Chapter 12

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All the three of them reached office and were working in there respective cabin , thats when yuvi asked them to come jn conference room and they both left to meet him !!!!


As soon as Twinj entered they all settled down when yuvi spoke –

“” Guys , i have a good news for uh , actually our project has been approved by the government and we can start our work soon !!””

Hearing this everyone became excited and hugged each other and in excitement TWINJ also hugged each other, though the hug was unintentional just out of excitement but it had a different impact on them ,, Kunj was hell happy being this close to HIS LADY LOVE , whereas Twinkle felt a kind of warmth and security in his embrace ,, they were still hugging each other when yuvi coughed bringing them back in the real world !!!

They were feeling awkward where has yuvi has a smirk on his face and again spoke –

“” So guys before starting the project we have to go and see the sight but there is a problem ??””

“”Problem ? What problem yuvi ?? said Twinj simultaneously !!

“”Actually guys the problem is that the head of both the companies have to go for the site seeing as per there demand and the problem is i can’t go as i have to go out for attending a business meet “”said yuvi while smirking !!

“”So what’s the problem in this yuvi , if uh can’t go than twinkle will go “” said kunj

Are Kunj that’s the only problem , twinkle never goes for site seeing as she cant leave the kids alone at night, and this site is on the outskirts of the city so it will take a day to gi and come back that means kids has to stay alone for full one day and night and twinkle will never agree “” said yuvi

They were discussing among them and twinkle was just listening but she was lost somewhere in her own world thats when kunj spoke ,-

“” Twinkle we can leave kids with bebe , because hamara jana bhi important hai and bacche bebe k saath aaram se reh lengey aur hum jaldi se kam khatam kr k wapas aa jayengey “” what’s say !!

Nice idea , it will be perfect , tu bata teinkle , is it okay with you “”spoke yuvi cheerfully !!

Twinkle just nodded her head and they talked for a while and left for there respective works !!

While on the other side yuvi called someone and said –

“” Work done , beautiful !! Exactly as you have planned , they have agreed to go !!”‘ and he cut the call smirking !!

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