Don’t stay away it kills me -Raglak ff by darshu and folly part 16

Dsaikm part 16
The excitement for the new arrival spreads happiness across the walls of the mm..!!
Days passes,but laksh’s pampering gets increased day by day..!
He used to be behind her everytime and pops up into every issues related to her..!!he consciously handles her mood swings and was trying his level best to fulfil all her wishes..!!
Fulfilling ragini’s wishes and wants were his 24*7 desire..!!
It was a day which makes both raglak to get saddened extremely,because Ragini gets addicted with his pampering and she secretly enjoys her cute hubby’s effort in fulfilling her wishes but now she have to stay away from him for a day.

“Ragini,please I can’t stay away from you..!please don’t force me na..!!”laksh begs her..!
“laksh..!just a day only laksh,by tomorrow evening you will be here..don’t behave like a kid come on come on get ready..!!”she pushes him towards the washroom to get changed..!!
Laksh was not interested to leave her alone that too in this stage,now she is in her 7th month,his heart turns heavy whenever he thinks about leaving her.If sanskar was there,then this meeting trip will be undertaken by him but unfortunately he went abroad for a foreign collaboration.

“Ragu..!!”laksh shooks ragini’s shoulder who was sitting blankly in the couch..!
“huh..!!”she came out from her trance and stood up.
Laksh(wrapping his hands around her neck):shall I stay back..??
“laksh..!!”Ragini fakes anger..

“ok ok..!!”said he and slightly adjusts her saree near her belly and says “princess,take care of yourself and mumma..paapa will be back soon..ummaahh..!!”he planted a kiss there making her to fall more weak..!!
The tears which she hid from him starts to overflow.Even though she forces him to attend the meeting,her heart is aching badly while thinking about his absence.
Before laksh could proceed further,she pecked his cheeks fondly and exclaimed “I love you laksh..!!”

“I love you too..!!”he hugged her and kissed her forehead.
Ragini descended the stairs with laksh and gave him a send off..!!
Laksh blown a flying kiss to her and waves,she waves back and wipes her tears..!!
After Laksh left mm,ragini started feeling alone because in all these days laksh would be behind her like a bubble gum but now he is nowhere to handle her mood swings even though maheshwari’s took care of her safety with ultimate care but somewhere she started missing laksh from the moment he left.
The day passed boring for Ragini without Laksh,she is waiting for his call.He haven’t made a call since he left from Kolkata.

She started pacing to and fro in her room madly thinking about laksh,ap who watched all these from far thought to do something.
“Ragini beta..!!”ap comes to her room and distracted her thoughts.
Ragini:maa..!!(she blinks)
Ap:have this beta(she offered her saffron mixed milk)
Ragini while drinking the milk thinks about laksh,his cute smile,his love for her and his naughtiness..!!her face changed pale.

Ap noticed her and asks her to sleep,ap said that she will sleep with her just to make her feel comfortable.
Ap:don’t think about anything beta..laksh will be back by tomorrow evening..!!you take rest Ragini,if he came to know that you are feeling restless then he will jump from earth to sky in anger..!!
Ragini smiles a little and with ap’s presence she slowly dozed off..!!
Sun rays penetrated inside the room and disturbed ragini’s sleep,she slowly opened her eyelids and stares the clock..!!

She immediately stood up when she found it’s already 9’o clock..!!
She immediately grabbed her phone to see the notifications but to her bad luck she doesn’t get any messages and calls from laksh,some sort of inauspicious thoughts started occupying her mind.she crushed out everything and urged to washroom.
Ragini got freshen up and descended towards the pooja room and sang aarthi songs after that she finished her regular meditation.

She found silence everywhere and from that she realised that everyone has left to office.
Ap comes and Ragini greets her..
Ragini:sorry maa..!!
Ap:kyun beta..??
Ragini:actually I slept for such a long time that’s why (she paused)
Ap:that’s not a big deal seems tired yesterday that’s why I didn’t disturbed you..!!come and have your breakfast..!!

Ragini:maa,did you had..??
Ap:no..i wanted to have with you that’s why I didn’t had it yet..!!
Ragini gets happy tears and hugs her tightly thinking about her love..!!
There was a strange fight between the spoon and the food,ap watches everything silently and found that she haven’t ate even a single morsel.
Ap(breaking the interlude of silence):Ragini.,are you ok..??
Ragini(bursts out crying):maa..!! phone messages (she stammers)
Ap:Ragini..don’t worry beta,laksh is safe only.morning only dp ji said that he reached Manali and was busy with his meetings.

Ap:problem solved hai na..!!
Ragini:maa..I will help you with household chores.
Ap(interrupted):no seems weak so better take rest Ragini..i will send everything to your room..!!have this(she offered her tablets)

Ragini smiles weakly and ascended the stairs to her room..!!
Ragini(in mind):Why he didn’t call me still..??He had time to talk with papaji but not with me,how mean you are..!!after your return,you will regret for this Mr.Laksh Maheshwari.i will give you double dosage as a punishment.(she twisted her lips)
Even though she heard that laksh reached Manali safely,the strange thoughts doesn’t let her mind to calm down.She seems to be worried not for him but for her.
Ragini(in mind):maa said that he is safe but why he didn’t call me yet..??doesn’t he miss me..??urghh,this laksh is driving me crazy..!!
She kept thinking about him and she isn’t able to bear his absence even for a single second.
And finally our hero aagaya..!!

