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Hi friends. After so many days again I am writing an os . This idea came in my mind before so many days. But I was busy on my other stories so I wasn’t completing it. So this is a simple story where you won’t get any suspense , thriller and drama. It is a story of every girl who dreams about their life partner/dream man “how should be became like their life partner?” If you will feel bore I am advancely saying sorry. If you will get any grammatical or spelling mistake then just ignore it.


We are seeing a beautiful house which has decorated like a bride. To see the house anyone can say that this is a marriage house. Everyone are busy their works . When we peeped inside a room we saw a girl has stood in bride attire in front of mirror. She has wore a red colour saree with golden border and other jewelleries . She is looking beautiful in her bridal look. But she is thinking something deeply.

Girl’s monologue:

Hi I am Swara, Swara Gododia ( yes the girl is only our Swara) . Now i am 20 years old. Before one month i have completed my graduation ?. I am a topper in my state and gold medalist on my honours. I want to be IAS officer. This is my childhood dream. But my dream shattered by my dadi, who was wanting to marry me within one month. As I live in village she thinks girls should marry in 18 years. But I am a studious student so my father convinced to my dadi for further study. For my dad only I have completed my graduation. He is my superhero. I am thinking, like me most of girls think his dad is her superhero in her life.Every girls dream a life partner like his dad , “who will support her in her every hurdles, who will fulfil her all demands ,mainly who will protect her in every bad eyes.” I also dream a life partner like this. But now I want to fulfil my career first.

Then i think about it. But now this is impossible for me. Because today is my marriage . Papa many times has tried to convince dadi but she has one persistence, she wants to marry me. Without any option papa has agreed this proposal. I also don’t want to trouble my dad more. But what about me? I am a girl so everytime I will be sacrificed my dream. Now I am angry on my would be husband, where I don’t see him till now. How will I see? He is busy on his work . So he never come to meet me. If he come then I tell him to break this marriage . But no, he is busy on his duty. I don’t tell you na he is a police inspector. And his name is Sa………

Her chain of thoughts broke by her mom’ s voice who was calling to come downstairs. After putting my veil I went to downstairs where my future husband has waited for me.

At mandap

A boy 27 years old boy has sitted in front of fire. Where he has wore a golden serwani and putted a wreath on his face. For this I don’t see his face. After Swara reached on mandap every rituals started. After sometime priest said the bridegroom put vermillion on her mang and tied mangalsutra on her neck. After he did it, all rituals completed . Now she is officially declared Swara Sanskar Maheswari . A lone tear escaped from her eyes because Swara doesn’t know now how will be her life pass after onwards. She is crying to hold her parents .

After bidai now she is going towards a life where she doesn’t know herself how will it become? In car when she is crying to think about her future someone passed a handkerchief towards her. She looked towards the owner of the handkerchief and saw he is none other than her husband. Without tell anything she take it and wiped her tears. After sometime she reached her new house where everyone welcomed her happily. This is not a big house but in it 2 families can stay happily. After complete the grah pravesh his mother take both of us their home temple. Here I just prayed a happy life for both families. Then some rituals had done by my in laws. After complete all rituals they sent me his room which is now my also.

Now I have sitted on middle of bed but my mind is thinking about my dadi and friend’s words


Dadi: Swara, after marriage your husband your everything. Won’t disrespect him. After marriage he is your everything. Never ever won’t say” no” to him. As he is your husband, he has every rights on you. As a good wife you will obey your husband. Then you can become a good wife and you will be passed all your test like you pass on your exam.


Swara’s monologue:

I am a girl so everyone have rights on me. But myself has no rights on me. Why? Because. I am a girl. Now I am feeling helpless to see myself. My chain thoughts broke when someone placed his hand on my hand. I didn’t know when he entered in room. But now I am worried because of my friend who has shared with me her first night experience . Now I am hell nervous to think about this night. Now I just want to run from here. But again my thoughts broke by him , who is asking me something?

Sanskar: Swara, I know for my work I couldn’t meet you and also ask you, what you want in your future. If you want you can share it now. I will try to fulfil it

Swara’s monologue: I don’t know why but when I saw his eyes I was seeing he was genuinely asking me this question. I don’t know where I got the courage but I told him that I want to be a IAS officer. ( now said to Sanskar) I want to be a IAS officer but now I think I can’t fulfil my dream. But its ok I will manage on it.

He didn’t say anything. Now I am nervous. If he will misconceive on me.

After sometime Sanskar said: Ok. Now you sleep. You must be tired by our marriage and all rituals.

Swara:( think) I didn’t expect this things. Because my friend Anu told me on first night husbands are not allow her wives to sleep. But here he is saying me to sleep.


