Don’t stay away it kills me -Raglak ff by darshu and folly part 17 Last chapter

“Ragu..!!it’s no no..”laksh snatched the plate full of samosa’s from Ragini’s hand.

“Laksh..”Ragini whines,he glares her.
“Please laksh…only one.i promise.only one samosa please.and it’s the last.please laksh.”She pouts cutely but her pleas doesn’t worked it seems.
“No means never.”laksh said firmly.
“You are bad laksh.Really bad.I hate you.”Ragini sniffed fakely to gather his attentions.
“Haha..”laksh laughs sarcastically and continued “I won’t fall in your trap bachcha because I am the husband of the greatest drama queen Mrs.Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari,So better save your trick with yourself.”He winks his eye and called the maid and instructed her to avoid the spicy items for some more days at home since Ragini feel nauseous after consuming those types of food.
“You are a bad husband laksh.I want that samosa right now orelse I won’t allow you by my side during my labour time.”She said victoriously thinking of that he would agree for her conditions.
“Fine.I don’t want to be your side.Are you happy.?”He questioned her.
Ragini’s face fell and the freshly formed salty tears escaped from corner of her eyes which panicked laksh.

“Ragu.”he backhugged her and kissed in crook of her neck.
“I just take that issue just to make you agree for that samosa but look at you..!!You simply said that you won’t accompany me during my mean you are Lakshya.?”she sobs in between.
“Oh bachcha not like that dear,I can’t be with you that time Ragini because(he paused and clenched his eyes shut)I can’t see you suffering while delivering our baby.i can’t see you undergoing so much of pain and in the pool of blood.i just wanna crush me into pieces it’s just because of me  you are suffering a lot.I curse myself for giving you so much of pain.Till now what I gifted you was pain and pain only.”he tightened his fist and the tears trailed it’s way down his cheeks.
“Laksh.”Ragini felt emotional with his words and immediately covered his lips with her’s not letting him to speak further.
“You are my most treasurable possession and you made me complete laksh.I love you laksh.”she said after pulling back from him.
“I love you too Ragini.!!”he mumbled and took her back into his embrace.
It’s her ninth month,ragini’s godh bharai was done but laksh never allowed her to stay in badi.
Just for a ritual Ragini went to badi for a day but laksh joined her in night and bring her back to mm the next morning.
“Don’t you think you are pampering me a lot.”Ragini questioned while resting her head on his shoulder.
“Not at all darling.”he kissed her hairs.
“What will you do if i leave you in the middle after delivering our Ba..”before  she could complete he smashed her lips showering all his emotions on her and her lips sync with his movements,could not help but it seems like they don’t want to part away from other.
“Don’t say it again Ragini.”Laksh’s eyes never failed in letting out the tears.
“Nowadays you are crying a lot idiot..”she slightly slapped his chest.
He fakes rubbing his eyes  for which she pecked his cheek and said “Aww..mera cry baby.Cho cute..”.
Laksh fakes a pout just to make her chuckle.
“love you Ragini.!”he kissed her forehead lovingly.
“ji ma..”Ragini replied to the voice.
“Laksh.maa is calling.!I need to go.”
“No way ragini.your sister will take care of the chores.I won’t leave you now.”he said kissing her neck from her right side lovingly.
“oh ho lover boy.please leave me na.!”Ragini tried to free herself from his grip and succeeded too.
“You will get caught soon in my hands darling.!”laksh said mischievously.
“Besharam.!”she commented and rushed downstairs.
“Maa..”Ragini comes enthusiastically to the kitchen.!
“Slowly Ragini.!”ap glares her firstly for the speed at which she rushed to the kitchen and later adviced her to be careful since her date is nearing.

