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Hiiii frndzzzzz. I took a decision. You will get to know about that in the ending of this part. Sry if you are not happy with this

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Episode 104

@gadodia mansion

In mohit’s room

Swara wakes up and sees mohit sleeping peacefully. She caresses his hair and says “mera bachaaaa Kitna cutely sora hai”
‌She thinks not to disturb him and slowly gets down the bed and she sees laksh’s msg “bhabhi I have an urgent work that’s why I am leaving now I don’t want to to disturb anyone. Please inform badepappa and others” swara replies ok to him and gets freshen and goes down.

Swara goes to kitchen and wishes sumi
Swara – gud mrng maaa
Sumi – arre shona tu utt gayi beta…… Kuch Der aur so jathi na…..
Swara – no maa I am not feeling sleepy so I woke up. Please give me coffee ☕ na.
Sumi – no you don’t get coffee you have to drink only milk. I will give you only milk.
Swara – Maa even I am a doctor. I know what to drink and what not to drink. Please ma ek baar peeungi toh kuch nahi hoga…..
Sumi – no means no…. Sanskar strictly instructed me about your diet…..
Swara(shocked and surprised) – what….. Yeh Kab hua……
Sumi – he called me yesterday. Waise shona I need to talk to you.
Swara – ha ma jho bhi Baat karni hai karlo but please first give me my coffee…… Please maaa….

Sumi – shona…. First listen to me….
Swara(uninterested) – ok ma boliye….
Sumi – shona from today onwards you sleep in your room.
Swara – par….
Sumi – don’t take me wrong swara…. Now you are not only mohit’s sister but also a mother…. You know na how your brother sleeps….what if he kicks you in sleep or I mean you will get hurt naa…. And…….
Swara (smiles slightly) – Maa I can understand but don’t worry aisa kuch nahi hoga ha I know how he sleeps but its OK ma… I am used to it… Aur rahi Baat meri haalat ki toh no need to worry because I will be fine. Now you don’t talk about this to mohit….
Sumi – par beta why don’t you understand me….

Swara – ma I understand you. But this time you are worrying unnecessarily. Ma you know na he misses me so much but never expresses it. You know how much happy he is when I came here. Ma I don’t want anything to change between me and mohit. We will be the same as we were before. I don’t want my brother to feel the change. Hope you understand ma…. Saying this swara goes and sits in the dining hall.
Just then BP comes and sits near swara.
BP – Maa y did you wake up so early….. You could have slept for some more time na….
Swara – no BP neend nahi aarahi…… (swara gets an idea) BP dekhiye na…. Ma mujhe coffee tak nahi deri hai..

BP – what….. (shouts) sharmishta…..
Sumi comes to dining hall.
Sumi – ji bhayya what will you have?? Coffee or milk….
BP – coffee Lao ma keliye……
Sumi – bhayya shona ko coffee nahi peeni chahiye (bhayya shona should not drink coffee) I told her that I will give her milk….
BP looks at swara. Swara nods in a no…
BP – sharmishta ma is not a kid. She is a doctor. She knows what to have and what not to have…. So go and bring coffee…..
Sumi gives a strong look to swara and goes to bring coffee.

Swara gives hifi to BP.
BP – ma it is okay to drink coffee Na……i mean there will be no complication na….
Swara – no BP don’t worry….. Ek do baar peene se kuch nahi hoga. Its ok to have coffee but in limit.
BP smiles and kisses swara’s forehead.
Sumi brings coffee to swara and sugar less coffee to BP.
After a few minutes all gathers at dining hall except mohit.
Shekhar – gud mrng shona…. Gud mrng bhayya
Bp nods his head in reply
Swara – gud mrng Papa….
Ragini too comes down while shouting “Maa boost”