Anu: Swara be prepare because after marriage your husband won’t allow you to sleep.

Swara: Why so? He will teach me all the night.

Anu:( hitted her head) buddhu. He won’t teach you but haan he will romance with you whole night.

Swara: Shut up. I don’t want to listen anything about this.

Anu: Haan Haan I know you are telling like this only in front of me but in heart you also want this

Swara:( turned her face other side) I don’t want anything. And please you keep quiet now

Anu: ( encircled her hand on her neck) listen na Swara, in my first night your jija ji didn’t allow me to sleep whole night. Still also he is not allowing me to sleep before 2 am . Now it is your turn . Ready to make your husband happy by your love

Swara:( irritated voice) Anu please keep quiet , where Anu was laughing like a mad.


He has slept other side of bed where his back is facing to me. I saw towards him now he has slept in deep sleep due to tiredness. I also slept with my bridal attire because I am tired due to continuous doing rituals and wear this heavy clothes. After sometime I dosed off in deep sleep due to my tiredness

Next day Swara woke up in morning and silently went to bathroom. After freshen up she went to downstairs. This is her first day in her in laws. So first she took the blessings from her father in law and mother in law who are now her mom and dad. After sometime Sanskar came to downstairs. Both did the aarti together. After that she made kheer for the first rosei ritual. Everyone praised her cooking and gave naake. But Sanskar kept quite. After finished his kheer he leaved to his police station and here Swara busy on her household.

At evening

Time passed very quickly. Sanskar has returned from station. When Swara entered their room with tea he didn’t get Sanskar in room. After sometime she heard water sound from bathroom. So she kept the tea cup on the table and when turned to leave she saw an envelope which has kept on table. On the envelope has written her name. When she opened it she couldn’t believe her eyes. It is a competative exam form which has already filled up. A tear escaped from her eyes .it is not a tear of sadness it is a tear of happiness. That time someone placed a hand on her shoulder.
When she turned she saw his husband has stood in front of her with a satisfactory smile. When he is going to wipe her tears she hugged him tightly

Swara: Thank you. Sanskar ji. Thankyou so muchhhh for this

Sanskar:( parted her from the hug) you don’t need to thank me Swara. You have right on me. And I am promising you, I will try to fulfil your all demands. And this is a gift for your first rosei from my side.

Swara hugged her again because till now everyone say her, everyone has rights on her because she is a girl. But after her dad shd has met someone who told her she has also rights on him.

At dinner

Everyone present in dinning hall when Sanskar told about Swara’s dream

Sanskar: Mom and dad I want to say something

Sujata: Say na beta. Why you are asking us?

Sanskar: Mom Swara has a dream. She wants to be an IAS offcer. So today I have fulfilled the form

Sujata:( angrily) if you have already fulfilled it then now why you are asking us. ( towards Swara) I want a bahu for my house who will keep care to my family not a job holder who will spend her time outside. Did you clear that and left her room. Swara also ran to her room where she was crying

Ram: Sanskar,I know you are a very sincere person but now onwards it is tough for you. Yo will manage both your mother and wife in parallel. where you can’t leave your duty from anyone. You will make happy both of them at a single time. I know you want Swara’s happiness. And I also want this. But for this you can’t escape from your other duties. You are understanding, what I am trying to say?

Sanskar nodded his head and leaved to their room . When he entered his room he saw Swara is crying. He felt bad to see her condition. Immediately he hugged her in sideways where Swara’s head kept on his chest

Swara: I don’t want any quarrel in my family. So I don’t want to give this exam

Sanskar: ( patting her hairs) but I want this. Now this is not your dreams. It is mine too. So you won’t fulfil my dream ( Swara parted from hug and saw towards him) I know mom is angry on you but believe me after you got success she will happy to see your achievement. I am with you. Now also you won’t fulfil my dream

Swara is just looking amusingly towards Sanskar and then nodded her head as a yes

After that Sujata everytime taunts her and Sanskar manage everything.

After some days today Sanskar has got his salary . But like before he gave all his salary to his mom. Sujata Is very happy because after Sanskar ‘s marriage also he gave his salary to her not his wife. Swara is also happy but somewhere she felt some uneasiness , insecurity by this. But she kept quite.

At night

Sanskar: Swara, let’s go . Today we will go for a long drive

Swara: At this time( pointed her finger towards clock) see now it is 10:30pm. You must be tired. So you sleep tomorrow we will go

Sanskar: ( hold her hand) but i want now

Swara saw towards him and then agreed .