“Sorry maa..i will be careful from now on.!”Ragini lowered her head.
“What our skater girl did today jiji.?”suji comes and sighs Ragini in what.
“It was as usual sujatha..!”
“ have to be careful na beta.if you can’t walk slowly then we would ask laksh to lift you everywhere in his arms,I think that would be a better idea since our energies are draining day by day by advising you.”suji winks.
“It’s my honour chachi.”laksh gave his naughtiest trademark smirk.
“Chachi.!you too joined his team.!!”Ragini pouts and blush at the same time.
The happiness spreads everywhere and Ragini turned out to be the centre of attraction and concern for Maheshwari’s.
“See you darling and get ready to cage in my arms.!”laksh whispers in ragini’s ear sending shivers down her spine.

“Go now.!”Ragini said blushing.
“only for now Ragini.!”
“Bye.!”she rolled her eyes when laksh’s lips brushed her cheek lovingly.
Maheshwari men’s left to office for an important foreign delegates meeting and the day was really an hectic one for laksh on the other while Ragini was instructed to take rest all the while and uttara is taking care of ragini’s health.
“Ragu..!”swara comes and handed her the pomegranate juice in the evening.
“I am not starving swara.!come and have a talk with me na.i am getting bored with sleeping always.”Ragini points her to sit beside her.
“Madam,first have this juice then we will talk.i am free moreover so we can talk like endless.”swara forwarded her the glass which got slipped from Ragini’s hand and the juice splitted on ragini’s saree.
“Uffo..what to do now.!I am sorry Ragini..go and change your clothes,I will bring you another glass of juice.”swara uttered.

“It’s not your fault swara.i will get changed don’t worry.”
“okay..i will be back Ragini.!”
Soon everyone returned from office,Swaragini and other ladies were busy with their regular pooja.
Laksh went to his room to refresh and headed back after 10 minutes.
The light was made dimmed in the room and the odour it’s spreading was creating an mild romantic feeling.
At the corner of the wardrobe,he found her in that royal blue colour beautifully embellished designer saree which he gifted a day before.
“So you got ready already to be in my arms.!”he whispers nearing her.
She didn’t gave him a reply instead chuckled.

“This saree looks beautiful in you Ragini.!”he makes his step closer to her and slid his hand on her wrist and further downwards to her fingers and intertwined it with him from backside.
“Why do I am feeling odd while touching her.?”laksh thinks.
She took his hand in hers and places it on her waist,laksh was lost in his daze.She turned suddenly and leaned closer to him.
“Laksh.!”ragini’s voice broke his trance and he was shocked to see the girl infront of him.
She was about to peck his lips and were inches apart,laksh suddenly pushed her against the wardrobe and slapped her cheek.

“How dare you swara.?how dare you wore my ragini’s dress.?Are you in your senses,do you know what did you tried just now.bullshit.”laksh screamed in his high rage and his nose flared due to anger.
“I know what I am doing laksh.!”her statement made Laksh numb but he doesn’t want to have a word with her when ragini’s screams reached him,all he wanted now is to check on Ragini.
Laksh reached to the door but was pulled back by swara.
“Laksh..please don’t.”she said.
“leave my hands swara orelse I won’t spare you alive.!”laksh said in his full rage and rolled the knob of the door.

“I don’t want you.I just wanna see her suffer.wait and watch.”swara says under her breath.
He rushed out and found his love lying on the floor near the stairs holding her baby bump and he never failed to notice the unstoppable tears escaping from her eyes,world stops for him there itself all he would hear was only his name escaping from her mouth continuously.
“Ragini.!”he was about to go down the stairs but before that the unexpected thing happened.
“Ragini,please save me from your evil husband.!”swara made a gymnastics on the stairs and hugged Annapurna like crushing her.
“Swara.what happened.?Why your clothes are torn.?”ap questioned while looking at her state leaving Ragini squirming in pain.
“Maa..!”swara fake tears.

