Recap : Kavya is killed , Nikhil sends a caution to Pari , Thinking about next plans …


Man : Sir , Parcel is delivered , what’s next

Nikhil : wait , Don’t be so fast , Slow and steady wins the race .

Another Man comes and says in a worried speech ” Sir , Mr.Mahesh called ”

Nikhil : what he said ?

Man : He told that whole minister cabinet is mad after the video and they are going to recruit a new minister

Nikhil : What ( shocked ) , No I want khan to be back in his position .

He gets annoyed ” Call Mahesh , Call right now ! ”


Inside police station

Sameer : This Nikhil is a shit man !

Veer : Yes , But how’s he doing this everything , Years ago he was imprisoned for life .

Pari : Money power and prostitution !

Veer : what ?

Pari : Yes , Khan is a corrupt minister of Maharashtra . He has double power , His party won in BANGALURU also , Nikhil sends him proustite and in place he helped him getting out of jail

Sameer : Oh ! The whole cabinet is infected , We have to do something immediately .


Nikhil : Hey , You stupid Mahesh , You are a police inspector right ! Do something , I don’t  Any new minister .

Mahesh : Sir , why aren’t you understanding , I’m just inspector , the IPS officer above me is very loyal and cunning , he won’t let me do anything

Nikhil : who is that IPS ?

Mahesh : He’s , Sameer rathore

Nikhil : The name seems to be familiar to me .

Mahesh : Sir , He’s a mad man , He’s very honest officer .

Nikhil : Now what can we do ( He thinks for some time , The spoke ) Hey listen to me ……….( Mute conversation)

Mahesh : But sir , Actually this case , about Khan is of Mumbai , Because he’s ruler of Maharashtra , So it can’t work here .

Nikhil : Oh really !

Mahesh : Also Sir , It would require around 1000 men , From where we could get such man power .

Nikhil : Don’t worry about that , I’ve many who can even die , Just to get some money .

Mahesh : Sir , Okay , We can do this , But for this we need to go to Mumbai , Also khan is in Mumbai’s jail .

Nikhil : Okay I’m ready


Pari : Yes , I’m ready , You’re right veer , If we want to be successful then we’ve to go to Mumbai

Veer : Okay , then , Let’s try It out .

Sameer puts his hands forward and says excitedly ” Are you guys ready for mission ”

They all clapped over his hand and exclaimed enthusiastically ” Oh yeah ! ”


Inside Rachel’s hostel and P.G

Aunt : I’m so sad Pari , You’re going , But I’m happy too as you’re married and you should now live with your husband in his house .

Pari : Thanks a lot Aunt , You were so nice and like a mother to me .

Aunt : Don’t make me cry now okay . And veer never make my daughter cry okay !

Veer : Aunt , It’s an irony you know , She’s a lady Singham .

Aunt laughs aloud .

Veer : Okay Pari let’s go now ,

Pari Hugged and bids goodbye ….

They both sat in Taxi .

Veer : Driver , Take us to police station .

The car started .

Pari was seeing through the window , Looking around sadly .

Veer : Pari , What’s up

Pari : I was thinking about Mom.

Veer : You need not to worry , After you came here , She left the house and now she lives with her brother ‘ Karan ‘ in America .

Pari : Did she comes back

Veer : Very rarely , I asked her to live with me or in the house but she said that she can’t live with all those memories which would make her cry Evey day .

Pari : I’m Sorry Veer ( Very smoothly )

Veer : Should we tell her .

Pari : I don’t know , How’ll she react , So shouldn’t we tell her after this mess is over .

Veer : Maybe , But truth can’t be covered under veil for long .

Pari : Hhhh!!!

They reached .

Sameer : Guys , Are you ready ?

Pari : Hmm

Sameer : Sorry guys I can’t come with you for sometime ,They aren’t giving me leave or I even tried shifting my duty .

Veer : Now what !

Sameer : Don’t worry I’ll try , You go now , Okay .

Pari : But , Sameer , We need you very much .

He holds her hands ” I know , Pari , I’ll try my best to reach as soon as possible , I promise you I’ll come ”

Veer : Pari , It’s okay we should go now. , It’s getting late .


His peon : Sahib ! Here are your tickets .

Nikhil was on phone ” Mahesh , How can I travel by plane , It’s risky ”

Mahesh ” Don’t worry sir , I’ve made all the arrangements , Its a small domestic flight ”

He shuts the phone

Nikhil : I’m coming to my homeland , To win once again .

He sends a text to Mahesh
[ My seat No. is 13 A , Be careful everything should be perfect , You know me well what I can do if it won’t ]


At the airport .