Swasan started their long drive on his bike. They enjoyed each other company. After 20 minutes Sanskar stoped his bike in an isolated place

Swara: Why you stop your bike here?

Sanskar:( forward his hand towards a teastall) I love tea in this shop. So I have brought you here to see my favourite place when I become depressing I come here and when I drink this tea my all depression go out. Swara smiled to listen his talk. They both went to the shop where the shop owner welcome Sanskar wholeheartedly. Sanskar introduce Swara with shop owner.

Sanskar: Kaka meet my wife. She is Swara( swara folded her hands and kaka gave blessings) and Swara , he is kaka owner of this tea stall.

They sat on a bench when Sanskar remembered he has forgotten to bring the bike key. So he excused from there . When kaka brought two cup teas with him

Kaka: Where is Sanskar

Swara: He has been to bring bike key

Kaka: Ohh. You take this when Sanskar beta will come I will give it

When he turned to leave Swara said: Kaka how did you know him?

Kaka:( with a little smile) he is our saviour. Before here crimes were happening in every seconds. But after his joining it has decreased. Before we were closing our shops before 6 pm but see now I am opening it till mid night. It is only possible for him. He is a gem. You are lucky beti to having him as your life partner. I am blessings both of you , you stay happy in your whole life .
This time Sanskar reached here and kaka gave him the tea cup and left. After sometime they completed their tea . Sanskar gave money to kaka and both leaved from there.

At 12 :10 am both reached in home. When they entered their room, Swara saw a small gift box has kept on bed. Swara looked towards Sanskar where Sanskar was looking everywhere but not Swara. Swara moved towards bed and unpacked the box. When she saw the gifts a smile spread on her face. It is a beautiful silver anklet . She thanked Sanskar where Sanskar took it from her hand and wore it on her ankles. It was looking more beautiful on her ankles. Now Swara was understanding why from evening she was feeling uneasiness, when Sanskar gave money to Sujata ? Because she was not knowing which place is she belonging in his life. She doesn’t want her money but she wants some place in his life , in his heart which has she got now. Without wasting time she hugged him. But this time wholeheartedly because she loves sanskar. Yes now she deeply loves her “dream man”? Which is not a dream now. But she is so shy to express her feelings to Sanskar and Sanskar are thinking she needs some more time.

Like this 2 month passed. Now with his mother his neighbours are also started to taunt Swara. But who cares? For Sanskar only Swara is important. Not any outsiders. Sanskar everytime helps Swara in every matter like he helps her household work for which he will get some time for her study. In night he is staying sleepless for Swara and helps her in studies. Now Swara is worry for Sanskar ‘s health. But Sanskar doesn’t care about it.

After one week

Today Swara’s exam day for which both have struggled hard. Swara is nervous for exam where Sanskar is trying to calm her.

After exam both left to home

After one month

Today is the result day. From morning Swara in her room. She is now nervous. She is continuously biting her nails when Sanskar entered their room with a newspaper.

Swara:( nervously) Sanskar ji you saw the result. I have qualified or not ( where Sanskar was giving a sad look. To see his face she said) I know I have failed and started crying

To see her crying face Sanskar was laughing loudly : Swara looks your face . You are looking so cute like a baby.

Swara:( angrily) you are laughing on me. Here I am failed and you are making joke on me

Sanskar: Hold on . Hold on. Just see this paper and then talk to me( forward a newspaper)

Swara take it and read. After read it she jumped like a kangaroo on bed.

Swara: Haiiii. I did it. I did it. I did it.( while jumping on bed and then suddenly jumped to floor and twirl Sanskar . And suddenly they unbalanced and felt on bed. Sanskar lied above her. He looked towards Swara lovingly where Swara was just blushing to see his gaze on her. But after sometime he came to his sense and immediately he left the room

Swara: Everytime he leaved me alone. But today I won’t leave you. You have fulfilled all your responsibility. Now this is my turn. I love you Sanskar. Now I don’t want you hold your feelings more. Today I will make you mine forever.

Then they went to outside to celebrate their happiness . First they went to temple to thank to god . Then they went for a movie and then a park. Like this they spent their whole day. At night both returned to home. Swara shyly went to bathroom. After freshen up When she came to her room Sanskar couldn’t take out his eyes from her. For some seconds he forgot to take breath. Swara has wore a red nighty and her hairs are free. She is looking hot. After their marriage this is first time she wore a nighty because everytime she wears saree in night. Unknowingly Sanskar moved towards Swara where Swara was looking down . Because she is so much shy now. Because today she has taken the first step . Sanskar hold her waist and pulled her near him. Now Swara lied above his chest. Now her breath is heavy to see his closeness

Sanskar:( said huskily near her ear) don’t blush like this Swara. I can’t control myself.