“Ragini.!”laksh rushed to her without paying attention to swara.
“Laksh..Laksh misbehaved with me.!”she shed tears stuttering.”What.!”everyone gasps and turned their gaze towards laksh who was busy lifting Ragini towards the sofa and made her sit there.He then went to grab the glass of water for her.
“I can’t believe this jiji..hey chori.are you in your senses.!”suji yells.
“Maa..!how can I say that.”swara hiccups.
“Sujatha.!”ap sighs her to shut her mouth.
Everyone could not believe that laksh did that to swara but she manipulated everyone against laksh by her awesomatic skills.
“Laksh.!”Dp reached him and blocked his way at the entrance of the kitchen.
“What swara said was true.?”Dp asked to get confirmed from his side.
“Papa.,not now.we will discuss about it later.”he gritted his teeth giving a deathly glare to swara.
“Then she is right na laksh.!”dp raised his hand on laksh.
“Ji first let’s take Ragini to hospital then we can discuss the rest.She is wincing in pain,look at her.”ap said.

Dp was about to slap him again but Ragini comes in between for laksh’s rescue.
“Papa.!please don’t.”Ragini sighs folding her hand.
“ you know what he did.?”dp fumes in anger.
“Ragini..bachcha you okay right.!”laksh spun her towards him and cradle her face in his palms and she sighs him that she is OKAY.
She turned towards durgaprasad and continued “He did nothing papa.!” and took her step towards swara.
“Ragini.!Laksh is cruel.You know what he did to m..”before she could complete Ragini gave her a tight slap on her cheek.
“Why did you do this to me.?haan..kyun swara..?”Ragini spoke in between her sobs.
“Ragini..!”swara shocks.

“Ragini.tum teek ho na beta..!”ap and suji asks in union.
Swara sobs to gather their attention towards her and everyone asks Ragini the reason for slapping swara.
“bolo na Ragini.!”
“I will reveal you the truth.!”everyone turned towards the direction and gets shocked and surprised seeing Parth at the entrance,swara squirms at her place seeing him.
“I did nothing wrong Ragini.Trust me.!”swara involuntarily spoke at incorrect time.
“This saree itself revealing that you are wrong swara.”Ragini glares her while crying bitterly and parth interrupts ragini from further stretching the truth.

“What Ragini did was nothing wrong.!yes she did right by slapping swara and laksh is innocent.He haven’t done anything which swara accused that he did it.It’s all her plan to trap you all emotionally inorder to marry laksh because she is obsessed with her only memories of being with him.Few months back she got some flashes of Ragini pushing her on the river which screwed her to take revenge on her,that’s why it’s all happened.You all may think how I came to know about this all.I feel ashamed of myself for being a part in her plans,she manipulated me initially against Laksh inorder to separate him from Ragini so that it would be easy for her plan but later I realized what I was doing.She masterminded many tricks to create misunderstandings between them.Some of them even had intentions to harm Ragini and her baby and that’s where I realized I WAS WRONG,I don’t want to see Ragini in trouble and I can’t afford her tears because somewhere in past she was my lifeline but laksh’s love for her was something eternal,

she is his everything and same for Ragini too.Their love brought the better side of Parth inside me whom I dug in the grave long back in the name of revenge but still I want to be a part of swara’s moves inorder to save Ragini from her evil plannings.Today she took one step forward in throwing blames on laksh and pouring oil on the stairs inorder to make ragini suffer miserably,but this time I couldn’t stay quiet since it is concerned with two innocent souls so I decided to reveal everything to Ragini and did the same too.I unravel every truth of swara to Ragini with the videos which I have recorded while she shared her every plans.I wanted to expose her before you all but Ragini asked me not to do that because I didn’t revealed her about swara’s trap for laksh.”parth clenched his eyes.
“what are you saying parth.!maa,he is making up a lie.i haven’t did that cheap tricks which he accused.”swara goes to ap and sheds tears.
“Stop it swara.Hell with your drama.”Parth chided at his highest tone.

“BadeMaa.Badepapa believe me.!how can I harm my sister.Trust me.!”swara cries even more.
“Faking tears won’t hide your truth swara.”Ragini said wiping her tears.
“Wait I will unmask your true colours.”parth took his mobile and passed it down to dp and shows her video.
Everyone got shocked after viewing the video clip,in that moment sanskar made his entry who looks extremely exhausted and his face doesn’t even had a single pixel of happiness.
“Sanskar.atleast you would understand me right.Tell them that parth is wrong and he is doing everything just to show me bad.Tell th-them na sanskar.”
“Showing you bad.!”sanskar shrugged.