Priya wishes swara and goes into kitchen to help Sumi.
Anand smiles at swara and swara too reciprocates reluctantly.
Shekhar – shona beta tumhara ladla bhai kaha hai?? (shona beta where is your dear brother)
Sumi coming from kitchen – janab abhi tak so Rahe hai (sir is sleeping till now)
Swara gives a strong look to sumi
Shekhar (angrily) – what?? Here All came down getting freshen up but he is sleeping…. still…. Shameless fellow…..
(Starts shouting…) mohit…..
Swara – Papa…. Let him sleep peacefully…. Why are you behind him always……
Shekhar – ha I forgot that now you are here to support him. Even though if you are not there bhayya will support him……
Swara smiles at BP (dramatically) – I know BP that you will be always there for my bachu otherwise these people will never let him live peacefully….
ALL smiles at swara……
Priya comes from behind……
Priya – so finally swara is back… Hmmmmm credit goes to sanskar ha?? (gives Ragini cup of boost and coffee to Anand and shekhar)
Swara(smiles to herself) – nthng like that…… Priya where is aarav??
Priya – he woke up just now. He will come down in 5 min.
Swara – Papa where is dadi and dadu……
BP – I think they too did not wake up……
Shekhar is about to say something……but swara interrupts…
Swara – dekha Papa even dadu and dadi too did not wake up but you will scold only mohit Huuuuu not fair Papa….

Anand(smiles) – shona…… Dadi aur dadu walk pe Gaye hai…..
Swara smiles sheepishly……
Swara – ha toh now they are not at home and that’s all matters
Anand – but the topic is about sleeping na….
Swara – ha but………. bhai you are always against me and mohit. You can support us na…….
ALL are surprised to hear her but swara soon composes herself….
Anand – if you call me bhai then I am ready to support you always even if you are wrong….
Swara gets up from the table – till today I have managed without your support and in future too I will manage……..

ALL feels bad for Anand….
Mohit shouts from upstairs – di……
Swara – BP mohit is calling…. I will go. I think he needs something……
Priya – swara tum baito Mai dekhthi Hu…… It’s not good for you to climb steps frequently…..
Swara – ok…. I have put his clothes on his bed and his necessary things on his dressing table…..
Priya goes……
Here all have a wonderful chat….
Priya goes up but soon brings mohit down holding his hands as his eyes are closed…..
Swara sees them..
Swara – bachu y are you closing your eyes……
Priya – swara your brother became mad….. He has a habit of seeing you soon after waking up right?? He used to see your picture when you were in your house…. But today as you are here he wants to see you directly……..
Mohit holds swara’s face and sees her and smiles….
Swara – hooooo mera bachu….. (hugs him)
Love u mohit….
Mohit – love you too di….
Swara – acha ok now go and get freshen up….. Ofc ke liye der hojayegi warna…..(whispers) Hitler starts shouting again
Mohit – ha true….. (goes up)
Shekhar – shona you are spoiling him……..
Bp and swara (together) – not again Papa/Shekhar.
All smiles……
Bp – ma when will sanskar reach us?? I mean what is his flight timings…..
Swara – bahut time hai Bp….. I think he will reach by tonight….. He said he will call me as soon as he reaches…..
Bp – ok…….
After sometime Anand and mohit leaves for office……. Swara and Priya leaves to hospital ?.


Parineetha and adharsh come home with the new born baby……
Ap welcomes them.
After that they all sit in the hall.
Ap – swara bhi Hothi toh Kitna acha hotha
Sujatha – ha jiji I don’t understand why did swara go to her house….. What if sanskar is not here we can take care of her na…… Do they feel that we can’t take good care of her?? Bhaisa why did you permit swara to go there…..
Dp – Sujatha swara is their daughter….. Even they should get a chance to take care of her na…… They must be missing her na…. Even swara will miss her family……. You know na how much she loves mohit but she adjusted so easily in our house then even we should understand her right??
Rp – you are right Bhaisa……. Sujatha if you are not mature then Atleast act to be mature……
Sujatha – why will you always say like that ji…… Anyways I understood your pov Bhaisa…… You are right……
Rp – wow Adarsh your son’s arrival made a wonder…… Your chachi understood so early…..
Sujatha – jiji dekhiye na……
Ap(controls laugh) – ram why are you teasing her…….ha??
Rp – ji ok bhabhi
Laksh – ma I didn’t inform swara bhabhi about Pari bhabhi’s arrival…… If I have said then she would say that she will come here….that’s why I told her that I have some important work and came here early.
Ap – acha Kiya Laksh……. Let her spend some time with her family…… I will say her when I call her.
Adarsh – I think Dr. Priya must have told her…..
Just then swara calls her……
Ap lifts the call.

