Durga 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga meets Lakhan

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Scene 1
Chogmaya tells Damini that I will tell you everything but first bring me out of this bottle.

Lakhan is sleeping, Geeto comes there and says I liked your madness today. Lakhan murmurs she has done wrong with him, she shouldn’t have sent him to this weird place. Geeto says what are you saying? I really liked your anger today. Lakhan wakes up and moves away, he says you are not Durga. Geeto thinks how does he remember Durga?

Chogmaya tells Damini that I want to be free from this bottle and only then I will help you. Damini says fine, she pours Chogmaya out of the bottle and asks her to tell the truth now. Chogmaya laughs and asks her to take her back to her den. I want to be back to my original form. Damini says tell me the truth first, Durga is behind Dev’s attitude, right? Chogmaya laughs and says that Dev is.. Alok comes there to Damini hides Chogmaya. He asks if she is fine? She says yes, he leaves. Damini looks around and can’t find Chogmaya.

Durga thinks that I am protecting Dev here but what about Lakhan?

Geeto tells Damini that Dev took Durga’s name but its not a big deal as he was drunk. Damini says we have to find the truth, if he is drunk then go there and try to find the truth.

Lakhan falls down in the room and mistakenly touches Durga’s anklet. Other side Durga touches the idol and the magical door opens. Durga jumps to the other side and comes in the present where Lakhan is. She sees him lying down and comes to him. Lakhan wakes up and says I got to know that I look like Dev that’s why you saved me? I was remembering you. Dev was getting married so you sent me here to protect him, Dev was bullied but if Panna finds out that person is not Lakhan, she will shoot him. Durga says I am happy to see you fine, I will tell you everything soon. I have to leave now. Lakhan gets up and looks into her eyes. Geeto comes there and sees Durga there. She says I knew you were here, she turns to a ghost and says i won’t spare you. She tries to attack Durga but falls away. Lakhan is stunned and asks if she did it? Geeto keeps getting thrown away. Durga raises her hand and Geeto falls away. Both Lakhan and Durga are shocked to see her powers. Durga tries to go to Geeto but she gets burned when Durga touches her. Geeto says I won’t spare you.

Damini finds Chogmaya sleeping in a corner and kicks her.

Lakhan asks Durga if she can do all this? Durga says it must be Mata Rani, Damini can’t see me. I have to hide from here. Lakhan lifts Geeto and starts taking her from there. Damini comes there and asks what he is doing? Geeto says I saw Durga in his room. Lakhan says who Durga? Geeto says Durga was throwing me around in the room. Lakhan says she is drunk, there was no Durga. If you don’t trust me then smell her. Geeto smells Geeto and finds alcohol on her breath. Geeto says Durga was here. She must be in the room. Durga comes to the mandir and says Dev has to help me in opening the magical door. She touches the idol while the other side Dev touches Mata’s idol in the past. Damini is about to go in the mandir but Durga is trying to disappear.

PRECAP – Lakhan tells Durga that now I will steal from this house and then go back to steal from the mandir too. And you will help me with both.
In the past, Dev comes to the market and a goon attacks him, he says now I won’t spare this Lakhan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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