“You are not bad swara I must say that.!Believe me she is not bad.”
Swara smirks slightly with sanskar’s words.
“You are more than evil.!”his voice held so much of venom.
“I came to know about it Laksh.!”sanskar says that parth revealed it to him and Ragini at the same time.
“What’s happening here.!”everyone got confused with the sudden change of the environment.
“Jiji..this girl did..i can’t believe it.!”sujatha tried framing a sentence but failed miserably.
“Sanskar.he is trying to misplace the things.Please believe me.”swara pleads him.
“Just stop the hell swara.!”
“Why did you do this to us swara.?”sanskar paused for a moment.

“Where is the girl who showed only her genuine love on everybody.?Where is the girl who used to think only about her family’s well being.?where is the girl who treat her sister as her kid.?Where is the girl with whom I fall in love.?”sanskar gripped her shoulders and pinned her with the wall.

“You hid her with your masks swara.You just killed her.”Sanskar is on the verge of crying.
“Sans-“before she completes he interrupted.
“I compelled my brother to act as your husband for your favour just to bring back your memories.Noone can see his wife with any other guy but what happens to me huh..!why did you do this to me swara.?why.?can’t you see my love for you.?is my love is not true.?”he almost broke down completely.
“Sanskar.!please calm down.”laksh came forward and took him in his hug.

“I am sorry for everything‘s all happened because of me.I am sorry.I failed as a brother,as a best friend and as a good husband.”his emotions trailed away in laksh’s shoulder.
“Sanskar please.Fault is not yours.Just listen to me.Please calm it down.!”laksh brushes his hair.
“Yes sanskar you are not at fault,even swara did everything because she had a bad bitter memories about our past.The one to be accused is me.I am the reason for everything.I ruined every situation.”Ragini sobs weeping the floor.
“Ragini please don’t say like that.!”sanlak came towards her to console.

“Ragini..Ragini..and Ragini..!!”
“Why the hell everyone are chanting her name like a mantra.”swara screams clenching her fists.
“Swara.”laksh fumes but Ragini sighs him not to.
“oh common yaar..Stop portraying her like a saint or something.!”swara shrugs.
“Hold your tongue you.!”sanskar urged to her but Ragini held his arm.
“What will you do my lovely husband.?”swara said with cold attitude which added fuel to his madness and in a rage sanskar pulled away his arm from Ragini’s grip and slapped swara and due to his force she stumbles and her head suddenly hit against the wall.She fell down unconscious on the floor and her backhead got injured slightly.
Raglak and SanParth goes near her.
“Swara.!”sanskar pats her cheeks continuously but she is not responding.

“Swara..please open your eyes damn it.!”Ragini too pats her cheek but her eyes starts turning heavy due to the pain in her abdomen,her hands were taken back from swara’s cheek to her belly unknowingly.She bits her lower lip to prevent her scream but she couldn’t help when the stirring got increased downwards.
“Jiji..,her water is broken.!”sujatha points out Ragini and everyone’s attention turned towards her.
“Aahh..laksh..!”Ragini whines in pain which seems to be unbearable.

“Ragini.!!”laksh reached to her hand and holds her in his arms.
“Laksh..we need to take her to hospital immediately.”ap says.
“Parth.!start the car.”laksh ordered and the next moment he lifts Ragini in his arms like a flower.
“Sanskar you bring swara to the hospital.!”laksh says and headed outside.
“don’t worry about swara take care of Ragini lucky.!”sanskar says and aadharsh sighs Sanky to bring swara outside and waits with the car for swasan.
Laksh makes Ragini to sit on the backside of the car and made her head down on his lap caressing her hair.
“Ragini..just few more minutes.!please bear it na.Parth.. Make it fast.”laksh sniffs.
Parth nodded and increased the accelerator.
Ap,dp,suji and rp comes in separate car and sanskar took swara with him along with aadharsh and Pari.

