Durga 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga brings Dev back to life

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Scene 1
Durga asks for help but the girl cuts the bridge. Durga holds the cliff end. The girl tries to kick her but falls down the cliff. She hangs from the cliff and asks for help. Durga jumps up the cliff and helps the girl. She holds her hand and brings her up. Durga tries to drag herself up but she can’t as her poison is spreading her body. Durga can’t even move her hand. Durga cries and says I can’t lose today, I have to take the water for Dev. The girl looks on. Durga says I will do anything for Dev. She prays to Mata.

Dev is turning blue. Tara asks the doctor to do something. He says I don’t understand what is happening to him.

Durga is dragging herself to the well. The girl comes to her and says I tried to kill you but you saved me, why? Durga says I don’t have a will to take revenge, this test has made me learn that I should be patient, I should follow my religion and I should use my intelligence. We learn from our religion, your religion was to kill me but my religion was to save me. The girl smiles and says I will help you. She goes to the well and takes water in a pot. She makes Durga drink it and Durga starts feeling power back in her body. She stands up and tells the girl that I got my power back. I have to run now. The girl says you have very little time, you follow this path and you will reach home. Durga thanks her, she takes the water from the well in the pot and leaves.

The priest tells Ambika that Durga passed all the tests. Ambika smiles and is gone.

Chogmaya tells Damini that this girl is not a commoner, she has been blessed by Mata but I won’t let her defeat me this time. Damini leaves from there.

Durga is running from the jungle to take the water for Dev.

The priest prays to Mata and asks her to always bless Durga.

Scene 2
Durga comes home and tells Nitu that this water will save Dev. Damini stops her and says we don’t trust you, you might have brought poison for him. I won’t let you make Dev drink this water. Durga says this is pious water and nobody can stop me. Damini tries to take the water from her but Durga pushes her away and says no one can stop me today. Nitu says how dare you to push Damini. Durga pushes her away. Samarth says we won’t let you go inside. Durga takes a pot and says I can kill anyone to save Dev’s life so move away from my path. All are stunned. They all move away. Durga says if anyone tries to stop me today then it will be the last mistake of that person. She goes to Dev. Damini runs behind her.

Durga comes to Dev and sees him completely. She locks the door and makes Dev drink the water. Amresh asks her to open the door. Dev drinks the water. Nitu asks Durga to stay away from Dev. Durga prays to Mata for Dev. Dev turns back to human form. Amresh and Samarth break the door but Durga opens it. The family comes into the room to see Dev fine. Ayush thanks Durga. Dev wakes up and looks at Durga, he says you came back? Durga says I can’t be separated from my Dev. Dev says you won’t leave me again? Durga says I am always with you, take rest. Tara tells sorry to Durga for not trusting her. Durga says you were worried for Dev. Dev coughs so Durga asks Nimu to bring water for him. Damini smirks.

Nimu goes to give water to Dev and puts poison in the water but Durga comes there and stops her.

PRECAP- Durga drags Nimu to the family and says she was responsible for Dev’s condition, she was poisoning Dev’s water but who ordered her? Nimu looks at Damini.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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