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Recap :- Veer and Pari are on a mission ; The killer is ‘ Shanti Devi ‘ ; PARI is trapped by Killer .

The episode begins with the killer Lady dragging Pari , As she fainted and was drunk .

The lady groans : I’ll kill her , I’ll take revenge , Today she’ll die .

Gaurav : Veer where’s your wife ?

Sagar : I think she’s jealous seeing you dancing with other girls .

Veer thinks : Where’s that girl , I just hope that she’s not in any trouble . I gotta find her .

He comes out of the crowd and asks everyone around about her . Then a man tells him that he saw her going out . Veer goes and searches for her every where . But his attempts goes in vain .

That lady , Killer , Dragged PARI to terrace . To roof top . Pari summoned all her strength and courage . She tired to be conscious .

Pari : Why do you want to kill me ?

Lady : Because they killed me

Pari : what happened with you tell me , I’ll help you out

Lady became aggressive ” Keep care , Someone will dare ” , She raises her arms which were holding a knife .

Pari screams : Nooo !!! She hold her hand and pushed her back .

Pari: Why are you killing women like this , Why tell me ??

Pari : Shanti Devi right !! Tell me !! Speak .

Lady became vigorous and forceful . She Pushed Pari to wall , Down the wall was a scrapyard . Veer was growing anxious , Then Someone comes and exclaimed ” Hurry up , I saw a woman at the terrace she was going to kill someone with knife ”

Veer ran to the terrace . He reached there and

Veer was dumbstruck ” Pari ! ”

Veer shouts : Hey , Don’t do it , Stop it

Lady : No I’ve to kill this woman , or else I can’t sleep with Peace .

The lady again raised up her arms , Pari was trying to defense herself .

Lady : Don’t come to me , Stay away from me , Don’t come near me .

Pari : You want to kill me then kill me , I don’t care , Come kill me .

The Lady turns to Pari and Raised her hands , Seeking the opportunity Veer came and Grasped The woman . Then he pushed her away .
He goes and hugs Pari .

Veer : Pari ! Are you okay .

The suddenly CBI officials came and Arrested the woman .

Veer was holding Pari in his arms , She fainted , He picked her and goes to room .

Then doctor was called , After getting checked , Doctor made clear that someone had mixed something unusual in her drink . On interrogation , Sagar and Gaurav says Sorry to both Veer and Pari . Then After the the camp , They both came back home . R.K came and apologized . He gave this case to Pari because , Few years back , Instead of him , Veer was chosen as IPS officer . He was kicked off from the Police station . He was very angry , He left India ,Took training and came back just previous year . Then he was chosen has Superintendent of CBI . He was very jealous whenever he heard Veer’s Praise of solving cases .
Then one day when CBI got to know about the Serial killer case . R.K decided to give responsibility to Pari . As if she solved the case ,Then Veer would be jealous that without him , His wife alone solved a high profile case . He would not be seen with that respect in the society . But he was wrong .
Then Veer and Pari both worked on ‘ Shanti Devi ‘ Case . They find out that this woman belongs to a old village . She got raped and then Pregnant . The whole village stated calling her mad , witch , Psycho . She was locked in a room . Her child was killed . Then one day she fled from that room and started killing Pregnant women with specially crafted knife , On which ‘ P ‘ – psycho was written . So that she could explain her Pain , When a child is killed and a wife …

****** THE END OF FF*****


I know you must be having hundreds of questions in your mind , Be calm and Listen to me . I’m not closing this Fan fiction . What I’m going to do is . I’m writing a new fan fiction . This fan fiction is ‘ Aankhon mein Teri ‘ On serial Dahleez . Now , This is a intense love story . And the end of this fantasy is linked to my other fan fiction on NAAMKARAN ,. okay , So you’ve to read this new one to get to know what will happen next . The new story on AVNEIL will begin after this Dahleez fan fiction , With new twists and turns , New love story And fresh beginning . Hope you got it . Any doubts I beg you please ask me ???

So in this story what you liked most and what you hated the most . Which is your favorite character and episode .


Lets have a new start . Hope you’ll read my new fan fiction . All the introduction is down below ???


( * Some banners which I edited myself for my fav ..AVNEIL??)

Waiting for your views insanely , madly , crazily . Are you ready for new love story ….. AANKHON MEIN TERI ????

JUST hope that you’ll not leave me here and not be upset . I love you my friends …Bye ??????Ya see you soon !!!!

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  1. Priyu

    Ok you ended this ?? But where is Sameer what happened to him my favorite character is him. ? And what about sunny he should get a lady love too ? Never mind, Well.. I liked the whole story. I didn’t like when Pari was hiding things from veer. I thought they will have a child at the end ???? end is good . I thought veer will blame pari ?Anyways, I’m sure that your new FF will be a super success like this ff ????? keep writing ? you are one of the talented writers here ?? so no worries for the new FF. ??

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ,,,, Love you loads ???
      Sameer got his treatment and then later marries to Sanha .

      1. Priyu

        Omggggggg really??????????? Did he marry Sanha!!!!!!! Woooooooooowwww ??????????????????????????????????

  2. ????? THE END ?????? NO MORE “DONT NEED YOU” ,????? A NEW FF….. WILL BE WAITING…..

    1. Kira

      Don’t worry dear , It’s a story , It has to be ended one day . Thanks a lot for your love … Hope you would be a part of my new ff too ….