“Bhai please relax.Bhabhi will be alright.”Uttara tried consoling laksh but nothing worked down.
‘Everything is happening only because of me and my impulsive brain but what Ragini did was uncommendable,she took the blames of mine on her head.How could she say that she was the reason behind everything.It’s not her fault,it’s all mine.only mine who is responsible for everything that happened till now.I didn’t expect that swara would fall this low to take over revenge for my deeds but what Ragini does.If Ragini wasn’t there then swara won’t be alive at this moment(Kavya incident).Our lives turned out to be a roller coaster ride.God please give strength to my Ragini to bear this pain.I promise I will make her happy in all possible ways.She is the one who loves me unconditionally after my mom,I need her I need her badly please ease her pain soon.’ Laksh thinks in his mind and let his tears out.
“Laksh.!”parth’s voice brought him out from daze.

“We reached the hospital.!”
“Hmm.!”laksh sighs and gently lifts Ragini again in his arms and sighs her.
“Doctor.!”his voice echoed and immediately stretcher was rushed to him by wardboys.Laksh placed Ragini on it and started pushing it towards the labour ward since he informed doctor everything through phone and all were waiting for them to proceed.
“You stay here Mr.Maheshwari.!”doctor said and took Ragini inside the ward.
“Ragini.!”laksh clenched his eyes shut whereas parth was consoling him to calm down.Uttara was pacing to and fro on the hallway.

“Lucky.”sanskar came to him and took him into his hug.
“Why you came here sanskar.?you need to be with swara.”laksh said in between his sobs.
“Bade maa and bade papa is there with her.”he says.
“ laksh..!”ragini’s scream ached laksh to the level that he himself wanted to dug a grave for him.
“Ragini.!” He closed his ears and the tears trailed down from his eyes.
“Lucky relax.Ragini will be fine.!”sanskar consoles him but he isn’t listening any of his words.
“I want to see her sanskar.Now.Right now.!”laksh urged towards the doorway but soon he was pulled back by his brother.
“You can’t control yourself inside the ward and you would make the situation worse than before.Stop behaving like a kid lucky,you gonna have a kid anytime soon.Behave like a matured man idiot.”sanskar tried distracting him but everything failed miserably.
“Relatives of Mrs.Ragini.”a voice drifted laksh from his daze.
“It’s me.Her husband.”he scuttered towards the doorway where the nurse is questioning.
“We are sorry sir.We tried our best but could not save the baby.!”

“What.?How that could be.?Hey you what are you saying.?Where is my Ragini.?Is she ok.?How could my princess leave me.?you might be wrong you Miss.?Call the doctor.?How dare you.?How could my baby leave me.?Ragini.?How is she.?”laksh bombarded the nurse with tons of questions who almost lost his mental stability,sanskar held his shoulder to control his emotions.
“Nurse there might be a misunderstanding.Doctor said that Ragini will be okay and even they said that the delivery will be a normal one.”sanskar enquired her.
Laksh kept blabbering but his panic got vanished when another nurse came and congratulated him for becoming a father.
“Sanskar..i said na.!My Ragini and my princess can’t leave me alone.!”laksh says smiling sheepishly.
Both of the nurse got confused with laksh’s weird behaviour.
“Aren’t you Mrs.Ragini Malhotra’s husband.”the first one questioned for which he shook his head in no.
“Oops.I am so sorry sir.”she apologized and congratulated him for his new responsibility.
“Boy or girl.”Sanskar asked in excitement.
“My princess bhai.!”laksh exclaimed in amusement and reached the door already.
“Yes you’re right.It’s a girl.!”nurse replied.
“Future Predictor Lucky.!”sanskar amazes and followed laksh.
“Ragini.!”laksh reached her and caresses her cheek lovingly.
“It’s a girl.My princess you know.!”he sneered and pecked her forehead and merged it with his.
“Victorious smirk.Isn’t it.?”she said struggling to speak.
“Shshh..let me adore you Ragini.!”he kept staring her fondly and his intense gaze heats up her cheek and her face turned crimson red.
“Laksh.Stop staring me.!”Ragini feigned.
Sanskar cleared his throat to bring back the love birds into normal state.