Pari : Veer , I’m very scared , Whatever we are doing is right ?

Veer : Pari , Be calm , Whatever happens , Happens for good , Okay .

Pari : Ya ! Let’s go for boarding .

Women on Duty : Sorry Sir , Now we don’t have any two seats vacant but two seats separate .

Veer : Okay , But are they close ?

Women : Unfortunately one is in the second row , Third and other four seats back of it .

Pari : Oh , But it’s okay , We can manage

Women : Thanks have a safe ride .

They sat down on lounge .

Pari : Shit ! We can’t be together .

Veer : Don’t worry , It’s a few hours ride .

Pari : I know .

Veer : Okay what you want to eat , A sandwich .

Pari : Okay !

He goes to food counter . She was sitting idle on the chair .

Sameer called ” Hey , got your boarding pass ”

Pari : Yes , Just chilling for a while at restaurant .

Sameer : What’s your seat number , Is it a window or aisle


Nikhil came talking on phone with inspector ” I’m traveling with a domestic flight , I text you that my seat is 13 A ”

Inspector : Yes , Every thing is alright , It’s safe

Nikhil : I got to know that my seat is with some girl

Mahesh : Oh really , then your flight is going to be amazing .

Nikhil : Oh oh !! Shut the phone , Bye .

He scratched his beard with something evil in mind ” I think he’s right , Flight would be amazing ”

Nikhil : Because of this Khan ! I can’t enjoy my life , oh gosh !!


Sameer : Tell , Which is your seat , Window or Aisle .

Pari : Don’t ask me that ! They don’t have two empty seat , I’ve to sit with someone else .

Sameer : Oh poor baby !

Pari : Eh ! Don’t Say like this Veer is four seats behind and mine is 13 ( Phone cuts )
Hello !!! Heloo !!

He came back

Veer : What Sameer said ?

Pari : He was saying me Poor baby

Veer : Aww !!!

Pari : Now don’t start , Let’s eat .

Announcement was made and they ran to their Plane .

Flight attendant : Hello sir , Mam , Welcome .

Pari was holding Veer hands .

The lady spoke ” Please take your seats , We are going to fly in a couple of minutes ”

Veer : Okay Pari let’s be seated now .

Pari : No , Please

Veer : Pari , We’re in same flight okay .

He hugged her ” Don’t worry , Okay , There’s your seat 13 B ” , ” And mine just so near 17 D ”

He goes away through the crowd and sat on his chair .
Pari roams and finds hers .

She looks back and waves hands to Veer . Veer gives her a flying kiss. She blushes .

She rolled her neck and to see who’s next to her on the window seat .

Pari glared at a big sized man wearing black jeans and leather jacket his face wrapped with A large cap covering almost all corners .

She questions herself ” Why is he sleeping at this time , It’s hardly 8 am now ”

She thanked situation ” whatever , Thanks he’s sleeping ”

The flight was now in the air . Little supper was served , A coffee with cookies and cutlets .

Pari again lolled back to see her boy .

Pari said to herself looking into his eyes and and making face as if she was calling him .

Veer nodded in A no . He said to himself ” Hmmmm !! Keep on trying I won’t come , Your annoyed face is so cute ”

She again winked her eyes to make him obey her call , He looks other side .

She got irritated , In her mind ” How mean is he ! I’m calling and he isn’t answering , Hmm I won’t talk to him now ”

She took a sip of hot coffee and recalled ” when we were going to London , Veer came and sat with me , He hold my hands and helped me fight my phobia ”

Once again she looks back , Now he laughs at her , Seeing the cream from coffee over her face .

She thinks in her head ” Now why is he smiling looking at my face ”

She raised her head up and down and made a gesture to ask ” why are you chuckling ? ”

He keeps his fingers under nose to denote that her mouth is filled with cream which she had forgotten to wipe in haste .

Pari : My mouth . ( She took out her napkins and a hand mirror )

She looked herself in the mirror , After cleansing , A little wobble in the flight dropped the mirror down on the floor , Just near the feet of the man with her .

Pari : Oh lord ! Please don’t make him awake .

She bowed down , And looks into the reflection of his face in the mirror .


Sweat began to wet her trembling face , She was not in Angel get – up , She was Pari today .

Pari spoke with low volume ” Ni…khi…..lllll….”


BYE , Eagerly waiting for hearing from you


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    Now what will happen if Nikhil comes to know about pari ?? pari has forgotten to do her angle look too!! ??? O god!! And Their cute gestures are awesome!! You have explained them in a brilliant way?? and i like sameer’s character!!
    Hope their plan would work!! Eagerly waiting for the next part!!post ASAP

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