Dosti Specials:  Hifazat aur Pyaar – Part 1

Hifazat aur Pyaar – Part 1

Hello guys, I’m here with the first part of my new book; Dosti Specials. I hope to get good reviews about this.
I’m posting now as I won’t be taking my laptop to school tmr.


A girl sitting on a bench right opposite a beautiful scenario smiled. Her gaze remained intact on the colors that had been painted in the sky as the sun set gracefully welcoming the night. Her long locks flew as the cool wind grazed past her, her face slowly turning numb. Removing the rubber band off her tiny wrist, she held her hair in a bunch and tied the rubber band around them, holding them in place. She leaned back on the bench and gasped as the cold metal touched her bare back. She closed her eyes, inhaling peace the peace of mind she desperately needed.

As time passed, she sensed someone approaching her. She sat still and felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around her. As the scent of his cologne reached her nose, she recognized him. It was her man. A beautiful smile was painted on her face as she calmed herself down in his arms slowly murmuring his name; “Vansh”. Kissing her cheek softly, he removed his brown, leather coat that was covering his white shirt and gently made her wear it, shielding her from the cold.

Vansh went in front and sat down beside her, plainly staring at the sky which had now turned pitch black with the few stars shining. He turned his head towards her and saw her looking at him, smiling. He smiled too and caressed her cheek while she embraced the warmth his hand offered.

“You’d always be extra early right Sweetheart?”  Vansh chuckled

“And you always extra late!” She cutely frowned, folding her hands towards her chest.

“I’m sorry Riddhima, but you know my work.” Cupping her face he confessed.

She let it go once again and snuggled in to his arms, tightly attaining his love filled warmth. Wrapping his arms around her, they both looked at the night sky like they always did, reviving their story.

Riddhima and Vansh, both were extremely good friends in their childhood, in fact they grew up to who they were today, together. Their close relationship was named as “Best Friends”. Their school days till college days had been perfect with each other’s company; laughing, joking, teasing, and eating. Everything they did was together but that’s not all, they had one more person in their gang; Kabir. The Three Musketeers.

Soon understanding their feelings for each other, Vansh and Riddhima poured their hearts in front of each other.

Vansh looked at Riddhima and softly pecked her forehead. Getting away from him, she composed herself to sit in a better position. After minutes of silence, she decided to break it.

“Vansh, dad has a surprise for me.” She told him, plainly.

“A surprise?” He took a pause. “Strange right?”

“Very….it’s been ages since he’s ever gifted me anything and now all of a sudden today” She stopped, sucking a long breathe. “It doesn’t seem right”

“But what’s the problem Riddhima, I’ve noticed you lately, you always try ignoring topics related to him. Anything wrong at your place? Is he…he treating you badly?” Vansh asked using a higher tone.

“No…nothing sort of….that. Maybe he just wants to gift me or tell me some good news, perhaps.” Riddhima brushed off the topic very well knowing his concern for her. That guy loved her beyond limits and so did she. She felt extremely special with him and cherished all the moments she spent with him.

Humming, he let go of the topic. Noticing her hair tied he pulled the rubber band and let her hair fall over her shoulders just the way he liked them to be. As silence once again poured in between them, a pair of eyes looked at them from far. Riddhima looked at the watch that was laced around her wrist and her eyes widened seeing the time.

She had to get back home. Standing up in a hurry, she kissed Vansh’s forehead and waved at him. Scurrying away from the bench, she turned behind to look at Vansh who was confusingly looking at her. She never had enough of him, she wanted to stare at him more, shower her love on him more but alas time was never on her side. She tightly pressed her lips together and nodded in assurance, leaving from there.

“Huh and there she goes. I wonder why she’s always in a hurry!” Vansh murmured as he saw her faint figure disappearing in to the darkness seeming as if she was similar to Cinderella, the clock struck 12 and she had to leave.


After a lot of traffic on her way, Riddhima reached panting at the door step of her house. Running in a flare gown that reached her toes wasn’t easy but as usual she was restricted from wearing anything else than that. She was about to press her finger on the bell when the door flew wide open. Her dad was there to welcome her, not with a smile but with anger.

“I’m sorry dad….I got a bit late than usual. There was a lot of traffic on the way.” Riddhima blurted in fear of him.

“Sorry! Sorry is very little, you know I always expect you in this house by 8 sharp and now it is 8: 15.” Her dad; Shaheed shouted.

Shaheed held her arm aggressively and pulled her in, shutting the doors with a loud bang. Shoving her on the sofa, he stood in front of while she wiped off the lone tear that fell from the nook of her eye. She went through such torture and even worse every day after all he wasn’t her biological father but just her uncle, her dad’s brother who pretended to take her responsibility from the day her father, Shayne met his death. She in turn, keeping quiet and going through all the torture just loved him as much as her father; calling her dad.

“What are you looking at? Listen up girl, you better behave from now on. The surprise that I talked about is soon coming and if you make any noise about it, you’re gone!” He threatened her once again, his grip tightened on her jaw. Pushing her, he marched towards his room, leaving a sobbing Riddhima.