Swara:( same tone) who wants you control yourself. I want only this.( hugged him tightly) sanskar ji today make me yours . I can’t wait more. I love you

Sanskar parted her from hug and looked her eyes where he got only love for him. Sanskar picked up on his arm and moved towards bed. Gently he lied her on bed and come over her. He put a blanket on them and switched off the light. This night they became one forever.

Next day when they returned from shopping they heard some ladies are badmouthing about Swara

1st lady: See now she is IAS officer of this district. Now you will see how will she behave with her in-laws

2nd lady: Arey you are thinking only her in laws . See now she will behave his husband like her servant

3rd lady: This is not big matter for her. After all now She is his senior. And now everyday Sanskar salute her in her office.

This is it for Swara. She ran to her room . when shd entered her room she lied on bed and crying wholeheartedly where Sanskar followed her. When he saw her like this he took her in his embrace.

Swara:( sobbing) I don’t do this job, Sanskar ji. I don’t want you salute me everyday . I don’t want to rule on you. I don’t want people taunt you for me.i want people know me by you not know you by me. I can’t do this job

Sanskar parted her from hug angrily and said: What do you mean, you can’t do this job. Its my dream Swara. I want to see you in this position. For this dream I have fought with everyone. And now you are saying, ” you can’t do this job”. Really Swara . I didn’t know that you are a coward. For people you will sacrifice your dream like this. And what you told , ” I don’t want you salute me everyday . I don’t want to rule on you. I don’t want people taunt you for me.i want people know me by you not know you by me”. ( sanskar hold her arms very tightly) but I will love this to do it for you. ( said calmly and caressing her face) you are my life partner Swara. You know what is the meaning of this.( swara nodded her head as a no) then listen, you are my 50 percent partner in everything. So why everytime I will become your boss. You will also get chance to become my boss. Now you have got this chance. In office you are my boss and in home I am your boss. So now partnership became complete. And about salute then I will love to salute you in front of everyone.
Swara, ” everything will become change according to time”

Swara hugged him tightly. Now she is happy to having a life partner like him.
Swara: I will do this job Sanskar not for me for ” our” dream

After 10 days Swara joined in her office where everyone welcomed her to give her flower bucket . When she reached near to Sanskar he salutes her and gave the flower bucket. Swara passed a smile where Sanskar winked to her.

After 5 years

Swara’s monologue

Now Sanskar is not an inspector. Now he is a senior inspector of his police station. I am proud on him because for him only I got this life. Without him I never think to fulfil my dream. Now he is my personal bodyguard in both personal and professional life. I am very much lucky because my husband is my safeguard. Then why will I fear anyone. Now I have finished all corruption in our district by his help. I have introduced many project for children and women. Now people aren’t taunting us . They are showing their love to us. He is right” everything will change according to time”. Now mom also loves me. I have forgotten to tell something. Now Sanskar is more popular than me. Everyone know me by him for which I feel proud. You must be thought how he is popular? Then I am telling you before one month his biography has published. And the book has sell hand to hand. And after 10days its second edition will be published.

Swara’s thoughts broke by a touch or we can say someone is pulling her hand continuously

Swara: What happened swakar

Swakar: Mama , where is dad. He promised me he will take me park and give me i- cream ( said in a childish voice)

Swakar is swasan ‘s son. He is 4 years old. He loves her father more than Swara. Sometime for this only Swara feel jealous. When Sanskar enjoys her jealousy.

Swara: Dad is coming. Lets go to be ready.

Swakar : Ok mom

After one hour in a park, swasan sat on a bench where swakar is playing.

Swara hugged Sanskar in sideways and said: Thank yOu Sanskar to come in to my life. I am blessed to having you in my life. Thank you for think my dream yours. Without you I wouldn’t fulfil my dream. ( entangled her fingers with his fingers) I love you

Sanskar:( kissed on their entangled fingers) I know. And I love you more.

When a sweet voice come: I love both of you. Swasan looked towards the voice where little Swakar has stood on dirty hand. Sanskar picked him on his lap .

Both swasan kissed his both cheeks and said unison : I love you too

The screen freeze on their happy faces


I know it is not a good one. But whatever I feel that which qualities a girl want on her ” dream man” I just wrote it. It is totally my pov. Because a girl doesn’t want a car where she can keep her head on the sit , she wants a shoulder for her, where she can keep her head and will forget all the tensions and worries. A girl doesn’t want a big house , she wants a home where she can get love and respect from others. A girl doesn’t want money ,she wants only support, care and love. If you will give that to her then she will be became yours forever

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