Chapter 21

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Day’s passed within a blink , everyone was very hapy with Twinj’s decision of marrying each other , every one was happy but the most happiest person were the youngest member of the family that is THE KIDS !!!!

There non stop blabber and over excitement on getting there papa was could not be described , they never left a single moment to spend time with Kunj , telling him about how much they wished to be with there father whenever they saw there friends with there father, how on father’s day they missed there father but never said about it to any one !!!!

Whereas Kunj also enjoyed there company , hearing there wishes and complains , fulfilling there demand , he was happy that they excepted him , he also converted one of the room in Sarna Mansion into kids room according to there likes and choices !!!!

Twinkle was overwhelmed with his love and care for the kids , she unknowingly started admiring him , she also thought how she always wished for a partner like him and Kunj is exactly the prince of her dream , she knew she has started growing found of him but always she buzzed that thought for her everyone else happiness mattered to her especially her kids , sorry sorry THERE KIDS !!!!

She was happy that the kids were happy , they were getting the love which she wanted them to get by there father , she sometimes was even jealous of Kunj as the kids mostly spend there most of the time with him and enjoyed his pampering , it was wrong to say but she felt left out but still was happy that there was someone who loved them so much without any conditions !!!!

In these few days Twinj got along really well, they knew some little detail about each other and enjoyed spending time with each other , whenever twinkle felt nervous because of all these things Kunj was there for her to calm her down as the wedding day was nearing and just 2 days were left !!!

In all the last 5 days they had spent most of the time together due to one or the other reason whether it was shopping of there dresses or jewelry or meeting the lawyer for the paper work and they were comfortable with each other !!!!

Kunj was happy spending most of the time with her and cant wait more to bring her fully in his life , he was now madly in love with her and can’t wait to express it to her , though he knew he can’t rush over things but somewhere he knew she has started getting comfortable around him and was opening up with him !!!

This thing gave him a hint , that he might not have to wait for a long time to make her fall in love with him but little did he knew she already has started falling in love with him which was unknown to her oblivious !!!!

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