Riddhima got up and quickly went to her room, wiping the continuous tears that fell. Latching the door, she went on the bed and lifted her pillow, removing a photo frame. She adored it and hugged it tight; it was a picture of Vansh, Riddhima and Kabir.


“Yuck!!!” Riddhima screamed, puking her lassi out of her mouth. “What did you guys put in this?” She asked the two boys who were laughing out heartily seeing her face.

“Oh nothing much, just some soda in it and a little bit of crisps, umm… Cheese Nachos to be specific” Kabir laughing said.

“Was it bad?” Vansh asked her, mockingly. He picked her glass and forwarded it to her. “Want more of it?”

Riddhima glared at both of them while they continued laughing at her. She took her water bottle and gulped a few sips of water to remove the bad taste that had started to spread between her taste buds. Smirking at her idea, she took the glass of lassi and turn by turn threw it on their faces. Their laughs stopped as soon as they felt the cold liquid that now smelt horrible dripping from their faces. Now it was Riddhima’s turn to laugh.

“Was it bad? Want some more?” She asked mockingly.

“This smells terrible! Kabir why did you have to do that to Riddhu?” Vansh asked Kabir who looked at him shocked, was he just trying to escape the entire commotion by putting the blame on him?

“Ohhh Paltu Raja! So now you switch sides! Whose idea was this? Yours!” Kabir lashed out at him. “Poor and innocent me, I didn’t even know what he was going to do Riddhu. In fact I had said no for such a thing but he’s Vansh, he won’t listen!”

“Do you know it tastes horrible than what it smells, I had to go through that!” Riddhima sulked, making a cute, teary puppy face which was their weak point. They could see anything in the world but never could they see tears in her eyes.

“Sorry Riddhu” Both apologized as they sensed tears in her eyes.

Taking a spoonful of sweet curd, they offered it to her, trying to make up for their mistake. Chuckling, she accepted it and fed them too. Taking a napkin she cleaned both their faces.

“Riddhu you know we can never see your tears, it hurts us!” Vansh said emotionally.

“Exactly yaar, anything happening to you affects us directly here!” Kabir said pointing towards their hearts.

“Love you guys….Come!” Riddhima said and pulled them in to a group hug. No matter what, they were inseparable. They couldn’t see each other in despair and if they did they would find the cause and teach it a proper lesson.

“But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop anything!” Kabir added


Riddhima looked at the picture once again and wiped her tears off. She never told Vansh or Kabir about how her uncle treated her, she never wanted any conflicts. Sitting while leaning on the bed, she switched on the tv to come across the news channel that flashed the breaking news; “Kabir Raizada bags the top most eligible man”

She smiled and chuckled when she saw Kabir’s picture. They had talked a day before, when they decided to meet soon together all three of them at their secret place. It wasn’t that they had never met after college and after Vansh and Riddhima’s confession, they had met but they never could make out a longer meet for themselves. Now from this time they had thought over it, meeting almost thrice a week.

They were all in touch ever since, with their phones. Technology had made it easier. She was brought out of her trance when she heard a few knocks on her door. She quickly switched the tv off and went to attend the door.

“Coming!” She shouted. Reaching the door, she opened to find her uncle there with a few bags in his hands. “Dad?”

“Here take this, I want you downstairs in five minutes with all your luggage packed. Keep these dresses in hand, you’ll need them soon. Five minutes, and I mean it!” Shaheed warned her.

“Leaving…to where? Why?” Riddhima nervously asked.

“None of your business! I want you down in the next 5 minutes. Be quick!” He yelled at her, leaving her rooted there.

Riddhima hurriedly closed the door and panicked. She held her head in confusion and remembered what he said.

“Leaving, we are leaving from here! What does he mean, where to? No no I don’t want to leave, I want to stay with Vansh! I don’t want to leave with him, I don’t even know where we’d be going! And these dresses….Riddhima, calm down!” Riddhima worried.

She paced around her room, thinking about all the possibilities. She picked her phone and dialed Vansh’s number, hoping she could tell him about this sudden decision. She called him continuously but there was no receiver worrying her more.

“Why isn’t Vansh picking up? Please Vansh, I need you right now, I don’t feel nice, and things aren’t going the right way! Vansh pick up! Please! What if dad got to know about us….and he harmed my Vansh! No please God!” Riddhima shuddered at the negative thoughts that had now started to overpower her mind.

A few tears dropped out of her eyes. Having no other choice, she threw all her clothes in a bag and packed her items. Before Shaheed could come and pull her out forcefully, she went downstairs to meet a few people talking to Shaheed. The men were dressed in black looked like hefty bouncers but her attention was constantly on her phone, waiting for it to ping with a message from Vansh.

Walking out of the house, they all sat into their cars. Riddhima fidgeted with her phone, helplessly looking at it, waiting for Vansh to call. All she needed right now was her Vansh and Kabir, the only ones who acknowledged her, who loved her and who took care of her like a doll. The ones who were extremely special to her. Her friends. Her gang.

She looked out of the window, hoping to receive some help as the car drove off, away, away from their house. Nothing seemed right.

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