Chapter 14

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Twinj entered the hotel and took the keys of there respective rooms and left back to freshen up , they rested for a while whereas twinkle was in her room lost as if she was thinking something !!!


I don’t really know what is happening with me these days , all the while what i do is thinking about kunj , why does he affect me so much , why do i feel something when i look into his eyes , i can sense a different kind of feeling in eyes as if he wants to convey something but i am not sure what it is , bit still i feel secure and happy whenever he is around me , I didn’t felt something like this before , the mere thought of kunj gives me goosebump , but hey why i am thinking all this , thinking about kunj ,, twinkle you have gone mad just chuck it out !!!

She was in her thinking zone when there was a knock on the door and she went to look who it was and to her surprise she saw kunj standing there !!!

She asked him to come inside and he spoke –

** Twinkle if you ate done ,lets go and meet the other party so that we can finish the work and left back as soon as possible , because i know you are worried for the kids and they must be missing you “”!!

Twinkle was lost , she was speechless this person cares alot for her , despite of work he is thinking about her comfort and her family ,,she just nodded her head in yes and they left back to the work place !!!

The car ride was once again silence when twinkle spoke –
“” Thank uh kunj, thank uh so much , I mean thanking uh for helping me , and giving me the idea of dropping kids with bebe , you know I am so relieved that they are safe !!””

Kunj smiled and looked at her and said –

“” Uh don’t need to thank me twinkle , and besides what I have done is for me own benefit , you know na bebe loves them alot and if they are with her bebe will be so happy and it will give me happiness and on top of that you mean a lot to bebe and uh are “OUR FAMILY ” so plz don’t tha k me , it makes me feel that I am an outsider but I guess I am your friend ??””

Twinkle was taken a back she thought how can someone be so selfless , so caring , she smiled back and said -.

“” Yeah ofcourse ,we are friends and I won’t ever thank you !!”

They chit chatted for a while and reached the place where they had work !!

They met the people and inspected the place and after finalusing everything left back to home !!!

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