Durga 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Lakhan goes back in the past

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Scene 1
Damini thinks Geeto might turn into a devil. Lakhan touches the idol and Geeto turns to a dayan. All are shocked. Lakhan starts leaving from there and thinks I have to go to Durga. Damini comes in front of him and says where are you going Lakhan? I am thinking to reward you. Lakhan thinks I have to do something. Lakhan throws the jewelry that he stole. Damini gets distracted by it and Lakhan goes to the magical door, he tells Damini we will meet in the next life, he goes back in the past life.
All family members are running behind Geeto to kill her. Damini grabs her throws her in the magical door as well. The door closes and Geeto is gone. Damini tells the family that dayan suddenly vanished with Dev. Amresh says what is happening in this world?

Lakhan comes to the past life and thinks I have to find out Durga. He comes to the mandir and sees Durga with Dev. Durga tells Dev that you didn’t let them steal from the mandir, we will go back to your life. Dev hugs her and says we both? She says yes and hugs him. Lakhan glares at them. Durga says we have changed your past by stopping the robbery in the mandir so your present will be good as well. Lakhan thinks he will steal from the mandir.

Scene 2
Damini thinks what will I do now? She says I shouldn’t forget that I am a powerful woman now as Chogmaya is inside me. She blows in the mirror and it shows her the past. Damini says I will see what is happening in the past. In the past, Prohit tells Durga that Lakhan is in the present and he won’t be able to come back in the past without touching anything of yours, before anything wrong happens you should go back to the present. Durga says how will we go back? Prohit says there is a way for opening the door but it can be done one time only. Durga says how? Prohit says we will use your powers but remember if we do a mistake then the door might get closed forever, Dev-Lakhan can interrupt the process so you have to come with me alone. Damini is watching all that and smirks. Durga comes to Dev and says I will be back in a bit but make sure that Mata’s trishul doesn’t get stolen, it shouldn’t move from it’s place. Durga goes with Prohit. Lakhan hides and thinks I have to do something about this Dev.

Geeto is in the past as well, she thinks I will marry Dev here and get all the powers.

In the mandir, Dev hears some woman crying and goes to check on her. Lakhan goes and tries to steal the trishul. Panna comes there and asks what he is doing? She takes the trishul and says you want to take this so he can run away with Durga. Lakhan asks if she is going crazy? I am Lakhan, I will tell you the truth soon.

Dev comes to the crying woman and finds out its Geeto. She says I knew my love will get you back. Dev screams.

Panna tells Lakhan that I am leading the gang now because you have stopped thinking about them, I will not give this trishul to you. They are both holding it.

Prohit tells Durga that she has to light diyas to open the door and she can’t leave in the middle. Geeto is dragging Dev with her. He screams for Durga to save him. Durga leaves the process and goes to them. Geeto attacks her. Durga screams and falls down. Lakhan hears that and runs to save her.

PRECAP – Damini comes to the past and says I am here to get Dev. Lakhan grabs Damini and asks Durga to take Dev away. Damini tries to kill Lakhan. Durga attacks Damini and says today you will see the power of good.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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