Durga 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Damini tries to control Dev’s life

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Scene 1
The show starts with a photographer taking a girl’s picture. He says wow, this camera doesn’t want to leave your face. He says I met you on Aneja jewelers photoshoot and fell in love with you. The woman says you are still shooting a lot of the girls and you must eye them too. He says there are many stars in the sky but there is only one moon. The woman Ketki says your lines are old. Ayush comes there and says he has cheaper pick-up lines now. Ketki tells her husband Samar that I know you. They see papa coming there, he asks to start the pooja but Ayush says we are waiting for mummy ji.

Mummy ji is shown getting ready. She applies makeup and has high-end jewelry. A girl Nitu is eying her in envy. Mummy ji tells her to not eye her jewelry, you know I have eyes everywhere. Nitu says yes, she shows her a set but mummy ji rejects it Nitu helps her in getting ready and says you make jewelry look beautiful. Mummy ji smirks in the mirror. Nitu says you look pretty. Papa comes there and glares at her. Mummy ji says I am not scared of Alok, respect my space and don’t enter my room like this. Alok says only the priest was asking for you. Nitu says she was getting ready. Alok says if you are ready then you should have been with your husband Ayush. Mummy ji says the time can vote for me, everything in this house waits for me Damini. A kid comes there and says Dev is not breathing, something happened to him. Alok rushes him, Nitu tries to leave but thinks of Damini and stops. She tells sorry to mummy ji Damini and gives her a shawl.

Alok comes in Dev’s room to see Tara and Kishore looking at Dev. Tara says he had high fever and couldn’t breathe. Alok says then why no one called a doctor? He is about to check Dev but Damini comes there and says I told them not to call a doctor. She says patients need doctors, not mental people. He just has flu, she takes off Dev’s blanket and he gets tensed. He is scared of her and moves away. Damini glares at him and says the rule is no one can enter this room except Kishore. Tara says but he was ill. Damini says he is not ill so listen to me. Tara says but the doctor should check him. Damini says two rules have been broken today and for Dev only, she tells Tara that your care for him can bring difficulties for him. Tara says Dev is my brother. Damini says and I am owner of this house. You know I don’t punish the one who breaks the rule, the person for whom the rules were broken will be punished and that is Dev. Dev will stay here till Dushera, nobody will come in his room and he won’t go out, he will get food from Nitu only. Alok says listen to me. Damini says enough, you all can leave now. Tara cries and leaves. Damini glares at Dev and locks the room while Dev is sitting in the dark. He is scared. Damini takes the door keys with her. Dev cries alone.

Tara runs out in the mandap and looks at Mata Rani’s idol. She prays to her and says you hear everything so what’s Dev’s fault that he is being punished like an animal, he is ill but doesn’t deserve treatment? Everyone tells me that you take avatars to protect innocent but can’t you take an avatar to protect our Dev, to help him?

Scene 2
On the other side, the heroine Durga sings bhajan for Mata Rani. All are enjoying her singing. She sings praises for Mata Rani.

Alok tells the priest to start the pooja, he says I won’t without Damini ji.
Dev is looking at Mata’s photo and prays to her. A man arrives in the havali in a suit. He calls Alok and he is a lawyer Batra. Alok says you here? Batra says I had to talk to you. Alok says Damini and Bhai Sahab look at the legal matters of this house. Bhai Sahab comes there and welcomes him, he says why he runs away from him. Batra greets Bhai Sahab Amresh. Amresh takes him to Damini.

Durga comes in the mandir with other little girls. Everyone welcomes her.

Damini comes to meet Amresh. Damini says you could have waited a day. Batra says the law is bound by time. Amresh says you are right that’s why we trust you like our younger brother Avinash did. Batra says I thought the environment would be different here but it’s okay. He tells them that Avinash and Aarti bhabhi had a car accident 12 years ago and today is their death anniversary but there are celebrations going on. Damini says they liked to do pooja on Navratri so we follow it. Batra says Dev’s parents died 12 years ago, they found Aarti’s body but Avinash’s body couldn’t be found so after 12 years he has been pronounced dead and we can open his will. Durga and her parents are serving people in the mandir. Their relatives don’t like it. Durga gives aarti plate to the priest. All praise her and calls Santosh who is Durga’s father a lucky man.

Batra opens the will of Avinash and says this will says that 85% of the business share of the jewelry business will go to Dev as he is his only son. Damini tries to control her anger and glares at Amresh. She tells the lawyer that it’s good they thought about their son, they gave everything to their so and it’s right. They couldn’t give him love so it’s property only. Amresh says we love Dev like our own son. Batra says your brother Avinash left something for you too.

Durga gives food to the little girls. Santosh says she made the parsad alone for everyone. A guy somes there who is Sunny, Durga says you will get food after the girls. He says I am like Hanuman for you all.

Batra says 7.5% of the business as per the will goes to Amresh and 7.5% remaining goes to Damini’s husband Alok. She says enough, I just want what’s best for Dev. Batra says there is a condition of this will.

Durga goes to get dakshna for Mata Rani. Sunny tells her that business is going good. She says it’s our prayers for her, don’t call it a business. She leaves. Sunny says this is a business and Durga will help me.

Batra tells Damini that if Dev is not alive then.. Amresh says don’t say all that. Batra says we never know about life, if something happens to Dev then his share of the property will be given to an orphanage. Where is Dev? I don’t meet him often. Damini says he is not feeling well, you can meet him next time. Batra says this will be executed next month. Batra leaves.

The landlord tells Santosh that you took debt from me so you have to pay now, bring Durga to my house tonight for Jagrata, he leaves.

Damini is angry and says I will destroy Dev. I will get the wealth.

PRECAP – Durga is singing in Jagrata. Dev comes there with his family and gets scared of the fire, Durga feels his pain and remember his memories like her own.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Please needs 2 nd episode of this serial

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