Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 11

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Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 11

Hi….guys.. thank you so much for your lovely comments… it’s really inspiring..

Scene 1

Sayyam sighs in relief… Krishna comes near him..
Krishna : tum teek ho..??
Sayyam : ya.. I’m good…
Suhani : tum teek hai na…pakka..
Yuvraj : oh.. Please.. don’t treat him like a kid..

Suhani : kyun nahi…yeh tho meri chotta bacha hai na…
Yuvan and Yuvani : achha…tho hum kaun…??
Suhani : (smiles) tum charom mere ankon ke thare hai..
Yuvan, Yuvani and Krishna runs to Suhani and hugged her.. Sayyam looked at them with immense pleasure.. Suhani extended her hand Sayyam to join them.. he hold her hand sitting, take it to his face and leaned to her body placing his head against her stomach… Suhani shut her eyes enjoying her blessed motherhood…with four lovely children…
then she opens to see Yuvraj looking at her with pride smile….
Everyone dance to some song…(I really duno the songs that played in ssel when everyone gathered..)

Sayyam searching for Krishna… she is nowhere to found… then suddenly she appears before him…
Krishna : mujhe doond raha tha…huh..??
She playfully smiles…
Sayyam : (felt awkward but managed to) No…No way…
Krishna thinks hmmm…I know you’re searching for me…But your ego wouldn’t let you accept the fact…
Krishna : oh..Really..

She turns to go..But she felt a strong hold in her wrist… she smiled and turns.. Sayyam clears his throat… he looked at her.. everything else faded…He can see only Krishna… he came closer to Krishna.. Krishna looking at him lovingly…with a sweet smile.. Sayyam look deep into her eyes… Krishna what are you..How can you think of something like this…to fulfill someone else’s dream that too for a person who give you only pain, hatred only…
Krishna looked deep into his eyes..She can feel the pain..In his eyes.. she knew..that eyes are talking a lot.. and also in a confusion…whether he is deserve this or not… Sayyam pulled her closer… without aware of the surrounding…

How could you love me this much Krishna… he asked her through eyes… I don’t know Sayyam…I have no idea..How do I fall in love with you… she said this through eyes… they lost in each other’s eyes…
Sayyam felt a pricking pain on his hand..
Sayyam : ouchh….
He looked at his hand… it’s Yuvani..Pinched him…Whispers..
Yuvani : you can do romance with your wife in your room… kuch tho sharam karo..Bro..

Kriyam understand their position and parted apart… both feel awkward…and embarrassed before everyone… everyone teasingly smiled at them…
Sayyam pretend that he got a call…And move from there… Krishna blushed…looking down…and runs to her room… Everyone’s laughter echoing in the hall…

Scene 2
Krishna changed her dress into night dress.. she is thinking about Sayyam..Just then Sayyam entered into room.. both looked at eo ,then looked away..Smiling.. Sayyam also changed his dress..
Krishna eagerly waiting for Sayyam..To talk about the party…and to know whether he likes it or not… Sayyam was in a confusion.. How did she know about his b’day..?
Both wanted to talk but paused… tried again..But stops… finally Sayyam starts

Sayyam : how do you know about my b’day..??
Krishna : tumhare passport se..
Sayyam : oh…OK.
Krishna :(still hoping) wo..Party kaisa tha..?
Sayyam : (dunno how to tell her how much happy he is) aah…It was good….
Krishna :(make faces in disappointment) that’s it….hmmm.. or kya expect kar saktha hai.. mein hi..budhoo ho..
Sayyam heard that..Smiled at her but didn’t show…
Sayyam : anyway thanks…for the party…to fulfill ma wishes..
Krishna huffed… she looked at cake piece she brought to eat..
She came near Sayyam…Make him turn..apply cake onto his face.. completely…
Krishna : ab saari wishes poori hui hai na..

Sayyam was dumbstruck to her action.. he couldn’t respond for some moments…
Krishna raged…
Krishna : mein ne ithna sub kuch kiya… uske badle ek thanks..Wo bhi ithna akkad se..dai kilo attitude…ke saath..Hmm..
Sayyam is shocked to see her change of behavior… yeh Krishna hai..Ya koi aur..??
He wiped cake on his eyes with his hand and looked at Krishna.. frustrated..
Krishna laughed…
Sayyam : Krishna … YEH KYA.. KIYA..?
Krishna’s smile fade away in sec hearing Sayyam’s frustrated tone.. she moves backward..
Sayyam : I won’t spare you…

Krishna : nahi… Sayyam..Nahi…
Sayyam move towards…her..
Krishna : OK.. I’m sorry…. I…was just…(gulps)
Sayyam about to hold her she started to run… but he managed to chase her and hold… Krishna tries to push him.. Sayyam hold her hands..twisted.. to back and pulled her closer…Looked at her with raged eyes..
Krishna really got scared… heavily breathing…
Krishna : Dekho.. I’m sorry..chodo..Mere haath..Please..
Sayyam : haan chodoongi.. lekin..

Krishna looked up… Sayyam move more closer..Brushed his cheek to her soft cheek applying cake..And other side too.. Krishna shut her eyes.. Struggling to get out his hands..But in vain.. after doing this.. Sayyam loosen his grip.. Krishna make faces.. Sayyam looks satisfied…

Sayyam : aisi harqat ke baare mein sochna bhi mat..
Krishna huffed..
Sayyam : shukru manao ki mein bas chehre or lagaya.. varna.. poora body mein laga deti mein..
Krishna looked at him with opened mouth… Sayyam realised what he said… he rolls his eyes..looking Krishna through the corner of his eyes.. Sayyam saw her stunned look..
Sayyam : wo..I ..I didn’t mean that…

He quickly grab his towel and headed towards washroom.. Krishna still in that position..then she came back.. to senses.. looked at mirror..with a pout..Then smiles to what happened just now.. she looked again in the mirror…took a piece of tissue wipe off the cake..

