Don’t underestimate a girl’s power -Ishqbaaz ff (Part 15)

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Part 15 (all links below)

Shivaay steps closer to her looks at her and says, “you think he is better than me.” At this Annika gets angry and says, “haan bohot better hai qki usne kabhi aisa kuch nahi kiya jo apne kiya wo bhi sirf ek challenge ke lite. (Yes, he is far better than you because he never did such a thing which you did just for winning a challenge.)” At this Shivaay loosens his hold on her looks down and then the other way.

Annika is called to Sahil’s school. Principal meets her and tells her that they have decided to transfer Sahil to their branch in Mumbai. Annika says, “lekin aap Sahil ko wahan kaise bhej sakte hain. Wahan hamare rehne ki koi jagah nahi hai. (But how can I send Sahil to Mumbai , we don’t have a place to stay in Mumbai.)”
Principal says, “we are sorry Miss Annika, this is the decision of our School’s trustee, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”
Annika says, “koi baat nahi mai Sahil ka school change kar dungi. (No problem I shall change Sahil’s school.)”

Principal says, “but this is mid of the year and Sahil had hardly attended a week in this school, if you are willing to change the school then we shall not be able to give the necessary documents.”

Annika says, “so”
Principal says, “so without those documents Sahil will have to repeat his year in a new school. This will not be good for Sahil’s record you know. So it is better that you transfer to Mumbai, that’s the only option left for you.”
Annika gets sad and leaves.

Flashback ends.

Annika says, “maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki aap itna gir jaenge ki mere bhai ke future ke sath khilwad karenge. (I never thought that you would stoop so low that you will play with my brother’s future.)” At these words Shivaay again turns towards her and says, “Maine koi khilwaad nahi kiya hai mai bas tum dono KO yahan waapas laaya hu aur pehle bhi to tum log yahin rehte the na to ab problem kya hai. (I didn’t play, I have just brought you both back. Earlier too you guys used to stay here only right, so what’s the problem now.) Annika gets angry and says, “hai problem, aap nahi samjhenge, kabhi nahi samjhenge.

(I have problem but you will not understand, you will never understand.)” Shivaay gets angry hearing this and says, “haan mujhe pata hai ki kya problem hai. problem hai so Karan qki ab tum uske sath rehna chahti ho tabhi to tumne use yahan bhi hula lia. (Yes I know what the problem is, problem is Karan because now you want to stay with him that’s why you have called him here too.)”

Annika pushes him back angrily and says, “aap apne dimag me koi ulta seedha khayal laaein usse pehle mai ye apko bata du ki Karan yahan sirf ek mahine ke liye rahega. Karan ke aadhe se zyada kaam Mumbai me hi hote hain isliye use yahan aksar aana pasta hai, tabhi usne yahan pe apne liye ek flat banwane ki sochi. Wo 10 din pehle bhi Mumbai aaya that apna flat dekhne, constructor me bola ki uska flat ek mahine me complete ho jaega. Wo Mumbai mere liye nahi shift ho raha wo waise bhi Mumbai me shift hone hi wala tha chahe mai yahan rehti ya Lonavala me. Waise bhi ek mahine baad wo apne flat me shift ho jaega.

(Before you think anything wrong let me make it clear to you that Karan will stay here only for a month. More than half of Karan’s work is in Mumbai so he has to visit here often, that’s why Karan had thought to get a flat constructed in Munbai. 10 days before too Karan came here to look upon the flat and the builder told him that it will take one month to finish it. He was already shifting to Mumbai whether I stayed in Lonavala or in Mumbai. After one month he is already gonna shift to Mumbai.)”

Shivaay says, “why your house, why not in a hotel, he is rich enough to afford it?”
Annika says, “qki maine hi use yahan rehne ko kaha that. (because I asked him to stay here.)”

Shivaay couldn’t believe his ears. He was hurt that she let him stay in her house. He had no words to say so he started to leave but stopped at the door seeing a car. Annika thinks what happened to him, why is he irked now. She moves to him then turns in the direction of his gaze and sees Karan standing at his car’s door and talking to someone on phone. Annika walks towards the car and enters the backseat where Sahil is waiting for her. Karan walks towards the house, he enters the house and ends the call. He sees Shivaay standing there and staring him. Karan says, “Shivaay Singh Oberoi”. Shivaay says, “Karan Thakur”.

Karan says, “tumhe bohot pasand hai na dusro ki life me interfere karna. (You like to interfere in life of others.)”
Shivaay says, “really now, I don’t need to know from you that who are others and who are my people.”
Karan says, “really, my people, who does so for their people, who forces their own people like you have done.”
Shivaay says, “stay out of this, this is my personal matter.”
Karan says, “Annika is my childhood friend and I know her and chutki even before the accident of their parents so it is my personal matter too.”

Shivaay thinks, “who is this chutki now.” Shivaay says “I don’t care just stay away from her.”

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