Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 16)

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Shivaay says, “just stay away from her.” Karan asks him, “who are you to her, to ask me to stay away from her? Her ex boss???” Shivaay is speechless at this question. Although somewhere inside he feels that he has the right but when it comes to reality the brain gives no logic. Shivaay stays quiet and Karan continues “Well, till where I know ex bosses don’t have the right to interfere in there ex employees personal lives. So back off.” Shivaay’s mind registers Karan’s words and he rethinks of all his actions and gets thinking that what got into him that he did so, he turns towards Annika and the first thing which strikes his mind is importance. He immediately gets reminded of the challenge and thinks whatever he did is not wrong.

Shivaay is in his thoughts when Karan moves his hand to and fro before his Eyes slowly. Shivaay sees this and comes out of his thoughts. Karan turns Shivaay towards him and asks him, “do you know why was she in Lonavala? No right. So let me tell you the whole thing.” Saying so Karan narrated Shivaay everything and giving Shivaay a disgusting look he said, “I didn’t knew that Shivaay Singh Obeeoi could stoop so low for a girl who put her own image at stake to save him.” Realization struck Shivaay, he realized her reason of all of a sudden leaving Mumbai. But soon something hit his mind and he turned to Karan and asked, “what did you say, there was a syringe and an injection mark on her arm on the day of fire.” Karan says, “yes, this is the reason why I convinced her to shift to Lonavala.” Shivaay says, “it means someone planned this, I need to find out, I am informing this to the commissioner.”

Meanwhile Annika drops Sahil to his boarding school and comes back in the same car. Its late night, she enters her house, its all dark in there, she panicks and slowly moves towards the switch board to switch on the light, she starts moving but someone keeps a hand on her shoulder from behind and presses. Annika puts one of her hand over that hand and her other hand to his arm and within few seconds throws the man on the floor before her. The man screams, “aaaaah, Annika what was that for, there is a power cut and I just came to inform you and you threw me here.” Annika says, “Shivaay, aap mere ghar me kya kar rahe hain wo bhi is waqt aur he apki awaz KO kya ho gaya hai. (Shivaay what are you doing here in my house that too at this time and what happened to your voice.)” The man says, “my voice is okay, because I am not Shivaay I am Karan.” Annika says, “ohh Karan, sorry mere dimag we hi nikal gaya that ki tum bhi yahin rehte ho mujhe laga ki shayad Shivaay… (Ohh Karan, sorry I totally forgot that you too stay here. I thought that Shivaay…)” Karan says, “Shivaay hmm” and smiles then says, “tell me Annika what’s with you and Shivaay, first he came to Lonavala, then he brought you back to Mumbai and now he is mad at those people who tried to kill you, first I thought that it is one sided but right now the first name that came to your mind at this situation was ‘Shivaay’ seriously, tell me now what’s cooking between you two.”

Annika says, “aisa kuch nahi hai wo to bas mai.. (there is nothing such, I was just …)” Annika is at loss of words. Karan says, “ohh common Annika, I am your childhood friend and I can definitely see that there is chemistry between you two, why don’t you just accept it.” Annika says, “Karan mujhe nahi pata tu kya baat kar raha hai, ja so ja, mai bhi chali sone. (Karan I have no idea what you are talking about, you go and sleep even I am going to bed now.)” Saying so she leaves to her bedroom, lights a candle and sleeps. Karan goes to terrace where he had already arranged a bed cum mosquito net to prevent himself from mosquito cum insect bites.

Same night someone knocks at Annika’s home, she wakes up takes the candle and goes to the door. Karan is fast asleep and he didn’t hear anything. Annika opens the door and is shocked to see Tia, Robbin and Mrs Kapoor. Annika remembers the past that how they tried to kill her, she says, “why are you here, leave.” She was about to bang the door on their face when Mrs Kapoor forwarded her hand and put a kerchief on her nose and mouth, Annika fainted. Mrs Kapoor says, “Shivaay has troubled us a lot today, now its time we teach him a lesson. Robbin put her in cars diccky and tie her hands and legs.” Robbin follows.

