Dostana – swaragini – episode 6

Ragini? What’s wrong? Asked Sanskar slowly placing his hand on her shoulder.
I don’t know Sankar,but I have a restless feeling all of a sudden’ she said. ‘ Will you care to tell me why did you want me to tell Sam that we are engaged?’ ‘ Well…. I don’t know if you have noticed but he has brought a change in Maya. After Saras….left her she had gone completely lifeless . She had lost her charm . Her sparkle . Her inner fire which was always raging had been put off. Her eyes which were always twinkling had become all dull. I tried my best to bring her back but I could only ignite a spark. But Sam! Sam brought her fire back, her sparkle , her charm , everything that had vanished , he brought all of it back . He gave her soul a new life.’ He gave her all the love and care which she had missed.’ she said , tears rolling down her cheek. Sanskar looked at her surprised. ‘ But you just sacrificed your love for her!’ he said.

She just looked at him painfully. Sanskar moved towards her and sat beside her . He slowly wipes her tears and pulled her into a hug. This action of his broke her completely because till now there was no one she had to lean on to But she had been the one who leant her shoulder for others. Her feelings and emotions had been caged insider her like a caged bird and today he had broken the cage and had let her fly spreading her wings to soar high. They shared a bond , a strong bond. A bond which they were yet to realise . A bond formed with love. They had a long journey to go and it had just begun.

‘ Here you go’ said Sam handing Maya a glass of coke. ‘ Thanks’ she said her eyes glued to the T.V . These two loved nothing more than watching horror movies together . They enjoyed each other’s company thoroughly. ‘ She knows that this place is haunted and she knows eerie things happen yet! Yet she wants to go exploring!’ Maya said huffing. ‘ True yaar! You know we would make a great director duo ! The Sa-May duo. ‘ he said and both of them burst out laughing. While everyone was busy nobody had noticed Swara sneaking out.

‘ Abhi!’ Swara chirped as she entered a huge mansion. ‘ Shona?’ he said as he turned around. He ran towards her and twirled her around. ‘ how was yesterday night?’ he asked her while pecking her cheek. ‘ You know and yet you ask! ‘ she said blushing. ‘ By the way … How did you know that di was coming upstairs?’ she asked him her eyebrows raised. ‘ My ears are really good.’ he said while placing wet kisses on her neck. She moaned. ‘ I love you!’ she said . ‘ I love too!’ he said looking at her. And both of kissed each other . It started off slowly but then turned into a wild kiss.


Precap: Who is Abhi?

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