Durga 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Damini tries to kill Durga

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Scene 1
Damini shoots Durga and she falls down. Dev rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Durga looks at Mata Rani. Dev looks at Damini coming to them. Durga stands up and comes between and Dev and Damini. She protects him. Damini points her gun at Durga and says if you try to move then I will shoot you. Damini’s goons come there, she asks them to grab Dev. They take Dev away from Durga. He cries for her. Durga tries to rush to him but Damini holds her shot hand and says don’t move. Durga cries in pain and falls down. Dev cries for her. Durga tries to go to him but Damini grabs her by her hair, the goons take Dev away. Damini throws Durga in front of Mata.

Santosh tells Shehal that I am worried about Durga. He says we should go and find her.

Durga asks Damini why she is doing this with Dev? Damini says he can’t do anything with me, he is a mental person. He is going to lose his life soon so I will remove your indoor. Durga stops her and says don’t ever try to do it, this is Mata’s decision and if you go against her then you will be destroyed. Damini says I am not scared, I don’t lose and I do what I want to. She tries to rub her sindoor again but Durga holds her hand. Damini throws her away and tells Mata that see what I am doing with your loyalist and you couldn’t save her, nobody can destroy Damini. Damini grabs Durga and takes her from there.

Tara is praying for Dev’s safety. She protects diya in the mandir.

The good lock Dev in a small room. He cries for help and says I have to save Durga. He asks for water. The goon opens the door to give him water but Dev pushes him and runs from there.

Scene 2
Dev comes to the mandir and looks for Durga. He doesn’t find her there but he finds Durga’s bangles lying around. He follows the path.

Amresh comes to check on Alok. He hears Shehal and Santosh coming there. He hides Alok from them. Shehal and Santosh leave.

Damini brings Durga to a cliff. Durga says what will you get by killing me and Dev? Damini says I don’t answer anyone. Dev is following the path by finding her bangles and comes near the cliff too. Damini tells Durga that you are going far away from life now. She pushes Durga from the cliff and says she can’t destroy me. Damini is about to leave but she sees Durga holding on to the cliff and hasn’t fallen down. Damini says you are showing guts now? Your death is in front of you. She crushes Durga’s hands with her feet. Durga cries in pain and tries to hold on. Damini says why don’t you die and stop wasting my time? Dev comes there crying for Durga. Durga screams for him. Damini pushes Durga from the cliff. She falls down and screams for Dev. He comes there and her dupatta falls on his face. Durga falls down, Dev screams in pain. Damini says she is dead now.

PRECAP – Dev is dead. Amresh says he is not breathing. Damini says he can’t die, I will not get any property if he dies. She tries to revive him. Otherside Shehal asks the priest if Durga came to the mandir? He says no, he didn’t see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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