Durga 11th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Damini hits Kishore with her car

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Scene 1
Damini and Amresh come to Alok’s family house but the servant says they are not here. Damini asks Amresh to find Alok at any cost.

Alok comes to Shehal’s house with Dev. Shehal thanks him for coming, it’s a dream for us. Alok says your Durga is very pretty, please say yes to this proposal. Santosh asks Durga to come. Durga comes there wearing an orange color. Dev gets panicked and screams seeing her. Alok gets worried. Dev starts panicking and cries red blood, he screams and hides in a corner. Durga is stunned. Shehal is angry. Dev weeps. Kishore asks Durga to go back inside. Durga is worried but leaves from there. Kishore asks Dev to calm down, there is no red color here. Dev cries so Alok asks him to calm down. Shehal asks Alok what is this? Alok says Dev is scared of the red color, he got scared seeing Durga’s color, he is haunted by the accident. Shehal says you people thought I will give my daughter to you because we are poor, you didn’t tell us the truth, you broke the trust. Alok says let me explain, my Dev is not mental. Shehal says he is acting like a mental person, don’t lie to me. We will not marry our daughter to a mental person. He asks them to leave. Durga cries hearing that.

Damini tells Amresh that someone is helping Alok from our house. She looks at the envelope which says that the girl in the sketch will be her end. Damini says keep an eye on the family, they will do a mistake and we will catch them.

Scene 2
Kishore tells Alok that we can bring Durga’s painting that Dev made, I will call Tara. He calls Tara but Amresh tracks her phone. He tells Damini that Kishore was calling Tara. Damini calls Nimu and asks her to keep an eye on Tara.
Tara takes Durga’s painting and comes to meet Kishore. Damini and Amresh hide and see them. Kishore takes the sketch and leaves. Damini starts driving and stops the car in front of Kishore. He is shocked to see her. Damini says what are you taking? You thought you all could fool me? Kishore says you can try as much as you want but you will lose this time. Damini laughs and says you think I lost? She grabs Kishore and says I never lose. You thought you could save Dev and Alok? She takes Durga’s painting from him. She steps on the sketch and says tell them they can try but they can’t save Dev. Kishore cries and says don’t do anything with Dev. Damini says nobody can cheat me, I wouldn’t spare Dev and Alok, tell them I am coming. Kishore takes Durga’s painting and runs from there. Damini says he can run as much as he wants. Damini starts the car and hits Kishore with her car, he falls away and bleeds. He tries to get up but dies on spot. Damini smirks.
PRECAP – Damini comes to the mandir and says nothing can save Dev from me. The sindoor falls from Dev’s hand on Durga’s head. Damini comes there and shoots Durga. Dev is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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