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Chapter 106

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@gadodia mansion

Swara gets ready and leaves to the hospital informing sumi and bp.
Mohit wants to drop swara but she is adamant that she will go by her scooty…..
Bp(giving up) – ok maa if you want you go by yourself but not scooty please take your car
Mohit – ha di badepapa is right…..
Swara – nai bp please I am missing my scooty if sanskar comes he will never allow me so please until he comes let me go by my scooty….. Bachu please….
Mohit – no di….. Never….
Anand comes there
Anand – let her go mohit remember one thing your sister is mature…. And a doctor herself… She very well knows what is good for her so let her do what she wants….
BP – Anand you too are taking her side…. Tu bada hai tumne toh usse samjhana chahiye ki woh scooty se na Jaye par tum toh….
Anand – bade Papa try to understand her situation…. She has to be happy at this time and she will be happy only if we let her live the life in her way….
BP agrees with Anand and let swara go….
Swara smiles at Anand and thanks him with eyes and goes….

Mohit too goes behind her and follows her in his car which swara is hating but feeling blessed for getting such a beautiful family
Anand gets very happy…
BP comes to him and pats his shoulder…
Anand – bade Papa mujhe dheere dheere hi na sahi lekin meri behen mil Rahi hai….
BP – ha beta that moment is not so far when your sister calls you bhayya again…. Now go to office I think you have a meeting with chaddas….
Anand – ha how do you know??

BP – are bhai even though I don’t come to office I have a complete idea of what is happening with my company and my kids….
Anand smiles at him…. And says – jaasoos hogaye ho aap (you have become a detective) now this mohit too became like you
BP – kya Matlab??
Anand – see this message (mohit sends a message to Anand that he will reach late to office and asks him to start the meeting without him) he is following swara… I don’t understand why is he behaving like a kid…. Arre swara is my sister too and I too Care for a lot but I am not behaving in this way…
BP (smiles) – I think you have not understood your brother till now… For him swara is not his sister but his life….
Anand – hmmmmm yeah ok badepapa I will leave now…. I am getting late…
Anand takes his blessings… And leaves


Ap and sujatha are sitting in the hall and arranging something….
Sujatha – jiji I am missing swara very much….
Ap – mee too sujatha I am missing both sanskar and swara….
Sujatha – par mai apne bete se jyada bahu Ko miss Karri Hu (but I am missing my dil more than my son) we are all habituated to swara’s talks, swara’s cooking…. And everything…
Ap – ha sujatha we are very lucky to have swara as our bahu….
Just then swara calls sujatha….
Sujatha – jiji see swara is calling 100 years to my bahu…
Saying this she lifts the call…..

Ap smiles at her excitement to talk to swara….
Swara – mom how are you??….
Sujatha – mai teekh Hu beta tum kaisi ho?? (I am fine beta how are you??) How is your health??
Swara – I am fine mom…. How is badi ma, badepapa, Papa…. I am missing them all…
Sujatha – me too beta…. All are fine but missing you swara…
Just then dp and rp comes there…

Dp – kya swara ka call hai??
Sujatha – ha bhaisa….(dp signs to give it to him… Sujatha gets surprised as dp never liked to talk in phone too much that too he himself asked) swara beta… Apne badepapa se beat karlo….
Swara – ji mom…
Sujatha handovers her phone tomorrow dp….
Just then sanskar calls ap
Ap smiles and takes the call
Ap (teasing) – sanskar kya tum dono ne decide karke call Kiya hai kya?? Dono Ko eki time pe hamari yaad ayi?? (sanskar have you both decided to call us… Both of you remembered at the same time)
Sanskar caught his badima’s teasing tone…
Sanskar – ma…. Kya swara ne bhi abhi call Kiya?? (did swara too call now??)
Ap – ha just now she called sujatha…. Now she is talking to your badepapa you know your badepapa himself asked the phone to talk with swara…. You know he seemed to be excited and missing swara
Sanskar – kya mujhe toh itna miss nahi kiya unhone kabhi…
Ap smiles at his talks….

@swara’s side
Swara – namaste badepapa kaise ho aap??
Dp – mai teekh Hu beta tum kaise ho??
Swara – mai teekh Hu beta…
And the talk about random stuff…
Sanskar’s side
Sanskar – not fair ma…. I will fight with bade Papa give him….
Ap – haaa…. (to dp) ji…. Sanskar ka phone hai…. Leejiye… Baat kijiye…. Mai swara see Baat karti Hu….
Dp – Annapurna can’t you see I am talking to swara… You talk to him… Tell him I will call him later…

ALL are shocked…. And sanskar got jealous (comedy waali)
Sanskar – mere badepapa paraye hogaye ma….
Ap (smiles at his statement) – all fault is yours sanskar…. Itni achi bahu laane hi nahi chahiye tha tujhe…. (you shouldn’t have brought so good dil)
Sanskar – ha you are right ma….
After sometime dp gives phone to rp and goes… Rp talks to swara… And after that ap….
In meanwhile sanskar talks to sujatha and rp…
Sanskar complaints rp about dp….
Sanskar – Papa your brother is showing partiality….. He loves swara more than me….
Rp – haha sanskar woh tum unse hi Baat karlo…. And watelse…. How is your work going…
Sanskar – good dad… Everything is fine here…
Rp – ok then come fast and bring swara back….
Sanskar – dad aap bhi….
Rp (smiles) – arre bhai I am missing both of you…
Sanskar smiles and talks with him for sometime….

