Durga 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga is sent to Patal Lok

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Scene 1
Damini sends Durga from the magical door, Lakhan tries to run behind her but Damini says she will never be back. Lakhan says I am not Dev, I am not scared of you, I will bring Durga back and fight you. Damini says you will never be able to get Durga back, I have sent her to Patal Lok. He is stunned. Dev is praying in the mandir for Durga and tries to open the magical door. He tells Prohit that we have to help Durga. Prohit says let me find out how this door can open. He leaves. Panna comes there and says you are praying to Mata Rani for that Durga? You can’t be our Lakhan, my brother died and you left from there? When did you start praying for that Durga? Do you remember the promise you made to my brother? Dev says I can’t marry you. Panna says you promised it to my dying brother so why can’t you marry me? Dev says because I am made for Durga only. Panna looks on.

Durga wakes up and looks around. There is a volcano all around her. Durga says Dev and Lakhan are both in trouble, I have to leave from here. She prays to Mata Rani to help her.

Geeto comes to Damini and asks where is Dev? Damini shocks her by touching her. Damini says I have more powers than you now. She asks her to go and prepare for her wedding. Geeto says how did you get powers? Damini says forget it, just go and get ready for the wedding. Geeto says but when will the groom be here? Damini smirks and says I have prepared for it. The flashback shows how Lakhan told Damini that he will never Geeto, he tries to leave but Damini hypnotizes him and says who will you marry? Lakhan murmurs Geeto.

Scene 2
Lakhan is getting ready for the wedding, he is still hypnotized. Tara comes to him and asks if he is fine? He nods. Tara thinks he is behaving weirdly. She asks where is Durga? Lakhan says who Durga? Tara looks on.

Durga is trying to stay from the volcano. She gets burned and cries. Durga says Mata can show her magic anywhere, just show me a way to leave from here. Please help me Maa.

Dev tells Panna that Durga is in trouble. Panna says if you marry me then I will help you find Durga. He says okay and leaves. Panna tells her goons that Durga has done black magic on Lakhan that’s why he is behaving weirdly. I will get him married to me then we will do the robbery in the mandir. We will fulfill our plan tonight. I will get married to Lakhan in the mandir and then steal from there.

Dev gets ready for the wedding. Panna is dressed as a bride. They both go in the mandir.

Lakhan comes in the mandap to get married to Geeto. They both sit together. The priest starts the rituals. Tara thinks why Lakhan has agreed to marry Geeto? Where is Durga?

Durga is crying in the Patal Lok.

PRECAP – Durga says tonight will decide if tomorrow will be a start of a peaceful life for Dev, Lakhan and me or if everything will be destroyed. Please help me Maa. A lion comes there. Durga is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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