Durga 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Lakhan scares Damini and Geeto

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Scene 1
Lakhan’s gang laughs that we were able to get Lakhan from the police again. Durga says you should stop looting people as all want to kill you now. Mata Rani has helped you but you can’t keep doing sins. Panna says it’s not a sin, this is our work and you have no right to tell us anything. Dev says enough, whatever Durga is saying is right, this is all wrong and Mata won’t forgive you. Panna asks what happened to him? He was not like this.

Lakhan brings Damini and Geeto in the lounge. He shouts at them to stand int he line. Amresh tells him to put the gun down, Lakahan says anyone who moves near me will be shot. Alok says we can talk and find a solution. Lakhan says says my gun speaks well, I won’t spare Damini and Geeto now. He tells them that they should apologize to him by doing sit-ups. Samarth says I will call the police. Lakhan shouts at him to stand silently. He tells Geeto to start doing sit-ups otherwise he will shoot her. Geeto says we are going to get married so don’t do this. Lakhan says I can hold this gun to you for life. He tells them to promise they will behave with the family. Ayush asks him to put the gun down. Lakhan says okay I will forgive them but I have a condition. Damini will do sit-ups while touching Alok’s feet and Geeto will do the same while touching my feet. Ketki and Nitu tell Damini to listen to Dev as he has a gun. Damini thinks Dev has forgotten what I can do with him. Lakhan says whatever you could you have done till now but it’s my time now. Damini and Geeto start doing sit-ups. Lakhan thinks I just wanted to steal from here and leave but I have to control both of them.

Panna asks Lakhan if he has gone mad to be taking Durga’s side? Durga says he is not on my side, he is just making fun of me, right Lakhan? She eyes Dev. Dev says yes I was just making fun of her,I am a decoit so I will steal anytime I want. The gang says we should plan for the next loot.

Scene 2
Damini tells Geeto that how can Dev have so many guts? This is related to Durga but how she is doing it when she is in the past? I have to ask Chogmaya. Nimu comes there and says the bottle is not in the fridge. Damini says where she is then?

Lakhan finds a whiskey bottle in the kitchen and takes it. He starts drinking and recalls Durga’s image. He has Chogmaya’s bottle too. Lakhan says Durga wanted to protect Dev because of this Damini and Geeto. She was thinking that I will become a nice man if I stay here but that won’t happen.

Damini and Geeto are looking for the bottle.

Lakhan says when I was drunk last time, Durga had taken Dev to her side and sent me here but she can’t change me, I am not weak like Dev. I am a decoit Lakhan. Chogmaya is in the bottle and hears all that. Lakhan drinks whiskey and says this is so good. He sees a water bottle that has Chogmaya inside. Lakhan pours water from the bottle and is about to drink it but Damini comes there and stops him. She says when did you stop drinking whiskey? I will take you to the doctor again. Lakhan says leave me alone otherwise I will not spare you. Damini silently takes Chogmaya’s bottle and leaves from there.

Dev goes to sleep. Durga thinks that I just have to wait for 2 days as they are planning to steal from the mandir but I will keep Dev here till then to stop that loot.

Damini asks chogmaya how Dev is getting so much strength? Chogmaya says let me talk, the situation is worse but you have to bring me out of here only then I will tell you. Damini looks on.

PRECAP – Damini tells Geeto that Dev wass drunk so go there and force him to tell the truth. Geeto comes to Lakhan’s room and finds Durga there. She says I knew you were behind all this but now I won’t spare you, she takes her devil’s avatar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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