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Well I am back again but I am very disappointed with your reviews people , I don’t mind getting low response but it’s just demotivating me but still I am gonna continue with my story as I want TWINJ TO BE ALIVE BETWEEN US !!!!

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Twinkle reached home and was exhausted but see knew that any time the owner of the orphanage will visit her and to check up on kids she stood up and went to her room and got freshen up and came down and started preparing for dinner as it was already 7 at night and kids directly from school went with yuvi for there coaching and dance and music classes and also on shopping and they were expected to return any time soon !!!!

She finished all her works and was sitting checking her official work just when the door bell rang and her maid went to check who is there and there stood BEBE , the great KAMYA SARNA !!

The maid informed twinkle about her arrival and bebe came inside who was warmly welcomed by twinkle , twinkle made her comfortable whereas made brought snacks and water for her !!!

All the while bebe was looking at twinkle place and was happy seeing the living room filled with twinkle and the kids picture which shows that the kids were so happy with her , she was happy that the kids got the best family for themselves but still her eyes were searching for the kids !!!

Twinkle understand what bebe was looking for so she said actually mam the kids are out with yuvi and will be back soon till then you can look at my place and also you can visit kids room to check whether I am taking good care of them or not and also whether I am providing them with everything or not ।।।

Bebe knew twinkle was taking good care of them but still just to pass time she went with twinkle and saw her whole house and atlast went into the kids room !!!!

As soon as she entered she was surprised by the view , the whole room was decorated with toys, and different themes which the kids liked , there were three different single beds according to the kids taste and preferences , with almost all the things a kid wishes for!!!

She was extremely happy with the lifestyle twinkle was giving the kids , the room was decorated with Disney theme for the girls and superheroes theme for the boy with almost all the luxury!!!!

Bebe has happy tears in her eyes h were noticed by twinkle , she kept her hands on her shoulder while bebe smiled, bebe and twinkle always shared a very good bond, though bebe knew twinkle was taking good care of the kids but bebe still visited them just to meet twinkle as she has always liked her and wanted to know more about her ,,

They both were talking when the kids entered the house along with yuvi calling out twinkle loudly:::::
Kids- mummmmmma , where are you , mumma see we are backkk!!!

Twinkle smiled seeing them and the ran and just hugged her tightly , she too smiled seeing them and engulfed them in a tight hug!!!

Bebe all the while smiled seeing there bond, while yuvi went and sat beside bebe, the kids noticed bebe and greated her, the knew bebe but only that much that she is one of there mumma’s relative , and started narrating twinkle what all they did today and also how much fun they had today while all the time bebe was admiring there bond!!!!!

Soon they finished talking and headed towards dining table and started having there dinner , bebe was happy seeing the kids happy and after spending a bit more time with the kids left back to her home after blessings twinkle and yuvi for there good work!!!!!

Twinkle was relaxed that bebe was happy with the way the kids were living and had a contended smile n her face, she asked the kids to change and go to there bed while she sat with yuvi and talked about tomorrow schedule and he too left back for his home !!!!!


That’s it for today !!
I know today’s episode has no twinj scene but don’t worry guys as the story will proceed you will get to see a lot more twinj scene !!!!

As I had already told uh this story is a bit different so just trust me and SUPPORT me!!!

Till then take care of yourself and stay at your home!!!!

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And also Bunny’s birthday is coming so you will get a treat in my story too !!!!

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