Dream Girl 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dream Girl 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laxmi talking to her dad. He says she comes to me when she has any work related to Ayesha and her filmi dreams, does she want to meet Ayesha now. Laxmi says yes and he is shocked. She says she wants to go Mumbai to meet Ayesha and become dreamgirl. Manav talks to his friend, and says he wants a good story for Samar, a feel good film. His friend and wife suggest a good script. Samar says he has as story too, its based on Manav Sareen, and the name will be Raj Samose Wala. Manav gets upset.

His friend says Manav would have made it before if he wanted. The lady says this will be perfect to make, it will be good launch for Samar. Manav leaves. His friends says they should have not told this to Manav. Laxmi tries convincing her dad. He says if you go near big light, you will burn. She says she is grown up, she has dreams. He says dreams should be in limit, else it hurts you, your brother also dreamt of big business and he got hurt. She says let me go Mumbai, I will fulfill my and my brother’s dream. She says if she does not try to fulfill her dream, even then I will cry, please give me one chance.

Samar comes to Manav and says give me one chance to say my thing, I was young when you wanted to make film on this story you used to be into it, what happened that this story did not become film, why. Manav looks at him and leaves. Laxmi sits on the terrace and her brother comes to her. He says he failed in business, it does not mean you will also fail. He gets sad. She asks him not to recall that now. He says no, you gave me hope, maybe you will erase my failure by your success light. He says dad wants good for us, he is scared, he is middle class and he just wants us to be safe.

He says I know you will convince him anyway. She says yes, my name is Laxmi and I will earn money. She hugs him and smiles. Samar is upset and dines with family. Manav’s first wife comes nand talks to Manav’s mum. She says she got her braceleft, and gifts her. Manav’s mum asks her about the film Manav wanted to make, what happened, he did not tell us anything. Samar says don’t ask this infront of Nandini. She says so what, she was his wife. Nandini says I did not know much, I just know he kept all those things together, thinking the time can be back. Samar says Manav is happy with his present, with Ayesha, as she has filled love in all broken relations.

He says thanks Nandini for giving me good idea. He leaves. Laxmi starts emotional blackmail on her father. They people say Laxmi is shutting her acting school. He asks why is she doing this, he did not stop her from doing acting class. They all ask him not to spoil her career. Her brother says yes, they teach us a lot, make us smile, and make people forget their pain, I feel they do good work.

Even little girls ask him to agree. The women say times have changed and Laxmi has much talent. He says he does not know anyone there, I can’t agree. Laxmi says my talent will make place for me, I will go Navrang studios and meet Ayesha, I will show her my talent. He says this is not easy, its big risk. She says you give second chance to your students, won’t you give me first chance. Laxmi asks him to believe in her talent. He gives his reasoning, and asks her to use her acting and make Sharma’s daughter fixed, if she convinces everyone, then she can think to go Mumbai. Laxmi says I will do it Papa.

She says I will show you what you can’t do being professor and Sharma uncle can’t do being engineer, I will do this by my acting. He asks will she make the proposal get fixed without any wrong work. She says yes and smiles. Samar drives bike and Manav asks what is he doing. Samar says I m refreshing some old moments. Samar asks him why don’t he use the bike if he has memories with it, and asks about his friend Surinder.

Samar asks Manav to give a chance to him, he wants to act in this film, he will become hero, he will support him. He holds his hand. Their mum comes and asks Manav to say yes. Manav takes away his hand and leaves. His mum says its fine, everything will be fine. Manav comes back and gives him the script. Samar is shocked. Manav says come to office in morning, as he has kept auditions. Samar hugs him. Aashaayein………. Plays……….. Laxmi and Samar run happily towards their dream. Laxmi says this is Mumbai ticket, pass me tomorrow and prays.

Laxmi says she will get way to reach Ayesha by Ayesha ji. Samar gives auditions and Manav says he can’t do this. Laxmi asks her dad to agree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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