Shivaay’s phone rings, he thinks, “who is calling at this time of night.” He sees the phone and sees Mrs Kapoor, his blood boils reminiscing what Karan told him, he picks up, it was a video call, so before he could say something he saw Annika in background, tied to a chair, she was unconscious. He thought what happened to her. Tia comes on the screen and says, “Shivaay baby, I told you right that if Annika spoils my plan this time then I will first kill her and then start my revenge saga with your family.” Shivaay says, “don’t you dare Tia, if anything happens to her then I shall kill you all. What do you want tell me??.” Mrs Kapoor comes on the screen and says, “ohh its good that you directly came to the point, so listen we want to play a game. See this bottle, this has a liquid, which if enters human body, the person will be paralyzed. Its effect ends if its antidote is given within 2 hours.” Shivaay says, “what do you mean?” He sees Robbin injecting the same to Annika via her arms. Shivaaay screams, “NO DON’T, DON’T” Mrs Kapoor says, “relax Shivaay, relax, I have hidden the antidote in Oberoi Mansion, and the distance from Oberoi Mansion to this place can be covered in 1hour via car. So the game begins.” Saying so Mrs Kapoor disconnects the call, she laughs evilly and says, “you will never be able to find it in right time Shivaay as Oberoi Mansion is too big. By the time you find it, you will obviously be late and then you will have to live with this guilt whole you life that because of you Annika couldn’t be cured in time. And by the time till Annika totally recovers our revenge from the oberois will be over.” She does an evil laugh.

Shivaay puts his personal medical shop upside down but doesn’t finds it there. Shivaay looks at his watch and sees 10 mins have already passed, he thinks, “damn, where the hell is this antidote I can’t search the entire Mansion within an hour, I need to think of something.” Just then something strikes his mind, he says, “why didn’t I think of it before.” Shivaay calls Oberoi Pharmaceuticals and asks the manager to bring the antidote to his house within 10 mins. Shivaay gets it within 20 minutes. Shivaay runs his car to that area, he enters there and sees Annika.
1hour 20 mins passed

Mrs Kapoor sees this via CCTV and thinks, “how can he get the antidote, I didn’t keep it there and thought to put it in his drawer through someone after 2 hours had passed, so how is he here now. She sees the time, and then sends her goon downstairs. Shivaay starts walking towards Annika but before he could reach her goons attack him. He fights with goons and then sees the watch. 1hour 40mins have passed. Shivaay panicks.

Shivaay’s eyes fall on a rod and he hits all of them one by one subtly on the back of their heads, all faint. 1 hour 50 minutes passed. Shivaay is tired now so he slowly starts walking towards Annika but till then, Robbin comes there and throws Annika in the pool behind. Shivaay shouts, “Annika.” Shivaay gets up with great strength, rushes to the pool and jumps inside. Tia switches of the light so that Shivaay cannot find Annika soon. Shivaay comes out of water to see the time, its 1hour 57 minutes past. Shivaay panicks and thinks what to do in this darkness, he screams, “where can u find my Annika in this darkness.” he looks down sadly.
1 hour 58 minutes passed.

He sees something of shape of a moon shining, then he sees a few more moons shining from inside of the water, he soon realizes that its Annika’s bracelet. He goes into the water brings her outside. The evil trio too couldn’t see anything due to darkness and smiled victoriously that he won’t be able to make it.
1hour 59 minutes passed.

Shivaay takes her into his car (50 seconds left),
tears off the sleeve of her left hand (40 seconds left),
takes out the antidote (30 seconds left)
The trio already saw what was happening in the parking area as the power comnection of that are was different, so Tia immediately rushed there snatches the antidote bottle and threw it on the ground (20seconds)
Shivaay says, “what the hell Tia, I shall never forgive you for this.” (10 seconds).
Till the the doctor whom Shivaay had brought alongwith him took another bottle and a syringe (6 seconds)
Rubbed some cotton on her arm (4 seconds)
put the syringe (3 seconds)
Injected the antidote (2 seconds)
Doctor put the syringe out. (1second left)

Doctor comes out of the car and says, Mr Oberoi I have injected her the antidote, now she will wake up within 30 minutes.

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