Chapter 15

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Few days passed , everyone was back to there normal schedule , the project was going smooth , and with all this twinj became very good friends , day by day kunj’s feeling for twinkle started growing more because of one or the other reasons and it was real hard for him to keep s feelings to himself , on the other side Twinkle also felt connected to kunj in a different way , she was not able to cope up with the situation , she was confused with what was happening to her !!!

One fine day yuvraj had gone out of the town for meeting and kids had a holiday an it was getting real hard for twinkle to manage them alone as yuvraj was always her partner an the kids loved to spend there time with him , she was not able to control them as they were teasing her real hard , that’s when Kunj arrived and seeing the scenerio he was laughing !!!

The scene was twinkle was running behind the kids to make them eat and they were running in different direction pissing her off , they have shattered there toys here and there that’s when Twinkle’s leg slipped and she was about to fall that’s when Kunj ran towards her to safe her but lost his balance Nd they both feel down and it was kunj upon twinkle !!!

Kunj was lost in her , she was looking ever do Beautiful ,her hairs were coming on her face averting his gaze that’s when he tucked her hairs behind her ears and she opened her eyes , they stayed like that for sometime lost in each other’s eyes when the kids came there and started laughing bringing them back in the real world !!!

They got up and were very awkward , kunjal came near Kunj and said –

“” Uncle , kya aap hamale saath khelo ge , aaj yuvi uncle nahi hai and mumma toh khel hi nahi rahi !!””

Twinkle mouth formed and O and they other two kids chilled ,kunj went on his knees to match kunjal’s height and said –

“” Yes baby mai khelunga aapke saath , kya hua yuvi uncle nai hai pr kunj uncle hai na , aur waise bhi aapki mumma bahut hi boring hai “”

And everyone laughed whereas twinkle frowned , soon they started playing and twinkle was happy seeing them so happy with Kunj , they easily mingled with them and know they are behaving as if they know eachother for years !!!

Soon they were tired of playing and the kids shouted MUMMAAA BHUKKK LAGI HAII , kunj too sat down , twinkle was going to make some snacks। when Kunj said –

“” Twinkle if uh don’t mind can we go out and have something , actually since morning we are here playing and uh must be also tired so , only if uh don’t mind ??!!

Twinkle smiled and said ” okay “!!

Soon they went out and had some snacks enjoying there time together after snacks they went to Disney land as the kids wished to and enjoyed alot , having so many rides , other sports and all !!!

They were fully exausted by now , they had dinner outside and atlast the kids demanded for ICE CREAM !!!

Twinkle was feeling a bit awkward as the kids were making Kunj run on there beats as she didn’t wanted him to be irritated but to her surprise kunj was enjoying all this and was pampering the kids af if they are his own kids and kids were also happy fun with him !!!

They had there ice cream and went back to home and all the while the three munchkin were just blabbering and praising kunj !!!

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  1. Awesome.
    Just Loved it
    Can’t wait for Twinkle to realise her fealings
    Waiting for the next one.

  2. awsm
    Loved it

  3. don’t stop cze u don’t get comments may be u have silent readers who join you half way… like me… I read all the 15 episodes at ones now… keep writing… you rock girl… and atlas for me write in English I mean atlas subtitles the dialogues since its hard to cope with Hindi since idk Hindi cze I am from Sri Lanka,…. so this love is all the way from Sri Lanka…. keep writing more and more… all the best…

    1. Presha

      Tysm , uh made my day , actually i was just white mailing people , i am not gonna stop it , well i can understand ur prblm coz of hindi so now i am gonna write it in english only

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