Durga 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Damini gets haunted by Durga

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Scene 1
Dev screams for Durga. Damini says your Durga is dead now. She pulls him from the cliff and puts him in the car. He faints. Damini asks Amresh to get Alok treated in a hospital.

Shehal and Santosh come to the mandir and ask the priest about Durga but he says that he didn’t see her. Shehal is worried about her.

Damini sees Dev falling on the chair. She stops the car. Amresh checks him and says he is not breathing. Damini is stunned and says if he dies then we will not get his money, do something. They bring Dev out of the car, Amresh gives him CPR and tries to revive him. Otherside Shehal is praying in the mandir. Amresh sighs and shakes his head. Damini is tensed and says he can’t die. The wind blows and Durga’s dupatta falls over Dev’s body. Damini says he can’t die like this, she hits his chest angrily and Dev wakes up. She takes off the dupatta and finds him coughing. Amresh puts him in the car and Damini asks him to call a doctor who can keep his mouth shut. She calls Samarth and asks him to call doctor Mehta.

Samarth asks the doctor to come here. He ends the call. Ketki says what if Damini didn’t find Dev? Samarth says I just want to win Damini’s heart, I don’t want her to give her property to her own daughter Tara, I want to win her heart as her stepson.

Scene 2
Damini comes home. The family sees the doctor bringing Dev on a stature. All are stunned. Damini whispers to Samarth to keep an eye on Dr. Mehta and make sure that nothing happens to Dev. Ayush asks Damini why she has blood on her face? Damini recalls it’s Durga’s blood. She says this is the blood of Alok. All are stunned. Damini says we were going to take blessings of Mata Rani but we got in an accident. Alok is in a coma and Kishore died on spot, Dev saw all of that and he went into trauma, that’s why I called Dr. Mehta. Tara thinks what is she saying? Dev and Alok went to the village.

Tara tries to meet Dev but Samarth says you can’t go inside, he is getting treated. Ayush says we will go to the hospital and see how papa is.

Tara sees Alok in the hospital. The doctor says we can’t say when he will wake up.

Damini comes to Dr. Mehta. He says it’s a miracle that he started getting fine when he put the dupatta under his head. Damini looks on. she finds a flower near his bed and thinks Tara must have kept it. She comes out of the room and says Dev will marry Geeto on the decided date only. Tara looks on.

Damini comes to her room and looks in the mirror. She sees Durga’s blood on her face and tries to wipe it. She takes off her jewelry and sighs. She goes to sleep. She turns around in bed and her gun falls down. She tries to pick it up but sees her hand blooded and Durga sitting in front of her. She gets stunned and tries to shoot her but it’s not shooting. Durga says you thought you could kill me? You can’t kill me because Mata is with me, I will be with you everywhere you go and I will destroy your peace. Damini looks on.

PRECAP – Dev and Geeto are getting registered marriage. Damini says I have to get them married. Dev is about to sign the papers but Durga comes to the house. Damini is stunned, Dev smiles seeing her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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