AN : I dedicate this one to my Tamil friend Sivaraghavi of Telly Updates who likes reading stories based on Tamil shows. This was the last Television serial in Tamil which I watched during my school days and I really loved it for the unique presentation. This One Shot is based on the show Kadhalika Neram Illai which means There is no time to love which was aired on Vijay TV during the evenings. The show had a wonderful cast and the leads Prajinn and Chandra are still my favourite actors of telly industry. So I tried it for them which is actually different from the original one. Thanks a lot Sivaraghavi for suggesting me, I watch Tamil serials very less so don’t know about them much. 

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Divya : So is it over Sakthi ? That’s the end of our story ?

Sakthi : Divya , I am giving this ring to you, Please take it .

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Divya painfully looked at the ring.

Sakthi : I bought this ring for you thinking that while proposing you I will wear it at your finger. Please try to understand Divya, now there is no use of remembering all those past.

Divya : Sakthi, are you sure ? Tell from heart Sakthi, you really want to end our love like these ?


Sakthi held Divya close towards him

Sakthi ; I don’t want any one should degrade your character because of me. We stayed together in a flat for 6 months, we share a bed too. But the sacred relationship which we maintain is not witnessed by this society, they oppose our relationship, Divya. I don’t want that. I have made arrangements, you can shift to another flat.

Divya : When I came to Chennai for a job, I was wandering in streets for getting a shelter . I didn’t have enough money as I came from a small village of Madurai only. All I was thinking of how should I find an accomodation ? That day only you show me the way Sakthi. You bought me to the one bedroom , kitchen and bathroom flat of yours. It was so much narrow and facilities were very less. Still you bought me there because you wasn;t able to see a girl wandering like that in nights. This City, the life style, way of talking everything was new to me. But you was standing as a support to me and guided me very well.

Sakthi ; Divya all those were best moments of our life, but our country is not that much progressive to accept a girl and boy staying together before marriage . We were friends initially and gradually we both realized that we can’t separate from each other. Whenever I remember those moments it brings so much happiness to me.

Divya ; Sakthi, look at my eyes.

Sakthi ; Divya, I can’t do that, because I still ..

They both recalled a moment of their journey.

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Sakthi ; Jerry I told you to find a flat or home for rent , what about that ? What, they are demanding 50000 rupees ?

Sakthi cuts the call.

Divya : Sakthi , so now also no hope.

Sakthi : Divya , I am sorry . But I am also struggling middle class youth like you, I don’t have that much money.

Divya :Sakthi, I trust you. I am willing to stay at the flat itself.

Sakthi : But Divya you are a girl and how long it can be possible ?

Divya : I have seen some cheap boys who tries to misbehave with girls, who cross all limits to molest them. But you are not like that. Infact you are a very good person who respected my privacy . The moment I started staying at the bedroom, you stopped coming there. You kept your clothes and things at suitcase and have placed that one at the hall only. You use to sleep at the coutch and you make sure everything as comforatble to me. So I don’t have problem staying with you.

Sakthi : Thank you for trusting me Divya , But I really don’t want any problems for us.

Divya : I can understand.

They both arrives the flat. As usual Sakthi lie down at the coutch, Divya walked inside the room and while shutting the door they both looked each other’s eyes. They had an intense eyelock

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Kaadhal tara nenjam Kaathirukkuthu, Kathalika neram Angu Illaya

[My heart is longing to give love, don’t you have time to love]  plays

After some days, In a valentine’s day

Divya was stunned to see Sakthi holding so much of flowers

Divya : Sakthi, are you going for any photoshoot ? These much flowers, new dress, and goggles in your eyes. You looks so stylish.

Sakthi : Oh My God!!! My efforts are working.

Divya : Sakthi, scene podaratha vittitu straighta manadhilurunthu pesu, enakku athu romba pidikum

{Sakthi, instead of show off, straightly say from heart , I likes that very much}

Sakthi ; Divya Before your arrival I doesn’t had any particular aim or something special in my life. I was bought up in an orphanage and post my studies I came Chennai and I got a jod at marketing team in a company , with the limitted salary I prefered staying at a one or two room flat and I used to save some amount for the orphanage also. Every month I send money to them, rest of the money will go in flat rent and other expenses. This was my routine and I don’t have any so called friends saga at our company because I can’t afford a treat always for them. You was the first girl and first friend who doesn’t looked my background but understood my heart and show trust towards me. I hardly had two or three friends they use to mock me when I save little money for orphanage as they demand me to spend that one with them in pub. I don’t want to ruin life by drinking alcohol and they will ask for whom I am saving money as I am an orphan only. But Divya you never questioned me anything in fact you doesn’t pretend the fake concern also which some people do for my birth as an ….

