Dreams which keep us alive chapter 5

“Mom I’m home..”I threw myself to the bed and yelled from there. Our house is not so big not too small. It’s a duplex simple woody floor home. In upstairs we have 4 rooms. One is for mine. One’s for Arjun’s,my big bro,who is now in Malaysia. Dad also wants me to go. But you know I don’t need it.

The other two is used for mom dad and study. But the best part of this house is the small terrace by my room.

This is the place where I can spent my alone time. It’s decorated by some flowery things a water following. The sound of dropping water and creepy birds in the morning is amazing. We friends sometime hangout here. But it sounds sooo sappy that this is place where I first meet Zyan. It’s not a big deal. Right!!??I sighed as I know it’s not right.

It had been almost 1 weak from the 1st day. Our families are very happy. We accept it so we don’t have to face another alliance where situation can be more difficult than this. We usually talked each other on phone. We started it by searching ideas which doesn’t end well. So we keep it aside and talk about some other topic.

Rohan was not in town so we can’t fix meeting this long….so we just wait for them. If I’m honest with myself I enjoyed his company. Ohhh Arohi… Just think straight. You should go for shower…that’s a good idea.

So I grabbed my cloths and went to bathroom. I’m a terrible bathroom singer so I need some extra time…
So after sometime I come back with a bathrobe when mom was there.

“Hey mamma..where have you been.”she had some bags in her hand and a cheeky smile on her lips…dangerous..

“Went for shopping.. Look…what I find for you.” I don’t need to see what was those. May be some fanci dress, gowns may be sari ..girly dress. It’s not like I hate them or don’t want to wear. But I’m more comfortable in my shirt jeans legins or combat boots. Wish she understand it.

“Look this beautiful gown….it looks so pretty for you. Wow..look it suits you.” She took a white and red combination gown and fits it on me to see how it looks.”let’s wear it for party ..you will be stunning.” she smirked and a little tear play on her eyes.”oh I can’t even imagine my little baby is going to marry.” I can assure her that it doesn’t going to happen. But this is not good idea either.

So I hugged her and she kissed my temple.” Let’s start to ready…”
“Mom.. party is in the evening… We have almost four hours to left…be reasonable.” She sighed at my words.”yeah OK..take rest…you need a beauty sleep.” She kissed my forehead and left the room.

Why she so exited… It’s a simple party…whatever.. I can’t never understand her…


“Oh by baby you look beautiful.” Mom almost cry when I come dawn stairs . melodrama… The gown was shoulder less sleeveless. Burbi types length to my knees.
Why I’m wearing this. May b it’s a nice dress but it feels over headed.

“Stop it mumma…I’m feeling like stuck in a bottle. How people wear so skinny dress.” Mom gave a sarcastic look at my words. But didn’t say anything.

Dad started the car when I sat in the back. Mom in the passenger seat. There is so many gifts beside me. I frowned at them but then my phone vibrated.
Ash:hey buddy are you free tonight. I’m feeling lonely.

I smiled at her msg. Sometimes we hangout together at midnight. It is so fun.
Me: can’t come. Party at Zyan’s house.. What about your recent boyfriend.
Ash: don’t ask he is a complete a*sh*le
It’s OK have fun. And give Zyan a big hug from me.

The car stopped and it was beautiful farmhouse where the party held. Dad said it’s Zyan’s granpa’s villa…

We entered the house and it was so beautiful everything was decorated with white and perple arkid. Arnav uncle saw us and coming toward us.”hey princess what’s up….you looking stunning.”he hugged me and kissed my forehead. Then he went for Dad. Gives compliment to my mom.

He introduced a lady as her sister. She also adores me. “This is my daughter ..pia..she really wants to meet you.” She pointed to a teenage cute girl. May be 16/17 ..I smiled at her but she hugged me happily.”come with me I’ll show you rest of the house.” I also wants to get rid of the older’s conversation. And Pia is a good company.

“So…pia..you are Zyan’s cousin… I mean sister!!”I can know that but can’t find anything to say for conversation.

“Hmmm one and only sister…he is a good bro.” I smiled at her. I already like her. Full of life. She take me the upstairs. Show me almost every room. Their grandfather made this ..in their childhood they come here for picnic. After his death this is the 1st time they come. It’s little weird..is this party that imp…

“This is my favorite room. Come inside. She entered in a room. The room was simple well furnished. As same as others. But their was one side wall full of photographs. Some black and white and some colour full. May be their childhood photographs. Little Zyan little pia young arnav uncle and his sister…some other people I don’t know.

“You see.. I’ll come in a minute. “She mischievously smiled at me and left the room before I say something. I frowned but let it go. Focused on the pictures.

Suddenly some sound came from my backside. I turned to see. And shut my eyes abruptly and turned around. Ohh shit shit..craap….crap..crap..this is Zyan’s room
Who is right now behind me just with a towel.. Craap

“What the hell are you doing here Arohi.” I heared him yelling.”pia bought me here. How will I know it’s your room!!”my eyes still shut though my face is the opposite side. He murmured something under his breath. May be something about his sister. I want to leave the room so I tried to turn…

“Hey don’t move…..don’t turn..just a minute”he shouted and I stopped there. What was he doing. I didn’t see. But after sometime I turned but he was not in the room. May be again entered the bathroom.

“Zyan,are you OK!!?? I am going downstairs….” I yelled so that he could hear.

“Wait..wait..I’m coming.” He stepped out the bathroom door. This time he was in blue shirt and black half pant …much more better than before. I smiled at him.

“Worst experience” he murmured with a little smile. I can not help gigging. “Don’t laugh.OK!!?” He pouted as his whole face become tomato red.

“These pictures are really good…your grandpa was a talented person.” I turned to the wall side as I want to end up the embracing conversation.”hmmm” that’s all he said. And when I looked at him his gaze was on me. So intense…”you OK?” I was confused .

“You seriously asking this!!? Not good, Arohi. I’m a man …you are standing here ..and you hope my hormones will not kick in!!??have you seen yourself in the mirror.” He blinked several time as to compose.

I burst out laughing at his word but I can feel my checks are being hot…am I blushing!!!.

As I composed myself but before that he stepped in front of me may be just few inches distance.

It’s like there was a electric signals which came from his body. It’s equally painful and …..I don’t know the other feelings. He didn’t say anything but his gaze say something else. Did he feel the way that I feel…..!!.

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