Dreams will come true (Episode 7)

When Viren holds Akshara hand firmly from behind, Akshara got shocked and looks at him angrily
Akshara:Hey hello! ! What are you doing? 
Viren:Shhhhhhhh! ! Just listen don’t talk. I hate it when people interrupt my conversation before I finish speaking.
He keeps his finger on her lips. Akshara open her eyes widely in fear and pushes him away.
Akshara:Are you out of your brain? What do you mean I interrupt your conversation?
Viren grasps her hand tightly and pulls her closer to him.
Viren:You are my partner for computer programming project .Do you understand that? None choose to be your partner so I choose you and also gave our names to to lecturer.
Akshara:What?!!!No one choose me right? So why you choose me? I can do it alone.Leave my hand, what people will think ?!!!!!!!!!
Viren:What did you say? Can do it alone ? ? It’s my fault to think that it will be super hard for you ? You dare to show your damn attitude to  VIREN.

Akshara looks at his eyes as he scolds her .Tears sheds from her eyes in fear.
Akshara : I don’t have any arrogance in me but you’re threatening me by leaving marks in my hand everytime you speak. How you expect  that we can do a project together then?

Viren realises what she meant. He leaves her hand and brings some distance between them.
Viren:It was unintentional. I don’t mean to hurt you anyways. So now wanna do it together or no?
Akshara: If you treat me well not as a playing doll ! Then surely can do together without any problems. Deal?
Viren: Okay deal ! It also depends on how you behave .
Akshara smiles and says no more fight should be between us.He nods yes and sees the marks in her hand.
Viren : Can you wait for me for a while?
Akshara : Where now? I need to go home if not I will be late.
Viren:I said WAIT right! Just wait for few minutes .I will be back.
Akshara nods and just sit at the side of the staircase .She thinks in her heart why he asks me to wait and says to herself that he is too hot temper but I have a strong feeling that he is good at heart. After 20 minutes, she saw Viren walking towards with a plastic bag. She gives him a puzzled look .

Viren : Why are you sitting here? Come follow me. Akshara agrees and he brings her to the bench at the college compound area . They both sit together.
Akshara :What is inside this plastic bag?
Viren: I want to apply cream for your marks.

Akshara:(Laughs) You keep the cream always with you is it ? After you hurt someone then you will apply it for them everytime ?
Viren:No!!! I buy it from the nearby pharmacy just now.Just be quiet and show me your hand!
Akshara gives her hand and Viren removes the bangles from her hand. Then, he starts to apply the cream. Akshara looks at him in disbelief. ( Agaar tum saath ho plays)
Viren: I just  say be quiet but now you’re staring at me weirdly.
Akshara : You’re unbelievable .It’s okay give me the cream. I will do it myself.
Viren: Shut up .I know what I am doing .
Akshara : You are too observant as you can  even see marks on a brown skin. Do you do this is it because you think me as your friend now?
Viren : No, not all .I do this because humanity lies within me .For you to be my friend, it still have a long time to go.
Akshara : Ok baba stop…I am not interested to be your friend too. Thank you for the cream and I better leave now since I need to take train somemore.
Viren : Bring this cream with you and use it okay .Not a request but an ORDER!
She smiles and nods. When Viren driving home, he remembers the tears from Akshara’s eyes and says to himself.  I really feel bad when I see her in tears .I should try not to hurt her anymore and biggest challenge of my life starts from tomorrow as I  need to adjust with a girl for a first and do the project.Hopefully  all  goes smoothly.

Here, Akshara looks at her hand remembers Viren . She says to herself he is like a coin with two faces. At a time, he shows his ego and hot temper but at times he is caring and thoughtful. I wish no more fights arise between us and I have faith that he will ask me to be his friend in the end. She smiles.

To be continued.

Thank you for each and every comment you guys posted .It means so much for me. Love you all and today’s episode is all about Akshara&Viren.Hope you all likes it.

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  1. awesome episode i just love urs for the different story ine update daily na pls =D

  2. It was a gud episode.. Plz update nxt part soon…

  3. Lovely story dear.

  4. Thank you guys for each and every comments .That’s very thoughtful ♥

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    Love the romantic scene

  7. Awesome it was really beautiful n cute. …viren n akshara nice pair…loved It….love you loads

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