“ is swara..?is she okay.?”Ragini waited for his response.
“Yeah Ragini.Doctor said that she will get conscious after an hour.”he said furtively.
“Sanskar.Are you trying to avoid the topic.”Ragini questioned.
“Where is my doll Ragini.?”sanskar changed the topic.
“Nurse took her.Answer my question first.”she glares him.
“She is fine.Please don’t bring her topic again.I don’t want to have a talk about that.”sanskar’s eyes glazed with the glassy layer of tears.
“Sorry.”She mumbled.
“don’t to be.”sanskar replied and his gaze shifts to the door where the nurse is lifting their little angel.
“Oh my princess.”laksh went and gently took his daughter from nurse hands and started his crazy talks with her and kissing session too.
“Uffo lucky don’t crush her brain by your craziness.Give her to me.”Sanky lifted her in his arms and starts his nicknaming process.
Both the brothers went on head to heels crazy for their little angel and with her cute smile,the bitterness faded away and the happiness got lighted up.Ragini grins widely seeing her husband and her best friend’s crazy antics.

“Oh guys.You all forgot me in between.”Parth chided.
“Come on Handsome uncle.!Angel look at him your another flirty uncle,Parth.!”laksh and sansky chuckled.
“Don’t spoil her you grown up idiots.!”parth feigned and took the baby from laksh in his arms.
“Her eyes are just like Ragini right.Look at her ears and nose which were exactly like mine.”Laksh said proudly.

“Is it..her nose is too tiny but yours was yuck.!”Parth commented.
“You.!”Laksh slightly Pinched him.
“No violence father ji orelse I would ask my angel’s help to payback you.”parth winks.
“Hey angel.Will you be my partner in crime.”Parth asks to the little baby for which she smiles back.
“Dekh..she is smiling.”Parth screams in joy.
“You three.Behave yourself.This is hospital.”Ragini grits out.
“Your order madam.”all the three said in union.
“God make them happy like this forever and ever.No one’s evil eyes should fall on them.”Ragini did their nazar.

“Sir,don’t disturb the patient and the baby.”nurse ordered.
“Am I disturbing you princess.”laksh asked to his princess,she immediately shooks her head in no like she understands what he asked for.
“See.My princess itself saying that I AM NOT AN DISTURBANCE.”
“Sorry Mam.”Ragini sighs nurse to bear his pamper.
“I don’t how she is managing this grown up kid.”nurse murmurs indirectly mocking laksh which makes Ragini to laugh out loud.
Sanskar mobile rang and he lifted the call.
“Haan maa.!”
“I will come.okay fine I will come.”he said and disconnected the call.

“What maa said sanskar.?”laksh enquired.
“Swara got conscious.”sanky replied.
“That’s great.Go and visit her sanskar.”laksh asked him to go.
“She gains her memory back laksh.Doctor said that due to the shock which happened because of the injury,she got back her memories.”sanskar bit out.
“That’s really cool.”Laksh said in excitement.
“Wow.You need to go.Visit her sanskar.She needs you now.”Ragini said.
“But Ragini.”

” No buts-vuts..Go to her.”Ragini instructed strictly.
“Okay fine.”He shrugged and reached to the door.
At swara’s room.
“Badimaa.!Where is sanskar.?What happened to me.?”swara questioned Annapurna.
Ap continuously looks at the door for Sanskar.
“Maa.”Sanskar entered inside.
“Sanskar.”swara uttered excitedly and her eyes glistening with spark which is her love for him.
“You okay.”
She nodded and expected him to take her in his embrace but he didn’t.she kept glancing his eyes but he lowered his eyes down soon.
“Take care.I just have an important meeting,if you want anything just give me a call.I will be back soon.Bye.”Sanskar furtively spit out and turned to go.
“Sanskar.Please stay with me na.I need you.Your presence.”Swara says and her eyes started brimming with tears.
Sanskar could not resist her words anymore,he immediately hugged her and took her in his embrace.
“I am sorry but I need to go.”
“Am I did anything wrong.”swara questioned.

