Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 20)

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Guys sorry for the delay in updates. I was quite busy with my schedule.

Annika looks at the Oberoi Mansion, she hears someone’s footsteps. Someone rushing towards her she turns to her right to find Shivaay approaching her, he grabs her by her arm and asks, “why Ade you here? I asked Karan to keep you away from this mess so how come you ended up in my house at this point of time.” She stares at him in disbelief, she doesn’t say something. He shakes her and yells, “answer me.” She says, “I am here to help you.” Shivaay looks straight into her eyes and says, “we don’t need your help, we are the Oberois.” She says, “I have a score to settle with Mrs Kapoor I can do that by helping you out.” Shivaay says, “there is no time for your nonsense and no way I am allowing you to stay here.” She says, “soch lijiye Billuji, mere pass ek plan hai, agar wo plan work kar gaya to aap aur aapka parivar is musibat se bohot jaldi azaad ho jaenge. “Think of it Billuji, I have a plan, if it works then you and your family will be free of this problem very soon.” Shivaay asks her her plan. She says, “not here, even walls have ears ad nowadays eyes too, if you know what I mean.” Shivaay understood her indication towards the CCTV and says, “I can’t go out leaving my family behind with that woman.”

Annika says, “Maine uska intezaam pehle hi Kar dia hai. (I have already arranged for it.)” Shivaay raises one eyebrow questioning what she meant, to which she tells him she had already called Khannaji and asked him to mix a sleeping pill in Mrs Kapoor’s water jug. Shivaay says, “and what are the chances that she drank the same water.” She asks him to check the CCTV of her room, he shows the footage to her in which there was a lizard on the water so she threw the entire jug and asked servants for a new one, which meant she didn’t drink that water.

He gives a dead stare to Annika and Khanna for planning something behind his back. Annika and Khanna look at each other and smile, they turn to Shivaay he says, “what, why are you two smiling. ” Annika says, “Billuji, you think I am so mad to ask Khanna ji to enter her room. She obviously would have doubted something’s wrong.” Shivaay says, “what do you mean, then how did the lizard…” He couldn’t complete his sentence and was interrupted by Rudra who said, “bhaiya, so rubber ki lizard thi aur maine Lady Siyappa ke peeth k peeche se uchaal ke feki thi uski jug mein. (Bhaiya, that was a rubber lizard and I threw it into the jug from behind of Lady Siyappa’s back.” Khanna continued, “while she was yelling on the servants I had added the powdered sleeping pill on her jug.” Shivaay says, “great job all three of you now.” Annika interrupts and says, “now you will come with me outside and I shall tell you my plan.”

Shivaay gives her a stare and says, “no, like hell I am going to leave such a golden opportunity to search her room. I am going to her room to search for the property papers. Khanna you go to Mrs Kapoor’s house and search for them, take your team with you.” All stare at him in disbelief. Annika says frowning, “lekin ye mera plan nahi tha. (But this was not my plan)” Shivaay says, “tumhe Jo karna tha, tumne kar dia ab age mai karunga. (Whatever you had to do you did, now I will do)” Annika says, “lekin agar papers nahi mile to waqt hath se nikal jaega. Aap meri baat q nahi samaj rahe hain. (but if we don’t get the papers time will run from our hands. Why don’t you understand my point.)” Shivaay says, “no, you will discuss this plan with OmRu, in Om’s art gallery and meanwhile I shall be searching for the papers. If I don’t get the papers then I shall join you three there. You go with Rudra, On is already in the art gallery as he didn’t wanted to stay at home tonight.” She agrees and leaves with Rudra.

Shivaay fails to find the papers in the room. He calls Khanna and gets negative response from him too. Shivaay thinks where could the papers be, so he thinks to check Mrs Kapoor’s phone for some information. He picks her phone, searches for clue and is shocked to find something.

In Om’s art studio.
Annika and Rudra enter. Om without turning says, “mujhe wapas ghar nahi jana, aur tum dono pagal ho kya jo hamari family ko us aurat ke sath akela chhod ke aa gae. (I don’t wanna go home, and are you two mad to leave our family alone with that woman)” Om turns to find out Rudra and Annika and asks, “Annika, tum, yahan is waqt. (Annika, you, here at this hour)” Annika keeps a hand on Om’s shoulder and says, “mail tumhari family ki problem solve karne aai hu. (I have come here to solve to solve your family’s problem.)” Om says, “how” Annika says, “I have a plan.” And she tells her plan to Om asks her, “do you think it will work.” Annika says, “of course it will, my plan never fails.” Rudy says, “I am with you.” Om says, “me too”.

Shivaay reaches there and says, “what have you all decided, we need to hurry. You wouldn’t believe what that woman was upto.” Rudra says, “what happened Bhaiya, why are you so angry.” Om says, “Shivaay you can share it to us, what is it.” Shivaay looks at them and tells them what he saw in her phone.

Shivaay finds a call to a reporter. He calls back and finds out that Mrs Kapoor has kept a press conference at their home the other day where she would make an important announcement regarding Oberois.
Flashback ends.

Annika says, “Billuji, agar Mrs Kapoor press conference me pohoch hi na paaein to. (Billuji, what if Mrs Kapoor is unable to reach the press conference.)” Shivaay turns to her and asks, “what do you mean.” Annika says, “pehle mera plan suniye uske baad main bataungi (first listen to my plan after that I shall tell you.)” Shivaay says, “okay” Annika says, “Jab mai Lonavala me thi to Karan ne mujhe bataya tha ki..(when I was in Lonavala, Karan told me that…)” Shivaay interrupts, “isme bhi Karan, can’t you get over him.” Om says, “Shivaay sun to le wo kya key rahi hai. (Shivaay at least listen what she is saying.” Shivaay says with an irritated face, “OK go on.” and looks the other way. Annika says, “jab mai Lonavala me thi to Karan ne mujhe bataya tha ki contract with a lunatic is void an initio.” Shivaay says, “so, how is it related to my problem.” She says, “what if we prove that Mrs k is a Lunatic, the deal will automatically be called off by law.” Shivaay says, “but she is not a lunatic.” Annika says, “aisa mail janti hu, aap jante hain par kanoon nahi janta. (I know this, you know this, but the law doesn’t know it.)” Shivaay legally complements her for her plan but then asks her, “lekin hum ye karenge kaise. (But how will we so)” She says, “we will start this from tomorrow. The entire registration process takes at least 15 days to be completed and these fifteen days will be the worst for Mrs Kapoor. The most rememberable ones.”

Shivaay asks, “what have you planned for tomorrow. Should I cancel the press conference.” Annika replies, “nahi, kal Mrs Kapoor khud media ke samne apni dimagi haalat ka raita failaengi. Kal ki conference bohot zaruri hai is plan ko puri tarah execute karne ke life. (No, tomorrow Mrs Kapoor will herself show to the media that she is mentally disturbed. Tomorrow’s press conference is very important for us to execute this plan.)” She asks about the time of the conference Shivaay tells her that its at 3 o clock in noon. Rudy says with troubled expression, “till then we will have to bear that Lady Siyappa.” Annika says, “nahi, tab tak Lady Siyappa hum sab ko jhelengi. “No, till then Lady Siyappa will bear all of us.” She grins.

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    I read your yesterday’s shivika os as well….it’s wonderfully written…..(there is some os competition going on, plz submit it there….)

    Lastly, sorry for not commenting last few episodes…..N I m again gonna vanish till May 16. Will read all updates when I m back…..

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