Sanskar (to himself) – this swara is crazy….. Sabse paagalonki Tarah pyar karti hai aur sab bhi usekeliye pagal hojaate hai…. (she loves everyone like mad and everyone becomes crazy for her) see my family… They love her more than me…. Here I am 7 oceans away but they are missing her instead of missing me….. (smiles at himself)
Thinking all this he packs his stuff
Sanskar – be ready Mrs. Maheshwari your mister is coming to you…..

In the evening

@gadodia mansion

Swara comes inside with aarav and sits near the dining table…
Mohit comes behind her… Saying di I am sry….. But swara ignores him….
ALL comes there….
Shekhar – kya Hua kya kiya tu ne meri beti Ko?? (what happened what did you do to my daughter??)
Mohit – arre kuch nahi Papa…. (tells him how he followed swara) papa you only say did I do anything wrong in it… I was worried for her…. That’s y I followed her but instead of understanding me she is mad at me….
Shekhar – u know what mohit Zindagi mein pehli baar tu kuch sahi kiya hai……
Mohit gives death glare to him…

Swara – there is nothing right in this Papa… Now you don’t support him… I am not a kid I can take care of myself………
Mohit comes and hugs her but she jerks him… And shouts
Swara – door reh mujhse…
ALL understands that it’s due to her mood swings….
Swara realizes that she shouted at her bachu….. Then she runs and hugs him….
Mohit gets teary eyed but understands her… And reciprocates the hug….

Swara – you know na that i don’t like when you cancel your work for me…. Then why will you do it??
Mohit – di I didn’t cancel it just postponed it… Acha ok from today onwards I will not do anything like this ok??
Swara smiles and kisses mohit’s forehead… He too kisses her forehead…
Swara smiles and they all spend a family time…..
Anand feels sad seeing swara and mohit.. He remembers how swara and he used to spend a lot of time at midnights after making ragini and mohit sleep…..
Priya comes and comforts him….
Anand (smiles weekly) – I don’t know when will I get my sister back
Priya – bahut jald
Anand looks at her hopefully

Priya – ha Anand I will make sure that she forgives you…
After sometime all gather for dinner…
ALL have a cute and happy family dinner…
After sometime swara goes to her room to call sanskar…
She calls him..
Sanskar finishes his meeting and leaving to the airport
Sanskar – hello swara… Is everything alright??
Swara – ha sanskar Kyun??
Sanskar – no generally when you know that I will be in meeting you never call me na…

Swara (realizes that it’s his meeting time) – hooooo sry sanskar ok… I will call you later…
Sanskar – hey swara it’s okay I am done with my meeting and I am in my car…. Now tell me what happened to my cute wifey….
Swara(sad and cute baby voice like a student complaining to teacher) – sanskar you know today I shouted at mohit…. I am feeling very bad…. I don’t know what’s happening with me….. (cries)
Sanskar felt a sudden urge of hugging her and comforting her.. By listening to her voice…
Sanskar – hushhh swara calm down.. Don’t cry… Plzzzz you know na I can’t see you crying… Acha now tell me why did you shout at mohit??
Swara narrates the whole story….
Sanskar (angry) – what?? Why did you go on your scooty and how did others allow you??
Swara – sanskar you all are treating me like a prisoner… Swara woh mat Karo swara yeh mat Karo…. I am feeling like hell sanskar…..
I know what I am doing…

Sanskar (shouts) – no you don’t know… If you know you wouldn’t have gone against badepapa’s(bp) wish…. Fault is not completely yours… I don’t know y Anand supported you… I thought he is so mature but he is an immature….
Swara (shouts) – sanskar…. Mere bhai ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi mat bolna tum….
Sanskar realizes what he is saying
Sanskar – I am sorry…. I didn’t realize…. Ek min y did you get angry when I was bad mouthing him?? Who is he to you?? You said that he is None to you but just now you said that he is your brother….. How did you say… (imitating swara) sanskar mere bhai ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi nahi…..
Swara (fumbles) – sanskar I will talk to u later bye….
She immediately hangs up….

Precap – swasan nokh – jhok… Sanskar coming to India… Swara gets to know the truth… And swara’s firm decision….. All gets shocked….

Guys I decided to continue this and give this a perfect ending…. I don’t want to end it in a hurry… Hope you are fine with that…

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