Divya kept her finger at his lips

Divya :I can see your heart’s purity, that’s enough for me Sakthi. I don’t want anything else. You and me are bounded in feeling of love

Sakthi : Divya!!

Divya ; Sakthi, either you either me will say it, We used to wait like these for so long time and only our eyes were speaking with each other .But fact is that by waiting like that way we forgot one thing

Sakthi : What ?

Divya : Our eyes are saying that to each other Sakthi- We are in love, but we don’t find time to love each other.

Sakthi : Divya , I can’t believe this, You really love me ? Even after knowing me as Orphan ?

Divya : No one is an Orphan Sakthi. You are independent and self sufficient . I feel proud to be with you as you are a sincere and honest guy who is hardworking too. You didn’t forgot the place which did your upbringing, you still sends money there which shows how much you respect and love them. You sees everything from the eyes of heart and that’s what I like in you.

Sakthi : Divya , I really feels much lucky to have you in my life. God has send some one to me who loves me and will remove my lonliness, whenever I feel it it’s giving me something special and unique.

Divya : That’s the feel of love, Sakthi. Realize it Sakthi

Sakthi : I ….I….really Love You , Divya

Divya ; I too love you Sakthi.

Divya and Sakthi looked each other’s eyes. Divya hold the flowers edge ,Sakthi runned his fingers through and he was almost to touch at her finger tips

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“Divya !!!”

A voice was raised behind and it was none other than her dad

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Divya : Appa

Appa : Divya pack your bags and things. You don’t need to do any job more. We have find a guy for you, he will marry you.

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Sakthi and Divya gets shocked to hear this.

Divya : Appa please don’t do this.

Appa : Divya Enn porumai romba sodhikkeran nee, Enn ponnu nuu kooda pakkamaaten unne izhuthu kuttitu poven. Gramathilenthu vanthu edho sadhipen sonne nee, unnoda velai ithu thaana ? Chee!! Vekkame lllaya ?

[ Divya you are testing my patience too much, I don’t think you are my daughter I will forcefully take you with me. You came from village with an aim of doing something big, this is what the job you are doing here ? You don’t feel shame ?

Divya weeped in tears

Sakthi : Sir, I am loving your daughter Divya deeply. She didn’t made any mistake. Please don’t show anger on her.

Appa ; Who are you to interfere in between me and my daughter ? Orphan boy !!! Get lost.

FB ends.


Sakthi : Your Appa might have fixed your marriage , he is right . Divya , we should not hurt our parents .

Divya : I doesn’t want to hurt him, Sakthi. That day Appa bought me back to village. I tried to convince him but he said that no one will marry me if they get to know that I stayed with a boy in flat before marriage. He raised voice at me that I have crossed limits of self respect and I am a shameless girl only. I was silent before his harsh words as whatever I was trying to say he wasn’t willing to listen me. The guy came to see me at the home and you know what he and his family doesn’t wanted a bride they wanted dowry only. When my Appa questioned it they threatened that who will marry a characterless girl like me ? This time I wasn’t able to keep silence , I reacted before them, I rejected him before every one. I am not an object to be sold in market, I am a girl and I do have feelings. I left home and came here only for you , Sakthi. I have left every thing.

Sakthi : Divya , your reaction was right, But you should not have left home like these. Your Appa really loves and cares you very much , You left your Appa for me ?

Divya ; But Sakthi !!

Sakthi : Divya we will not gain anything by hurting parents. I understand your Appa misunderstood us, your protest was against that wrong guy and his family who didn’t cared you. But whatever happened you should never leave your Appa.

Divya : That means I need to stand with Appa even if he take wrong decisions. Sakthi I can’t do that.

Sakthi : Divya, You should go back home, your Appa will be worried for you.

Divya : I won’t go back there.

Sakthi : Please Divya, you should do it for me.

