Durga 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga saves Dev just in time

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Scene 1
Tara and Ayush leave the house, Damini smirks as the doctor arrives home.

Dev is painting when he sees the doctor coming there with his equipment, he says no, I don’t want this injection, leave me alone please. The nurses grab and put a tape on his mouth. Damini tells Dev that no one is coming to save you today, Durga is away from the house too. Dev kicks the doctor away and runs but he falls down and Amresh glares at him. He says you really like to run right? Let’s treat that with some shocks. Dev cries for Durga.
Durga is in the mandir and feels like something is wrong with Dev.

The goons of the doctor bring Dev to his bed and grab him. Dev cries for Durga. In the mandir, Durga tells Nitu that I have to go home. Nitu says we have to complete the pooja first. Durga pushes her away and runs from there. Nitu says she can’t go home. Durga takes an auto but it breakdowns. Durga starts running on the street to go home. She gets hit by a car but she wakes up as Mata’s chunri touches her. Durga looks on.

Nitu calls Damini and tells her Durga ran away from the mandir. Damini says you can’t even do a simple job. She ends the call and asks the doctor to give him a shock. He says we have to follow the procedure, I have given him an injection just now. Damini says what I say will happen. Amresh asks him to give the electric shock to him. The doctor says it will be risky for him. We have to wait for an hour. Damini says I don’t care, we have to give him shocks and you have 10 minutes only. The doctor says but.. Amresh asks him to understand. The doctor starts the procedure and is about to give the electric shock to Dev who is unconscious but Durga arrives there. She runs to Dev and asks him to open his eyes. She pushes the doctors away. Damini grabs her and says how dare you to enter this room without my permission? Go out and knock on the door, have some manners. Durga says don’t think I am a weak person, I can become a storm for my husband. I have taken his responsibility then who are you to give an electric shock to him? Damini says no one can question me in this house. Durga says he is my husband and I will ask questions about him. How dare you give electric shocks to him? Don’t ever try to touch him when I am here. Damini is stunned. Durga leaves from there.

Durga comes to Dev and prays for him. She asks him to wake up, you don’t have to be scared of anyone.

Damini comes to meet a woman. She calls her Chogmaya. Chogmaya tells her to be silent. She lives in a cave. Damini says I am sorry but I am very worried. That girl is making me crazy. I want her out of my life. Chogmaya says I told you that girl shouldn’t enter your house. She says I have given you the powder, give it to Dev till the eclipse. That girl will be on my feet soon.
PRECAP – Durga is praying for Dev. Damini says Dev is not feeling well. Durga says I will make him fine soon. Durga comes to the mandir and asks the priest what she should do? The priest tells her to get the herbs from the jungle but you have to cross three tests. Durga says I can do anything for my husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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