Dream Girl 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manav coming to meet Ayesha. She asks him why is he not supporting her, why is he not fighting for her, she is his wife, she did not do anything wrong with anyone, what did she do, atleast explain her, does he not believe her. He says you are disgusting, you fell so much to ruin your brother and sister’s life, you did wrong with me, my family and even Raghu, you want me to be with you, what happened when I was alive and you stayed with Raghu, you expect me to accept you after all this. He gets angry and leaves. She cries and says whats happening, it would be better I died.

Raghu and Aarti have a romantic moment. He holds her face and they have an eyelock. She says we are getting married tomorrow, romance tomorrow. He says fine, I will go my home tonight. She stops him and asks what are you wearing in marriage. He says you are changing topic, I did not think. She asks him to wear the black suit she likes. He says fine, you wear what I chose for you. She says I thought of it. He says finally, you will be in my arms tomorrow, I promise I will keep you very happy. She says our dreams will be fulfilled. They hug.

Its morning, Manav asks servants what are they preparing for. Servant says Aarti and Raghu’s marriage, Karan asked us to do this. Manav smiles and sends them. He says I did not think Shikha is Aarti, Shikha did not lose courage and Raghu always knew his love. He calls Karan and asks why did you not tell me.

Nurse checks Ayesha. Ayesha says you know everything, you are seeing my state, do you think I deserve all this. Nurse says whatever you did with them, its tough for them to trust you again. Ayesha asks for her phone. She makes a call and says Karan is not receiving call. She calls at Sareen house and talks to servant. She gets shocked.

Karan gets Aarti. Raghu compliments her and smiles. Raghu and Shikha do register marriage. They sign and then exchange garlands. Manav and Karan clap. Karan gives mangalsutra. Raghu makes Aarti wear the mangalsutra. He fills sindoor in her hairline. Aarti smiles. Karan makes them have sweets. The man congratulates them for marriage and leaves. Karan says lets celebrate now, marriage is over. Karan gets wine and they drink. Ayesha joins them and says cheers, much to their shock. Ayesha smiles.

Akshara says I saw you all celebrating and thought to join. Raghu asks who allowed her to come. Ayesha says this is my house, I don’t need anyone’s permission to come here, you and your wife are outsiders, you can’t talk tpo me like this. Raghu asks Manav whats happening. Inspector comes with lawyer and doctor. Inspector says Ayesha had to come to court today. Doctor asks Ayesha to rest. Lawyer says court decided that they can’t proceed with the case till she gets her memory back, till she gives her statement and justifies, we can’t do anything, Ayesha will stay here so that she gets memory back soon. Inspector says police constable will be here to keep an eye on them. Doctor asks them to cooperate to get results soon, Ayesha will get memory back, you all have to help.

Karan asks doctor how can he be sure, Ayesha can be acting too. Doctor says we have seen CCTV footage, it seems she is not acting, she has gone 3-4 years back, give her a place like her old life, else it won’t be good for her health. Raghu says fine, we will leave from here. Doctor says no, we want her to recall you, I know she did wrong with you, you can’t stay with her in same house, but you have to be here, you will get police protection, this is the only way, you take a call. They all leave. Raghu says we can’t do anything after knowing everything. He goes angrily.

Raghu comes to Aarti, while she sits in her bridal clothes with ghunghat on her face. Raghu stays disturbed. Aarti goes to him and says this is truth of our life, it would be good to accept it soon, if we do as doctor told, maybe Ayesha will get fine, till she does not become like before or does anything to prove she is lying, we can’t do anything. She asks is she so imp that we think about her and spoil our first night. He says I m sorry, I m not able to do anything. She says there is no use thinking this, don’t spoil your mood, smile for me. Raghu smiles and they hug.

Raghu lifts Aarti’s ghunghat and holds her face. They get close. Zara zara aane lage……….plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Was today the last episode?

  2. oh my god ! its really unbelivable and unbearable. all of you dont have any idea how much we are getting bored .for me this is the last episode as i dont have much patience and tolerance power.ab kya aarti ke new born baby ka muder karoge.story writer is dumb yes its true…………… itni bad story i have never seen and never want to watch again !.sudeep sahir and shraddha arya plz quit this show soon. dont waste your talent doing such an uncreative ,unimaginative,nothing innovative work.yar hm dekh kar pak gaye aap shooting karte time nahi bore hue. yar hme pagal karoge kya ab 26 feb thik thi.ab samajh mai aya iss show ki TRPs itni down kyun hai .itna bakwas episode banaoge tou hogi hi down.yar other shows ko dekho aur seekho.apne apna story writer change tou nahi kar liya hai.firstly.i was thinking ki 26 feb tajk show kichne ke liye yeh sab bakwas chal rahi hai par bhai tumhare demag mai pak kya raha hai i cant understand it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. All things aside including the crazy storyline I must say one thing that ayesha sareen is indeed one hell of an actress. Her attitude her behavior is all just mesmerizing. She made us hate her by playing ayesha but on the other hand made us feel really sad by playing aarti…
    The show indeed will be remembered for your acting skills ayesha sareen.
    P.s. coming week is last week of this show.

  4. the production team should be eating shit to make such crap for tv.

  5. May god save the viewers. amen… howmany episodes left? to make us admit To mental asylum.and seriously sudeer ,you are an amazng actor man,that 2 pairng with that megha gupta. realy hatsoff 2 u ,cvs ,i never seen such an awful climax episode til now. i m a bg fan of ths shw .plz end dis crap vry soon.is it realy necessary to shw raghu nd sikhas romance.no1 is intrestd .plz plz plz end dis crap .idiot cvs couldnt find a beautfl grl 4 arti .jst ruind d shw :'(

  6. Raghu and shikha are fantastic couples.☺☺☺

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