Swara – badima why didn’t you tell me that bhabhi is coming home I would have come there na…..
Ap – that’s why I didn’t tell you………we want you to spend some time with your family.
Swara – par badima……. Even that is my family na….
Ap – ha of course beta but you will be here for the life time but what about them….
Ap makes swara understand and swara talks to Sujatha, Parish and hangs up……

@gadodia group of companies

Anand comes to mohit’s cabin…
Mohit – bhai…… Y did you come here?? You could have called me na….
Anand – it’s OK mohit…… I came here to tell you to go home early…… Shona came after many days na so you go and spend some time with her. I Will handle office works. You don’t worry…… Go and enjoy
Mohit – ok bhai but it would be nice if you too join me…..
Anand – I would love to but swara will hate it….

Smiles sadly…….
Mohit hugs Anand and have a emotional talk. After that they both get back to work.

In the evng Mohit comes home early. Even Laksh and uttar visits gadodia mansion. Swara Mohit raglak Priya and all other family members spend some quality time.
After some time swara goes to her room.
Mohit and uttara go to the garden to talk personally.
Ragini goes to kitchen to get some water to Laksh. Laksh follows Ragini to kitchen.
Ragini – laksh why did you come here?? I told na I will bring water…..
Laksh – I don’t need water I need coffee. Can you please prepare a cup coffee for me (teasingly)
Ragini – laksh you know that I don’t know how to prepare coffee. Ok I will say ma to prepare coffee for you. Ragini is about to go but laksh pulls her back and she hits his chest.
Laksh (whispers in her ears) – I was just teasing you…….by the way when will you learn cooking.
Ragini realeses herself from his hold and faces him.
Ragini – what if I don’t learn cooking?? Won’t you marry me??
Laksh (closes her mouth) – kya pagolon jaisi bathe Kar rahi ho………. I was just asking you…… you you don’t learn cooking then also I will love you in fact if you don’t know cooking then it will be a big benefit for me…
Ragini – woh kaise??
Laksh goes near to her – if you don’t know cooking then you can spend more time with me na rather than in kitchen winks at her)
Ragini gets very happy…….. She hugs him and he kisses her hair.

Uttara and mohit speak about random stuf.
Mohit – I am sry Uttara I am little boring……
Mohit(decides to tease him) – little?? You are very boring mohit…… Who will speak about business with his fiance…… I mean some times its OK but you will always talk about your business or about swara bhabhi….
Mohit – ha Uttara because they are my world….. And I am sry I couldn’t make you happy. You know I am feeling very guilty……
Uttara feels bad for him….. – no mohit I was just joking…… In fact this is the best part I love about you…… Your love towards swara bhabhi and your dedication towards your work.

Mohit – but still I feel guilty…….. I don’t get any ideas by myself so please ask me for anything you like or anything you want……
Uttara – can I hug you??
Mohit (astonished) – what??
Uttara (Slightly blushing) – you only told to ask whatever I need or whatever I want. This is what I want and need. Your love…….
Mohit suddenly hugs her tightly.
Firstly Uttara is shocked but later got happy and reciprocated……..

