We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 6)

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Hi every one thanks for ur support if u like this epi then plz put a comment if like it plz give u r suggestion

Anika lights some diyas on the of diwali in oberoi mansion
One of the diya about to fall from anika hand someone hold it

Some time before
Anika comes to oberoi mansion as a event organiser

Morning 9am
Dadi: u start ur work from today onwards u do diwali arrangements
Anika: ok dadi
She goes set some lights
Shivay comes by talking in phone .he sees anika
Anika also sees him hide her face with her hair and start smiles
Shivay semse this and stand silently
Omru looks all the things they comes to near anika and shivay
Om: anika ji( about to say some tning)
Anika: anika is enough for me
Om: ok anika do u know shivay before
Anika: who
Om my elder brother shivay
Anika : ok his name is shivay
Shivomru gives an acward look
Rudra: dont u know our brother name till now
Anika : no , i dont know his name .priyanka was introducer as elder brother and she call him baiyya , both u call him baiyya , dadi call him billu , and i never seen elders calling so thats why i dont know his name
Thats why i called him billu ji
Shivay: if u dont know u can ask me how can u call with that name
Anika: what name billu ji
Shivay shout on anika
Anika start arguing

Both omru sees them interstingly like wathcing a comedy picture
Anika: ur irritating me i will call billu
Bilu billu billu
Shivay u r impossible wo wo panika u will spoil name no then i will also spoil ur name as panika
Panika panika panika
They shout at each other
Then dadi comes and scolds each other then they leave to their work

Its 11am
3 oberoi s wete in their room prepring friends list for puja
Rudra start jokes on shiv om
Rudra: i have two brother one didnot fallen in love directly gone to the marriage. And the other one fallen in love but didnot say to any
He jokes in his manner leaves from there
Shivay: now a day this rudra going too much om
Om: yes i wad feeling the same shivay ( he do some thing with rudra phone ) now we wiii see how he will handle situation we will see who will save him they smiles by seeing each other

Its 1pm ( after noon )
In living room two girls were holding each side of rudra and start shouting
Shiv om comes by hearing the noise

Girl 1 ( priya) : ( by holding one side of rudra says ) u know what rudra had called me here bcoz ha loves me
Girl2 ( payal) : ( by holding the other side of rudra say) even rudra had called me here
I know he loves me dont in middle of us
They drags rudra here and there each side
Shivay : ab ayega maza
Om comes to rudra and says in his ears
Now we can see how will u handle by the way iam send the message to the two girls from ur phone
he go and sees their fighiting
Rudra makes a puppy face and shout any body help me
Anika sees them by passing their
She comes to them and stops
Rudra ask her help
She signs iam there

Anika: what girls what happened rudra had called u both bcoz to make this diwali very bueatiful

The two girls relaese rudra and give a plain look to anika
Anika: yes iam saying the thruth
U both r looking so bueatiful
If u smiles it will increased to double
They smiles by hering this and leaves to puja preparation

Rudra: if u not come anika didi then i will finished today
Shiv om sees every thing
Om: u have seen very clever anika
Anika give a courage look to shivay
Shivay: dont think that u r great it was not big deal for me
Anika to om i think black coffee was ur brothers fav thing
Om: yes but why
Anika : when i see ur brother face i will remember the taste of that coffee
Shivay gives angry look and go their
Anika also leave to rana mansion

Ita 7 pm
Anika comes to oberoi mansion in royal blue ghagra
Shivay in call : no no u have to come u start now u will reach in half an hour he cut the call and turn
He sees bueatiful anika he cant take his eye look from anika bcoz he already fallen in love with her
Hesees anika cotinously
Tere sung tere sung mahi mere dolna…….. Plays
By than anika lights the diyas
One diya about to fall from anika hand someone hold it he is none other then daksh
Daksh kurana childhood friend of Shivay

Precap daksh fall in love with anika

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  1. Deeraja

    I know it was short but plz comment me thank u

  2. Nice…loved it

  3. Anjaly

    nice episode.

  4. Nice…Anika’s dialogue about sivay’s face was super

  5. Awesome….

  6. Shivika


  7. Akshaya

    Wow??? loved it waiting for the next

  8. Pinkyyy

    Wow dear nice update ???

  9. Nansshivika

    Deeraja good one dear.all scenes are funny and sweet n feel good
    Do read my ff and share ur views over therehttps://www.tellyupdates.com/shivika-ff-nans-part-5/

  10. Razna

    hii dheeerja…..its veryn nice,,,and i didnt think that dhaksh enter ssoooo fastlyy…but plzzadd more shivikaaa scenece…..

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