He drew away her darkness (RagSanSwa) by priya – part 2

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Hello all, sorry for posting it this late.
I’m really sorry.

“Days passed……every second without him felt like an hour, I never confessed my feelings to him. I came to home after after my graduation. I stay in an orphanage with a family of 100 members. I don’t to to whom I was born. I tried contacting my biological parents, but I failed miserably. And now, Sanskaar…… I don’t know why is god playing with my emotions and feelings. I heard someone calling me ‘Ragini di, please come down….. Babu sir calling you’ I went down to meet Babu sir (he helped me alot in this orphanage, he supported me a lot) with the help of my stick.
I could feel the positivity when I entered Babu sirs room, He hugged me tightly, I felt his tear droplets on my neck. I asked him what was happening? He said ‘Ragini, aaj se tumhari saari dukh gayab ho jayega……hame tumhare liye aankhe mil gyi h Ragini’….. I felt nothing at that time, I was happy but wasn’t able to express my happiness knowing that someone else is losing their happiness, their eyes. I asked him ‘who is donating me eyes?’ He said someone one passed away recently and their family decided to donate the organs. I hugged him back and headed to back to my room. God is again unfair, He killed someone to make me happy, I don’t know what to feel…. Should I feel happy because I get to see this world? or should I feel sad that someone died? I was thinking all about this when babu sir came into my room.
He asked me ‘if everything was okay?’ I said ‘yes, everything is fine’. He asked ‘aren’t you happy?’ I said ‘yes yes I’m very happy, finally I get to see this beautiful world’ showing my fake happiness on my face. I guess he saw my fake happiness and said ‘hmm Ragini, I know what are you thinking, but you should know that everything happens for good. Don’t think too much about this..and take rest, Operation will take place in 2 days….. don’t be sad because of this’ He tapped my shoulder saying this and left me in my room with my thoughts. I still don’t know how did he figure out what I was thinking?…..two more days to see this world, I don’t know if am excited or not, but as babu sir said ‘
everything happens for good’ Let’s see what God has planned for me in my future days.

Thanks for reading.. 🙂

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  1. Awesome

  2. Lovely update ?? I love how you showed us Ragini’s perspective ?? Her guilt overpowering her happiness on being able to get her vision back? How she didn’t want someone to die for her to be able to get her eyesight ? Sweet but yeah another major factor people with impairment need to deal with. I m guessing Swara has dies and her eyes have been donated to Ragini☺ God knows how Ragini will be able to deal with the guilt if she comes to know this 🙁
    If that has indeed happened, God the guilt would eat her alive?
    Feeling bad for Ragu?
    Nevertheless a great update giving us an insight of what actually goes in their mind when stuff like this happens ?

  3. Lahari

    May be its swara who died..

  4. Asra

    awesome dear

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