“It’s not like that swara.I am little busy that’s why.Don’t stress yourself.i will visit you by evening.Take care.”He said and immediately pulled away from her.
Sanskar could not hide anymore,he curse himself for his state.
“I should have saved her from Rajat’s grip.Everything went wrong because of my one indecisive move.I thought that she was acting trying to cover her sin but her eyes shown the genuine love which is only for me.What I did to her now was wrong,completely wrong.!She gained back her memory,first thing comes from her mouth was my name ‘SANSKAR’ but still I could not make myself comfortable because of the recent happenings.What should I do now.?”sanskar gets lost deeper in his thoughts and his tears made it’s way out.
“Follow your heart sanskar.!”laksh’s words brought him out from daze.
“Lucky,why did you left Ragini alone there and my little princess would get bored.Go to them.”
“Shshh.Dadi,Maa and papa was there with them.No worries.Just do what I say.”laksh says and forwarded him a cup of coffee.
“Do you really mean it.”Sanskar bit out.

“Ofcourse I am.!”laksh sips the coffee from his cup.
“Do you want me to accept her and behave like a normal.!”
“I don’t want you to accept her.!”laksh says looking towards the other side.
Sanskar blinks.
“Correction.I want you to love her more than before.She needs you now sanskar.Go to her.”laksh says chuckling a bit.
“You believe her na lucky that..she isn’t faking this time.!”sanskar questioned for which laksh nodded the next moment.
Sanskar hugged him and places his head on his shoulder.
“Oh hoi..!Stop your Bromance and continue romancing my bhabhi more than before.”laksh pushed him away slightly for which he got a gift in the form of slap from sanskar playfully.
Everything went peacefully,swasan got reunited and our lover boy’s possessiveness for his love doesn’t stopped at all.
RagLak named their angel as “RAKSHITHA”.

Swara heared about her memory loss track from sujatha as usual our tape recorder spit out the truth in a flow which ached swara and she felt extremely embarrassed and guilty for her own act.She even apologized RagLak for her mistakes,they erased her guilt with their love.
Rakshitha’s entry spreads happiness in everyone’s life even in aadharsh and pari’s life too.
Our three Doberman’s none other than Maheshwari brothers were held as an toy for Rakshitha’s happiness by our Maheshwari bahu’s and she was pampered by each and everyone of the mansion.
“Rakshu.Look at there.Your badipa and sanky pa,so funny right.!”ragini beamed trying to divert the crying rakshitha.
Rakshu smiles immediately like accepting her mom’s statement and started drinking the milk from the bottle calmly.

“Hey hello.are we looking funny..??then what about your husband madam.”sanskar questioned pointing the crazily dancing laksh.
“aah..he isn’t funny.HE IS CHO CUTE SANSKAR.”ragini winks her eye and chuckles.
“Aww..mera bachcha..!!”laksh goes to her and pulled her cheeks.
“YOU.!!”sanskar chased ragini who hides herself behind laksh,rest of them laughed looking at raglaksan including rakshu who is now in pari’s arm.
Annapurna and sujatha watches everything from outside the room had happy tears looking at their happy family.
“jiji,rakshu made our family complete and she acts as the bridge in uniting relations.”sujatha wipes her tears.
“haan sujatha.”ap nods.
“she is our treasurable gem.”dp said accompanying his brother.
“Noone evil eyes should fall on them.!”ap says and took their nazar.
The screen freezes with the happy faces of maheshwari family.

*The End*

A/N:Thank you so much guys for waiting for this update and bearing me for a long time.I don’t know whether I did justice to the plot or not but I want to thank each and everyone who had encouraged me by your valuable comments and also the silent readers.Epilogue will be updated soon.Thank you once again.
Planning for a season 2 of this ff and will let you know about that soon.
Take care all.Bubye.

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