The first word he uttered while stepping into the house is “Ragini..!!”
Maheshwari’s were having their tea and discussing about the new deal while hearing laksh’s voice Ragini rushed from the kitchen but later thought not to pay attention to him.
“Ragini..!!”laksh comes near her but she left to kitchen replying “ji maa..!!”
Ap:Ragini beta,I didn’t call you..!!go and spend sometime with laksh because you missed him from yesterday right(teasing)
Ragini:I will finish this work and will go maa..
Ap(in mind):why she is behaving weirdly..!!whatever (she shrugged)
Laksh who wasn’t able to tackle anymore peeps inside the kitchen by saying silly reasons to meet Ragini because she is not wasting even a single chance to avoid him.
Dinner time..

Laksh while explaining everything to dp regarding the meeting steals her glances secretly.
“why are you doing this to me Ragu..!!”laksh said under his breath
Laksh:I want that gravy(shows the one which Ragini is serving)
Ap sighs Ragini to serve it to laksh,while serving it to him he holds her hand under the table and started making circles there.
Ragini sighs him to leave her hand and daggers him with death glares.
Laksh:I need more

Ragini widened her eyes when laksh sounds little loud..!!
Laksh:I mean the GRAVY..!!
Without anyone’s knowledge,he slowly brushes her fingers with his lips.
Ragini jerks her hand and moved far away from him.
Ap asks Ragini to have food with laksh since she needs to take tablet.Ragini sits near dp and somehow managed the situation.

She felt really bad when laksh haven’t ate anything that too because of her weird behaviour but she thought that he deserves it.
Ragini:maa,shall I go to my room because I feel little bit tired.
Laksh:are you ok Ragini..??come I will take you to our room.
Ragini(shows her palm):no need..i will handle it myself..!!
Her statement makes him to get stunned.she left to their room when ap asks her to take rest.
Laksh (in mind):what happened to her now..??sudden change within a she angry on me but why..??
After everyone’s dispersal laksh too urged to his room and stares his wifey who is showing her back to him.

He slammed the door and bolted it,he took steps and switched off the lights and slowly threw himself beside her.
Ragini is still awake but pretending like she dozed off,her heart beat increased when she felt his hot breath near her right ear.He slowly slides his hand above her hand and buried his face on her back.
She immediately jerks his hand away and stood up from bed.
Laksh was shocked by her behaviour.
“just stop it laksh..!”

She moves away when he approached her and she has no other way to escape from him now.
“please laksh..!”she said closing her eyes..!!
He smirks and immediately smashed her lips with his rough lips showing her how badly he missed her,his carvings,his anger of being ignored and his love gets transmitted to her and she lost herself in his sweet love making forgetting about the deeds he did the day before,she enjoys his cute tortures.
His hands were playing with a rhythm which makes her to lose herself in his love.
He smirks and was about to press her waist,reality strikes him which makes them to part away.
Laksh(twisting his hands):I am SORRY..!!
Ragini:sorry..but why(huskily) are you feeling..??are you fine Ragu??
Ragini reminisces his acts and turns her face away,laksh gets saddened with her reactions..!
Laksh:am sorry Ragini..!!actually I should not have started this,I don’t know how to show my emotions that’s why and totally forgot that it will affect our princess..!!am sorry again..(he tries to explain her) not at all angry about what you meant but(her tears touched her cheek)
She showed her palm against him..
“why you didn’t call me yesterday..!!”
Laksh:so my queen is angry with her king for this only..
“I need my answer Laksh..!!”

“uffo Ragu,due to some climatic conditions signal strength was lost and when I reached the hotel it was late night I thought not to disturb you and in the morning the meeting got preponed and in between I informed dad regarding the meeting and then I tried your number but it went call forwarding then I dialled our landline,swara picked the call and said that you are still sleeping being tired and she added that she will inform you about this but she might have forgotten I think.this is the reason Ragini,I swear..!!”he said in one go..!!
“do you know how much I missed you..!!”she said burying her face on his chest..
“yes I do..!!but it all happened because of you..”he pinched her cheek
“aah..!!”she screams
“don’t make that face orelse I can’t control myself Ragini..!!”he winks his eye..
“chi..!!”she hits him playfully..!!
“I love you Ragini..!!”he says kissing her forehead..!!
“I love you too laksh..!!”she hugged him

To be continued •••
Hi my dear are you all..??thanks everyone for reading and supporting me with your valuable comments..!!It may be over by next chappy and I promise you guys that this ff will surely have an epilogue.!!
Happy Diwali everyone..stay blessed and take care dears
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