Durga 12th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Durga kills Damini

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Scene 1
Geeto is trying to attack but Lakhan comes there and pushes her away. He asks Durga to run from there. Panna comes there and asks who is this evil woman? She shoots at her but nothing happens to her. Geeto attacks her and Panna falls down. Durga runs to Mata Rani and prays to her. She takes gulaal from there and comes to Geeto. Geeto gets scared. Durga says you can’t win over good, you are proud of evil powers but it will end today. She throws gulaal at her and Geeto turns to ashes. Durga runs to Dev and hugs him. She asks if he is fine? Dev says I got very worried. Lakhan is hurt to see Durga worried for Dev and not him. Damini watches them and thinks I can win this game, I just have to use Chogmaya’s powers. She uses her powers to show herself to Lakhan. She tells Lakhan that I know you want to win Durga so I know a way through which you will get your Durga and I will get Dev. You have to take Durga’s anklet to the place where she has lit diyas. Durga tells Dev that the magical door is open so we can back to our world. Lakhan takes Durga’s anklet and puts it in with diyas. Damini comes there through the magical door. Durga says how could you get here? Damini says Lakhan helped me. Durga asks Lakhan why? He says because I want you Durga. She grabs Durga so Damini goes to Dev and starts taking him from there. Durga screams for Dev but suddenly Lakhan throws a magical net at Damini and catches her. He asks Durga to run away with Dev. He says this Damini is caught here, I pretended to be on her side so she could stay here in the past and you can live in peace with Dev there, the magical door is open so leave. Damini comes out of the net and says you did the big mistake by cheating but you won’t be alive for long now. She throws a fireball at him. Durga prays for Lakhan and says I can’t leave you like this now, you have started following the right path. Durga is praying for Lakhan. Damini is approaching her but Durga suddenly gets a Trishul in her hand like a Devi. Lakhan and Dev look on as Durga kicks Damini and she falls down. Durga stabs Damini with the Trishul. Durga rushes to Lakhan and says I am sorry for your doubting you. Lakhan asks her to go with Dev, I know Dev and I are one, I am happy to know that you will be with me in the next life, go with Dev. The magical door is open so go with him. Durga starts leaving from there with Dev. Panna rushes to Lakhan. Lakhan looks at Durga and recalls their moments. Dev and Durga go back to the present.

Dev tells the family that Damini is no more, she paid for her mistakes. Durga says they don’t remember me. Alok says we remember you now. Amresh cries and tells Dev that I followed the wrong path. Dev says we will live a good life now and no one will cry. He hugs him. Samarth, Ketki and Nitu say sorry to Dev. He smiles at them. Alok says this house will have happiness only now.

Durga starts preparing for the pooja. They ask where is Dev? Dev comes there and has a mustache, he points a gun at Durga and says I am Lakhan. Durga is stunned but Kabir comes there and says he stole my fake gun. Dev and Durga do pooja together.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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