Mean while Divya’s Appa arrived there

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Appa : Sakthi

Sakthi ; Sir, Divya doesn’t know anything, she is childish.

Appa : True Sakthi, she is childish, a good child of mine. She is like her Amma only. What she did today opened my eyes even if it’s late. My daughter is not a show piece, she is a girl who has a body and soul. Sakthi I am sorry for misunderstanding you. No one will care my daughter better than you ..

Sakthi : Sir

Appa : Sir illa, Manathil irundu Appa nnu kuppudu

{Not sir, from your heart call me Appa}

Sakthi : Appa!!!

Appa hugged Sakthi and Divya

Appa : My wife passed away years back. If she would have with me I would have realized my mistake. I am sorry Divya for behaving like that. My daughter came here for looking me , my home only. She want herself to be established in career as well as to save her Appa from all debts. It was me who behaved like those stupid people who were blaming you both . Sakthi , Divya I am sorry

Sakthi and Divya : You don’t need to be sorry Appa.

Divya : Appa, you are really the best one, I love you Appa.

Appa ; I love you too My Cute Kutty. Sakthi, I hardly find a boy who respects girl to the core and you really respected my daughter’s feelings as well as the way you was advicing her about me made me to realize that I was a stupid to lost a son in law like you. Now onwards you are my son, Sakthi. Hold my daughter’s hand and make her happy always.

Sakthi : Appa!!!!

Appa ; It’s time for you both to love each other, don’t leave it.

Appa turned back and walked with a smile .

Sakthi : Divya I never thought I will get you again.

Divya : Sakthi, the feeling which we held in each other never failed as it’s true.

Sakthi : You said that Our eyes are saying We are in love , but we don’t find time to each other for love.I want to change that .

Diyva : Sakthi!!

Sakthi : Divya , I want to love you infinite times , beyond of any barriers of time and constarins. Now it’s full of time for Loving Each Other.

Divya : We are always in Love Sakthi , Nothing can stop us even time also.

Sakthi put the ring in Divya’s finger.

Divya : Love me like this always Sakthi.

They both hug each other passionately.

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Ennai thedi kaathal endra vaarthai anuppu 

[Just send a word of love in search of me ]

Unnai thedi vaazhvil motha inbam tharuven

[I will send full of happiness to your life]

Sillarikum thanimayil sethu vidum unn seithi anuppu

[Before the  lonliness kills you just send your regards]

Enn Manathil pesi veytha varthayi muzhuthum

[At my heart I have spoken a lot of words]

Unnidathil pesuvathu theriyavillai

[But I don’t know to speak before you]

Kaadhal antha varthai Kandu pidithal solli anuppu

[If Love can find those words then send it to me]

Pookal uthirum Kaalai Velai Unnai Thedinen

[I use to search you at the autum mornin]

Marangal Uthrinthu nadapathu Pole Nee thaan Enginen

[Even the trees also dry I keep walking thinking you are walking before me]

Kaditham Ondrai Kappal Seithu Unnidam Anupinen

[I have send a paper ship of Love worshiping you]

Antha Kaditham Unnai thandum Neram Enninen

[I felt that love letter would have reached in time]

Kaadhal Thara Ingu Nenjam Irukku

[My heart is longing to give love to you]

Kaadahalikka Angu Neram Illaiya

[Don’t you have time to love ]

Ilayaye Pole Enn Idhayam Uthirvathu Kanden

[Like shedding leaves, my heart has also broken now]

  1. Jasminerahul

    I have not seen this show.but I like these 2 actors bcz of their other shows n films.shakti divya’s break scene was painful.surprising that shakti gave shelter to divya as she was confession was sweet.sad that her dad misunderstood her.i thought her dad will understand her when he came to know that the boy he found was after dowry.loved divya raising voice against it n coming back to shakti.divya’s dad realizing his mistake n apologizing to shakti was the best.his dialogues to shakti were lovely.shakti telling divya that he wants to correct her dialogue that they don’t have time to love was nice.hug was romantic. Perfect pics.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

  2. Jasminerahul

    I have posted part2 of we are together.

    1. Revu

      I will read it soon.

  3. Morusya51

    i read it today, it’s good, with time we evolve and our writing too does. just never lose the zeal to write and always write because YOU WANT TO DO THAT not for anyone else… good wishes for future works♥

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