@swara’s room….
Swara is sitting on the bed and thinking about sanskar……..
She gets teary eyed.
Swara (to herself) – I can’t live without you for one day….. Don’t know how will I spend the other 6 days without you……
Just then sanskar calls her.
Seeing the caller ID she gets very happy…….
She lifts the call immediately
Swara – hello sanskar……
Sanskar – swara I reached here…… I am in airport. Going to hotel…… How are you?? Had your dinner??
Swara – I am fine sanskar……..and I will have my dinner after sometime……. Tumne kuch khaya??
Sanskar – no I will have as soon as I reach hotel. But y didn’t you eat?? It’s 9pm there right??
Swara – ha but I had my snacks lately so I will have dinner after sometime. If I eat more I am getting stomach ache that’s why…….
Sanskar(worried ?) – stomach pain…..but y?? I want you talk to Priya……. Let me know what’s the problem……
Swara – relax sanskar it’s normal in pregnancy. Even Priya told the same……. Mr. Maheshwari your wife is a doctor and she knows how to take care of herself and her baby(holding her stomach) so you don’t worry ok…..
Sanskar – r u sure you are fine??
Swara – ha baba I am fine..
Sanskar – acha tell me how is my champ??
Swara – aarav?? Sanskar uske baare me toh pucho mat……. I have not seen him since I came here…… He is continuously attending the classes and sports…….. Bechare ko saas bhi nahi lene de rahe hai………
Sanskar – what…….. You can talk to Priya na??
Swara – sanskar even she is helpless…….this is all bhai’s ….. I mean mr. Anand’s decision. Don’t worry I will talk to him.
Sanskar – you will talk to him??
Swara – ha after all its my son’s future….. I won’t let him loose his childhood.
Sanskar – ok beat karlo I know you will convince him….. Tell me about my champ who is inside you……

Swara (touching her baby) – hmmmmm your champ is missing his Papa badly. He is crying
Sanskar – sirf champ is missing his Papa??
Swara – no champ ki mummy bhi miss Kar Rahi hai bahut zyada..
Sanskar – mee tooooo that’s why I told you that I will not go but you only forced me to…..
Swara – ha then what should I do….. Work is also important na…..
Sanskar – acha ok madam….. I reached hotel.. I will have my breakfast and leave. I have some meetings ok bye
Swara – bye and I love you
Sanskar – love you too

They both hung up


Sanskar had his breakfast and went to office.(his company’s branch)
As soon as sanskar enters the office…… All stood up and greeted him. I he just gave a formal look and signed them to to sit and continue their work. All girls went flat on him by his charm and his attitude.
He goes to his cabin and starts working. I and after sometime he leaves to the meeting hall as the other company heads arrived.
Meeting is completed.
Steephen is the head of the company with which sanskar is making a deal with
Steephen – mr. Maheshwari we are very impressed with your company and especially you…… You are a genius you can make impossible things possible…..
Sanskar – thank you so let’s sign the deal..
Steephen – ya sure but before that let’s talk about the share
Sanskar – we already discussed about this earlier right??
Steephen – ya but now I need more share it’s 70:30 before but now I want 50:50
Sanskar – no that’s highly impossible. Major part is done by our company. You are just providing the materials for which we are paying you.

Steephen – if you don’t agree then I am not gonna sign it
Sanskar (smiles at him) – mr. Steephen please think before you take a decision….. Even if you don’t sign the papers I have another 4 companies with whom I can make this deal. But what about you…. you will lose a huge profit…..
Steephen – it’s impossible no one has the dare to go against me so you don’t have another option mr. Maheshwari…..
Sanskar (smiles winningly) – you just said that i can make impossible things possible right?? I made it……….
Sanskar shows him some papers and he gets shocked.

Steephen – mr. Maheshwari I need some time. I will get back to you……
Sanskar – sure you have to get back to me you don’t have another option……
He leaves…..
Sanskar gives a winning smile whereas his employees are shocked with his sharpness and attitude.

Precap – sanskar is back to india. Swara and Anand talk. Swara gets to know the truth about Anand.

Guys I am thinking to end this ff as no story is left to continue now. Moreover I am being so irregular which I am hating. So took this decision. Sry for the delay.

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