Durga 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga cooks for Dev for the first time

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Scene 1
Dev and Durga pray to Mata. Durga says you are in your parents’ room after years right? Dev says my mom used to make aloo parathas for me. Will you make it for me? Durga smiles and thinks he is so happy to recall his parents. Dev says I used to go out on vacations with my parents. We were coming back from a vacation when… he recalls the accident. He panics and leaves from there. Durga looks on and thanks Mata for helping her. Durga says Dev is scared about that accident, I have to find out what happened to help him.

Durga comes into the kitchen and tells Nitu that I have to make parathas for Dev. Nitu laughs and says we are not free, microwave is free, use it if you can. Durga thinks I have never used it but I have to try. She warms a potato in the microwave and starts making parathas. She thinks they won’t let me cook here.

Durga comes in the porch and makes a stove using bricks. She cooks the paratha and comes back into the house. She takes brown sugar from there.

Durga comes to her room and says I want to give the food to Mata first. Damini comes there and who allowed you to cook? she tries to take the plate from her but Durga is stronger and tells her that you can’t stop me from cooking for my husband. Damini tries to enter her room but gets shocked and is being pulled back. Damini is stunned. Durga prays to Mata Rani. Damini sees a Devi in her, she thinks I will not spare her.

Scene 2
Durga brings the food for Dev and says I made it for you. He eats it and says they are so tasty, I want to eat them daily.

Shehal comes to Damini’s house. He greets the family and says I brought some sweets for you people. Damini asks him to keep it away. Amresh asks him to sit but Damini says his clothes are not clean. Samarth asks Nimu to take the sweets as maids might eat it. Shehal is hurt and says you people called to meet me. Where is Alok? Damini says he is busy. Durga and Dev come there. Durga runs to him and hugs him. Shehal asks how is she? He gets emotional and tells Damini says she left us suddenly. Damini says she must have told you that she married Dev? Shehal is stunned. Damini says I thought Durga was an honorable girl. Shehal looks down. Durga says there is nothing to be ashamed, I married Dev after taking Alok and Kishore’s blessings. You also agreed to the marriage. Amresh says Shehal was okay for Durga to marry a mental Dev? Damini says he is just a little more innocent. Damini asks Dev to sit with her. He sits down. Amresh says the wedding happened, let’s talk about money. How much money do you need? This is a contract as you liked our money and thought to marry your daughter with our mental son.

PRECAP – Durga tells them to not insult her father. Damini says when two elders are talking business then don’t interrupt them. Shehal gets angry and tells Durga that she has to choose between Dev and him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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