Dream Girl 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dream Girl 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laxmi missing to see Samar. She goes to buy flowers and even Samar buys flowers. They leave for Sareen home. Ayesha smiles after Nandini’s taunts. Amrita asks why is she silently listening. Ayesha says silence is smartness, she knows the game what Nandini is playing. Mithi comes and asks how is she looking. Ayesha says Mithi made the cupcakes and Amrita thinks its strange that Ayesha is being so cool. Laxmi says if she goes in auto, then it will look bad. She stops the auto and walks to Sareen home. She sees the car and Samar Sareen inside.

Sona asks pandit to wait as Samar will be coming anytime. Samar asks for backdoor and he will enter from there. Laxmi runs to see him and the car gets inside the gate. She says she lost the chance to see Samar. Nandini compliments Meera and says this color looks good, its good you did not wear the designer dress. Ayesha says yes, its looking pretty and styles her dupatta. Meera thinks she hates them.

Ayesha sees Manav and says he is waiting for me. Nandini asks pandit to start soon. He asks for Manav. Sona asks Manav to come and sit with Nandini in puja. Nandini smiles and thinks she did mistake to lose him, and she knows to rectify it, she will be with him as his wife again. The puja starts. Ayesha smiles and Amrita is puzzled. She thinks how is she smiling, looks there is some plan. Laxmi asks the guard to allow her, as she works for Ayesha. He does not allow her. Samar comes and hugs Sona. Manav hugs him and asks how is he. Samar says he came for mum. They say they miss each other and hug. Samar asks for Ayesha and goes to her, when Nandini greets him. Samar hugs Ayesha and Amrita.

Ayesha asks him about his struggle. Samar hugs his dad. Laxmi bribes the guard showing 500rs note. He says he works for Manav, and he will not agree to his idea. She says fine, I work for Navrang studios. The pandit asks Manav to sit beside Nandini. Ayesha asks for Mithi. Mithi asks her to taste the cupcake. Ayesha says first make Nandini taste it, go. Mithi asks Nandini to have it. Nandini eats it and smiles.

Amrita asks Ayesha what is she doing. Ayesha asks her to chill, Nandini can’t get Manav, Nandini will make me sit with Manav now. Samar comes out to talk on phone. Laxmi talks to guard and he asks her to dream. Samar says whom is guard talking in this bad manner. Laxmi goes. Sona tells the guests that Mithi made the cake. Ayesha goes to her and asks Mithi how she made the cupcake. Ayesha and Mithi say the ingredients, and also eggs. Sona gets angry.

Sona tells pandit about Mithi making everyone eat egg cake, will this bring hurdle in puja. The pandit says make the one away from puja who had eaten egg cake. Ayesha smiles. Laxmi says she has to give the ring to Ayesha, Raj can see this and take it. The guard asks her to go. Samar walks to the gate and asks the guard whats happening. Laxmi turns and sees him. Samar and Laxmi are stunned seeing each other. They say you……

Sona asks Nandini did she had cake, it had egg. Nandini says yes. Sona says she had the cake but she has to sit in puja. The pandit says now its not possible. Manav’s dad asks Ayesha to sit in puja. Sona holds Ayesha’s hand and makes her sit in puja. She asks Nandini to get up. Ayesha sits with Manav. Amrita thinks no one can win over Ayesha and smiles.

The guard asks Samar does he know her. Samar says yes. The guard greets her and asks her to come with respect. She looks at Samar and his costly clothes. Samar thinks what to do now. She asks what is he doing here and why did guard give her entry as Madam. He says he came to deliver samosas. She asks how did he take the clothes, it looks cheap. He laughs and she comments. She says take me to function. He says he will go now and asks her to come. He asks her not to go. She goes inside knowing its Jagrata and dresses like Jogan.

Laxmi comes there and Ayesha greets her. She touches her feet saying Maa and sees her face. She is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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