Dream Girl 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dream Girl 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laxmi hearing Ayesha giving some lip enhancer name to beautify her beauty. Ayesha sees Laxmi and gives the wrong name. Laxmi notes it and leaves. Ayesha stops the girl and changes the name. She smiles. Laxmi comes home and Samar holds her. He shuts her mouth and says now Bua ji and Sania will not come, its just him and her, he will tell his feelings now and Laxmi will hear. He confesses his feelings to her and says great lines. He says she stays with me, but also in his heart, what did it happen that now this friendship is more than friendship, like love. Laxmi is stunned.

He says Raj Samosewala loves Laxmi Mathur and smiles. He asks does she love him too, and sits on his knees to forward his hand, asking her reply. Laxmi stops the music and says Raj, where do I have time for all this, all love and madness is joined to have a dream to become dream girl. She holds his hand and says his friendship is her courage, and asks him not to snatch it. He says he will wait. She says love is not the one to get love back, Sania likes you, I did not permit myself to fall in love, all feelings are for her acting. He says I can’t believe, you taught the world to love by her acting, you also have love in you.

He smiles and says when she feels she also loves him, she will get him here, waiting. He leaves. She says I don’t have time, focus and says I got this medicine, don’t know to have this or not, when Ayesha takes this, if this is necessary then I have to do this, everyone’s dreams are linked with me, I will do this. She eats the medicines.

Ayesha laughs and says Laxmi’s face will be changed in 12 hours. Manav comes and says he is seeing her smiling after a long time. He smiles and holds her face, asking whats the matter. She says nothing, I m excited as I gave grooming classes to the finalist. He says it means you don’t smile thinking of me. He holds her hand and says he will say a secret, he gets jealous if he gives attention to someone else than him. Nandini gets angry seeing them and leaves. Manav gets romantic and hugs Ayesha. Nandini screams and he goes to see, Nandini says she has seen someone there and Manav checks. He says there is no one, I have seen.

Nandini says I have seen someone there. Prem says there is no one. Ayesha says she is taking medicines, so its side effects, relax, there is no one. Nandini says her nurse is gone, she can’t sleep alone, and asks Ayesha to come along. Ayesha says I can understand, fine, come, I will sleep in your room. She signs Manav. He smiles and leaves. Nandini starts laughing and says being helpless is beneficial, I have made you and Manav away, you both have to sleep away today. Ayesha says if she lies again and again, one day it gets true and no one trusts her then, this can happen with her too, she can act to be hurt and really get on wheelchair. Nandini asks can this happen, I m very scared, and laughs. She says lets go, I m ready.

Its morning, Laxmi sees her face and says this medicine is not showing any effect. She sees Samar training Sania. She asks whats happening. Bua ji says he is making Sania workout, he knows a lot of things. Laxmi drinks tea and feels burning sensation. She asks Bua ji is there any change. Laxmi and Sania come to Navrang. She asks why is she biting lips, its ad shoot, what did she do. Laxmi says its itching, is there any change. Sania asks what did she do. Laxmi tells about Ayesha’s tips to take medicines, and she took it as well.

Sania asks why did she do this, it may not suit her, its fine now and hope it will be fine, come fast now. Karan tells the girls that one of them will be chosen for the ad, and says the judges’s names who are between us to choose the winner. Ayesha smiles. Karan says we will start now, all the best. The first girl does the ad. Laxmi tells Sania that its itching a lot. Sania says just some time more. Laxmi says I will go to washroom. Sania says fine, your turn is next after me.

Sania does the ad act, and Karan calls Laxmi. He goes to see and does not find her. Laxmi holds her face and cries. Ayesha smiles.

The judges scold Laxmi seeing her lips turned bad and ugly. Manav calls Karan irresponsible and fires him off the project. Samar takes care of Laxmi. Karan asks Nidhi to give him Laxmi’s address.

Update Credit to: Amena

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