He holds on two assignments and calls the name of whose assignments it was. They stands up and turns out both of them are from the army-gang. Anish looks at them with surprise. Shravan and his gang looks at each other secretly and smiles.

Teacher: I didn’t expect this from you guys, you two were really good students. How come you all did this much big mistakes in assignments? Or do you think this is joke?

Both of them couldn’t answer. The teacher gives them back their assignment and they have got really low mark. The whole class gets surprised to see their result, but Shravan and his friends secretly smiles at each other.

In break the two boys with Anish goes to meet two boys from Shravan’s gang, Ambuj and Ved. Shravan and his other friends are standing a bit far away. They looks at each other and shows thumbs up. Then both the groups act as if they are chatting, Anish with his two friend approaches them, Shravan and other secretly looks at them.

Anish: Why is the mark so low? Why didn’t you two completed the assignment properly?

Ambuj: But I worked all night for that assignment, I don’t why it got so bad mark.

Ved: Even I really worked hard on that. I don’t  understand what got wrong.

Ambuj: I think we are not just that intelligent enough to get you guys good mark, after all we are civilians.

Anish angrily looks at them.

Anish: Show me your assignments.

Both of them shows their assignments, those got the same low mark. Anish throws the paper on their face. Then turns at his friends.

Anish: You two did mistake, why did you even asked these idiots to complete your assignments? You should have completed it yourself.

One of Anish’s friend: But Anish, you said…

Anish: Next time do your assignments yourself.

Anish and his friends were about to leave but he stops seeing Shravan there, but Shravan doesn’t look at them, he keeps talking to his friends. They leaves, and as soon as they leaves Ved and Ambuj comes to their gang and they high five.

Sahib: They are so idiot, they didn’t even realized that they showed them duplicate assignment paper.

Shravan: This is just the start, see what happens next. They themselves will stop their torture by being fed up, we will use their weapon against them.

In drill class everyone is paired with their partners and doing work outs. Shravan winks at Sahib, he winks back. Sahib makes everything difficult for Anish. He gets angry at him, but couldn’t able to say anything to him cause their teacher is standing. Sahib keeps saying sorry in every mistake, but he keeps making the scenario look like Anish is the one who is doing the mistakes. Sahib shows thumbs up at Shravan, he smiles. Shravan and Suman is doing their work out together.

Shravan: So, I heard the girls are going to wear saree in the prom night.

Suman: Yeah, most of them wear saree.

Shravan: What are you going to wear?

Suman: I actually haven’t decide yet. By the way, did you found anyone to go with?

Shravan: Not really. If you know someone then please let me know.

Suman: You are not having any problem doing these workout, right?

Shravan: No no, it’s ok. And these are almost like those exercise the physiotherapist gave.

Suman: But still if you have any problem you don’t have to do this.

Shravan: I am fine Sumo, don’t worry.

Suman smiles at him, he smiles back. They keeps doing their work out. The class ends.

Anish: What is your problem Sahib?

Sahib: I’m sorry Anish sir, but I’m not just good at these things, you are seeing my body, right? Plus I’m an civilian. I can’t be that good like you.

Anish: But idiot, because of you my performance is getting ruined.

Sahib: Sorry, but what can I do?

Anish leaves from their angrily. Sahib smiles.

In the dance classroom

There is no student in the classroom, only Sakshi ma’am is sitting at a side and doing some work. Shravan stands at the doorstep.

Shravan: May I come in ma’am?

Sakshi ma’am answers without noticing who it is.

Sakshi ma’am: Yes come in.

Shravan comes inside. Sakshi ma’am looks up and sees him and gets angry.

Sakshi ma’am: You?

Shravan: Ma’am I came here to apologize.

Sakshi ma’am: I know boys like you very well.

Shravan: Ma’am you are misunderstanding me, I’m not what you are thinking. I wasn’t asking you to go with me yesterday. I wanted to ask you if you would help me to find someone to go with.

Sakshi ma’am stares at Shravan for some time, then gets busy in her.

Sakshi ma’am: Fine, go back to your class.

Shravan: Ma’am, I had a request.

Sakshi ma’am looks at him again.

Skahsi ma’am: What?

Shravan: Ma’am, because I joined late in the class, I’m way behind the other students. And the prom night is very close. Can you please give me some extra classes? It will be really helpful for me, please ma’am.

Sakshi ma’am: Meet me here after the school overs.

Shravan smiles.

Shravan: Thank you ma’am, thank you so much.

Shravan leaves.

At night

Shravan is talking to Bunty where they usually meets. Shravan is holding a packet, there is a smile over his face.

Bunty: I don’t understand one thing, why are you after this “saree” topic?

Shravan: The thing is Bunty, my Sumo looks good in everything she wears, but I want to see her in a saree for once.

Bunty: If you fly too much then you will fall hard on your face, mia. So you better be careful.

Shravan: Are you my friend or not, instead of encouraging me you are discouraging.

Bunty: I’m only asking you to be careful, cause your plan is very dangerous. Things between you and Suman have become normal after a lot of trouble, do you really want to risk it?

Shravan: Don’t try to frighten me.

Bunty: Fine, let’s speak about something else. Did you find any girl to go with?

Shravan: Not yet, Sahib and the others are going to put an audition tomorrow for that.

Bunty: An audition!

Shravan: So? Your brother is one in a million after all.

Bunty: That’s true mia. So, do you plan to give this packet today?

Shravan: No, it’s late now. I’ll give it to her tomorrow.

Bunty: Take it carefully, if someone sees it then what will you say?

Shravan: No one will see it, relax.

Next: Kavita finds the packet Shravan has brought.

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