In A Drop Of Love… The World Dawn (RagLak)(SwaSan) – 4

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I just can’t digest it… how can teju can romance a 10 years old child… I can’t take it yaar… OH MY GOD…

Episode 3 link

Scene 1,
The scene starts with ragu is searching lucky everywhere..
she looked abit worried.. IN the other side, swaru and sanky stand on their feet to walk… “Ragu would have reached lucky, right now?” swaru sips her drink… “I think no” sanky said and swipes his books.. “think positive… she’s searching him” swaru said… sanky giggles… “because, I knew him fully… we cannot find him easily… he will always there where no one can think” sanky said… “wow, that’s interesting!” swaru said and walked …

ragini stops in a while and thinks… she then runs back and met his friends… their friends looked shocked… ragu sighed deeply… “hello, can I know where he is?” ragu asked… “who madame?” they asked… “he, I mean, laksh ji” ragu said and sighed… “oh, he!” they said… “we don’t know!” they said… “what?” ragu looked on… “yeah” they said… “get lost” ragu yells at them and turned away and ran from there… they sighed… “she said gey lost” they said to each other and leaned on their shoulders…

Scene 2,
lucky is in the stadium of thr college with a cigar in his hand… he’s in deep thoughts… the cigar burned his finger and he dropped it down… he came to realization…
ragu came there and saw him… she smiles… lucky sees her and turned away… he remembers the slap… “what’s she doing here?” lucky looked on….”lucky ji!” ragu screamed from afar and walk towards him… lucky turned and looked at her…
Swaru and sanky came to the stairs… “so, you’re also the same class… what a coincidence… we’re also lovers of music” swaru got excited and walks fastly… sanky smiles and follows her behind… suddenly swaru’s leg slips in stair and she screamed… she slowly start to fall out of the stairs… sanky looked shocked… in a bit of second, sanky grabs her by her waist… swaru closed her eyes in terror… Allah wariyaan plays behind from someone’s mobile… swaru opened her eyes and they have a cute eyelock…

Scene 3,
ragu came close to him… lucky manages a smiles across his face… ragu smiled guilty… “I came here….” ragu looked down… “hmm,” lucky tries to look into her eyes… without knowing, he came close to her… ragu looked up and they were a inch gap between them… they looked into each other eye.. ragu’s lips parted ways… her heart beat sped up… she looked restless… lucky somehow managed to break the gaze and get away… ragu turned away…
“why are you here?” lucky asked
..”I’m here to ask sorry” ragu said… “why?” lucky said… “for that slap” ragu said… lucky remember it… “but…” lucky said… ragu cuts him… “just now only I got to know you’re not at fault… so I came to ask sorry… sorry” ragu said… she’s about walk… “how do you know that I’m here?” lucky stopped her by his questions….

sanky makes swaru stand.. swaru looked down at her dress and then at sanky… the other around them starts their own works… “be careful, swaru” sanky said… “thanks, sanky” swaru said… “it’s okay…don’t get goosebumps always… see what happened… it’s good that I’m here… think if there is no one” sanky said… “hmmm, I’ll fall down from stairs” swaru giggle… sanky patted on her head… swaru giggled… “sorry” swaru said… “it’s okay… let’s go” sanky said… he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they walked up….

ragini turned to look at him… “you think it’s a secret place that no one can think?” ragu asked… slipping her hands cross… “oh,okay” lucky nodded …ragu lookef at him tip to toe and walks away… lucky looked at her while she walks away…..

PRECAP : Not Yet Decided…

bye guys… good night to you all…

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  1. Sus

    i would like to say about teja show

    i think she is just like a caretaker of that child due to some superstition they are showing them something like couple. clearly this is just my assumption plzz no offence regarding this.

    About helly show, i really dont watch any serial but its just my view that

    the concept is very good which actually prevails in society i mean these babaji or waterever they call them and in return many people looted the innocent people in the name of God.
    Helly’s serial show some realtistic concept which people don’t want to consider now although they believe in them.

    About teja serial i can’t say becoz i haven’t seen this type of practice in society but still serial is going to start yet many things ate going to unfold in future so we can’t predict.

    coming to this part its awesome dear

    1. A.xx

      she is meant to be a princess and it’s based on anil’s movie i heard so i dont know xx

  2. Vyshalivyshu56778

    Awesome …. can’t wait to read the next part….please post it soon

  3. About teja serial pehredar piya ki she always choosr different role with different concept she is a versaitile actress not sticking with the same concept she choose to be negative in swaragini and now this I am really proud of her for choosing such kind of role.

  4. She is not going to romance a 10 year old kid plz it’s a request dont be judgemental before realse of serial

  5. i request ppl to not judge any show without watching…that concept is different…dont know y ppl judge without watching show…same happened with helly’s show devanshi…n now it is again repeating..first watch the watch then talk dear…they accepted means…something will be there…hope swaragini main leads vahe n temish will get good success…

    coming to episode,nice..but short update?

  6. Awesome

  7. Lovely7

    Don’t judge book by it’s cover!

    Raglak scenes are nice

  8. Awesome episode and loved Raglak scenes

  9. Athira

    sorry guys…. I’m also a big fan of teju…let’s wait and watch


  11. Seebu_s

    nice…waiting for swasan scenes

  12. Excuse me?Who told you she will be romancing a 10 years old boy?Is it possible to ROMANCE a 10 years old child?She will be forced to be with that child coz her royal family is bankrupt & it is some stupid tradition there but she won’t be romancing that child & there is a love triangle.

    1. Athira

      I’m not saying that for not like teju… I’m a big fan of her… but I’m worried because of the people who hate teju.. that’s why and I felt like want to share… that’s it….anyways thanks for reading..

  13. IQRA222

    awesome episode didu raglak scenes were awesome
    and swan were superb
    and didu i really agree with @Sus di
    can’t wait for the next part

  14. Asra

    awesome dear….

  15. A.xx

    amazing xx

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