      1. Lucie

        U are right a story has to be ended one day but not this much soon. Its said very true that we have to move on towards the step of sucess. So we cant stop u from climbing u these steps. But I would like to not few things about this ff. This was the 1st regular ff of avniel( from the time I have joined here ). We all fans have been given and taken lots of love and respect from this ff. YADOON MEIN AANE WAALE TERA SHUKRIYA, DIL KO BAHELANE WAALE TERA SHUKRIYA, KHUY KARTE HAI AAJ KE ZAMANE MEI KISISIE DOSTI ITNI, HAME DOSTE KAHNE WAALE TERA SHUKRIYA. All the characters either positive or negative all were my favourite. U must be thinking why negative but I think failures and negativeness is needed to enjoy success and love. I am yet I am unable to believe that this was the last episode. When I read this is last episode I was not in a state to read it but when I read ur note I am little satisfied. Anyway best of luck for further ff. We all fans will be waiting for ur new ff.

  3. Hey Kira dear,
    I really got a heart attack when I read that it is the last chapter???
    It is only after reading the last part that I was able to breathe properly…….
    And don’t worry we AvNeil fans will surely listen to your request and eagerly wait for the continuation of this ff….???????
    Your ff has made me more and more in love with AvNeil…..Thank you soo much for the wonderful treat that you have given us…..????
    And about your questions …..what I hated the most was Pari’s hiding behavior from Veer(anyways I ignore it coz it was needed in the story) and the best thing I liked was Pari’s eternal love for all those who were a part if her life……I really miss Sunny and Sameer too(hope they come in the next part)……
    (And none of us will ever be upset with you…..and I am sure that whatever you do will always be great success)
    Once again THANKS and LOVE U LOADS ??
    BYEEE….. TAKE CARE….????☺☺☺☺

    1. Kira

      Oh i felt like crying reading your lovely comment and seeing your love . Thanks a lot for yur support . Love you loads dear RONA ,,, keep smiling always ????????

  4. ImRagela

    Hey Kira really i got an electric shock that r ending the ff …This is an awesome and 1st Avneil ff i have ever read..??…Seriously yaar…Awesome you are..End is too good..Through this we became frnds too..But i am getting tears that i will miss this ff ????…..Anyways all the best for ur next ff Aankhon mein teri ???????…Wish that it would a be a success …Love you lot ???????

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot my dear friend for your nice words ….love you too ???

  5. Aryan Bhattacharya

    Di it’s a very beautiful ending… Di when I read the headline where it’s written “the end” that time tears came from my eyes… I loved the ff very much…. And after that I really became happy by seeing that you will write again on Avneil…
    And I liked the characters – Veer, Pari, Sunny, Sameer, Dr. Amma, Sanha… All are very nice and selfless.. But my fav character is Veer… I loved the romantic and caring part of Paveer.. And I hate the hiding character of Pari… But without this the story will not complete.. It’s part of the story..
    And di You are awesome writter and my most favourite writer…. Love you di…
    And di I will miss you very very very much so plzzzzzzz start the new ff soon… You are the best di.. ?
    Good night and sweet dreams di…

    1. Kira

      Thanks thanks thanks a lot my brother ???really happy that you’ll read my new ff and I just hope u r not upset with me ….
      Good night sweet dreams ???
      Thanks once again for loving my story???

      1. Aryan Bhattacharya

        Good morning and have a charming day di…. Di I am not upset with you .? you are my cuty di..

  6. Kira

    Rightly said Lucie , we’ve to move on ,,, But I myself really don’t want to end it , But somewhere I have this feeling that I really misses something here , So I want to have a fresh start ….???? Am a mad fan if avneil?

  7. Sad to know that this was an end of NEED YOU and PARI VEER
    But as you said that you will right another one I am happy
    See one side NK writers started focusing on Sasha and kk rather than neil and avni so I will not be seeing Nk for some days till they r there as I can not see them onscreen and on the other side you finished this fan fiction
    Broken but I have the spirit to control myself and my emotions and a believe that you will soon START the new ff on avneil
    My favourite character were the main leads and there is nothing to hate in this
    Good Night and see u in your next fan fiction

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot to understand , Please don’t be upset . I hope you’ll be a Part of my new ff …love you , good night????

      1. It is my humble request that pls upload a summary of medium size of this avneil fan fiction

      2. Whole story in short words pls….

      3. I am not upset from you but somehow i felt that you hurridely wrapped up this ff
        The ending seemed that it was incompelete
        Somehow you would have extent it for 2 or 3 episodes for an ending
        I am upset because of the writers of nk
        Sorry didi if u felt bad
        Have a sweet day
        And I will surely read your upcoming works

    2. Pls upload the summary soon

      1. Kira

        I’m quite busy I’ll see if I can write a summary as soon as possible dear ???

  8. It was really heart breaking when I came to know that you are ending this FF it was something thing we use to wait for daily. We will definitely miss it.
    The Pari Veer story was so awesome, there understanding , love, care and respect for each other just like Avniel is something that we will never forget.
    The story started when Pari wanted to fight her fight alone and ended being helped by Veer who stood with her in all odds.
    I have Loved this FF like anything. Will miss it soooooo much . I just hope you will start your new FF soon and won’t make us wait for long.

    Well I am having a few questions, if you don’t mind. Where is doc Amma ? Did she went back to her brother in America? And what will happen of sunny for he was such a cute character? And One last as Veer was the CEO of a company when introduced , so what happened to his company?
    I am sorry ,I know it’s lots of question . But I had them in my mind .
    And yes , All THe BEST for your Dehlez FF and all your future plans.

    With loads of love,

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot saumya ,,, love you loads ??As I mentioned that I’m going to write a new ff which will have link with new AVNEIL ff , So don’t get Sad … Thanks a lot for your lovely words ,it touched my heart ???????

    2. Kira

      Dr.Amma went back , Sunny is now taking care of Veer’s company ,

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