Sayyam came out of washroom.. glances at Krishna… with a smile.. she looked back.. didn’t smile…Looks away.. he grinned again..
Krishna : khadoos…
Sayyam : I hear that…
Krishna turns to see Sayyam sternly looking at her… he came towards her.. she runs to washroom..Locked the door… panting heavily…
Krishna : (loud) khadoos.. Khadoos.. Khadoos…
Smiled…And came near to door.. she hear a bang on the door.. it’s Sayyam.. she laughed…
Sayyam : tum bahar aao… dekhthe hai..

He is walking to and fro in the room.. Suddenly an idea strikes him.. he smiled to corner in Sayyam’s style…
Krishna washed her face…Dried up..Came out of washroom.. there is no light in the room.. Krishna thinks yeh.. Sayyam kya karne wale hai..kuch zyada hi gussa dila diya mein ne.. she felt a cold touch on her shoulder..A cold chill goes down through her spine.. Krishna slowly turns..She see snake near her and fuzz sound… she want to scream..but sound didn’t come out her throat.. at last she manages to call out ‘sayyam’ but like whisper..

Lights came..suddenly… Krishna was shivering.. Sayyam..rushes to her..
Sayyam : Krishna.. daro mat.. it’s plastic.. I was..I was just want to scare you. I dunno that you scared this much..
He make her sit down…Get a glass of water.. she was shivering still couldn’t hold the glass.. so he help her to drink.. she is sweating.. shivering..panting..
Sayyam felt guilty seeing her condition.. he sit beside her…
Sayyam : I’m sorry… Krishna..

Krishna felt weak.. Sayyam hold her..Give her support..She lean to his chest..shut her eyes.. Sayyam hold her tight..
Sayyam : ab tum so jao…
Sayyam make her sleep.. went to his bed..

Time skips…

Krishna screams… got up from sofa..panting.. breathing heavily..
Sayyam got up with swollen eyes..tired..

Sayyam : kya Krishna… Please sone do na… bahut badi galti ki mein ne tumhe darakar… uskeliye… ek ek ghante mein aise chillana zaroori hai kya…
Krishna looks at Sayyam..
Krishna : ahem..Wo.. I’m sorry…I thought it’s snake..But blanket tha…
Sayyam : haan.. Blanket..

Krishna : I’m sorry…(she hold her ears..)
Sayyam : huh… anyway..Sleeping is not happening..So shall we talk..
Krishna smiled and nod her head..
Sayyam got up sit beside her..in sofa..

Krishna : kya bath kare..?
Sayyam : hmmm.. tell me your favorite.. I will tell you mine..
Krishna : OK..
Sayyam : your favorite food..?
Krishna : kichadi…Or tumhara kheer..
Sayyam : (smiles) ya… That’s right..
Krishna : favorite color?
Sayyam : black..n your..

Krishna : red..
Sayyam : most important person…In your life.. hmmm..Let me guess Daidu..
Krishna : (looks at him lovingly) haan..or tumhara suhani aunty..
Sayyam smiled …
Krishna and Sayyam asked so many questions to eo and talk all the night..Till morning..Then slept unknowingly..

Hope you enjoyed this part…Let me know through your comments…Eagerly waiting… love you all…

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  1. K am I d 1st one 2 comment? ??☺??? I loved 2dy epi 2 d core??. I read all d prts of ur ff.dis is d 2nd time i’m commenting on ur ff. (I think??) couldn’t comment on last epis as I was too busy.sry? plz post d nxt epi soon. Eagerly waiting. Bye tc??

    1. Fidato

      Ya..Ryt… You are the first one.. I think it’s 3rd time u r commenting… Thank you..So much.. I will try asap..

      1. Fidato


  2. Awesome episode
    Loved it
    Waiting for next

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dwidha …

  3. Nice ep.

  4. Nice keep writing next post soon

    1. Fidato

      Thank you shabnam

    2. Fidato

      Thank you gulnaz

  5. Good next updates plz new guys entry karo Krishna s life mai

    1. Fidato

      Thanks Richa… Will….Do..

  6. Yeah we enjoyed a lot… thanks for the long one…
    Waiting for next epi..

  7. It’s really awesome fidato. Kriyam interaction scenes were mind blowing. Ur ideas of scenes were extraordinary. Especially saiyyam and suhani ka hug scene. The way you explained was marvellous. Keep writing

    1. Fidato

      Thank you yura…

  8. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow Fidato. This is awesome….all the kriyam scenes were to die for…i was flabbergasted seeing such a beautiful work… U r indeed a talented and Awesome writer….the last part was sooo cute….keep going and can’t wait for the next one…

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Annie….

  9. Love ur ff

    1. Fidato

      Thanks Aisha

  10. Captivating episode filled with emotions and love. I just have no words to describe the beauty and grandeur of this episode. It was wonderful in all aspects.
    The way in which you provided such ethereal descriptions using your extensive knowledge is just fabulous. The episode was truly heart-touching and extrememly loveable. The romantic and cute scenes of krishna-sayyam were just so adorable and amazing. Loved it immensely

    1. Fidato

      Thank you so much… Shivani…Was Waiting for Fabulous comment….

  11. Awesome

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