DoN’t JUDGE ME! (Chapter 1)

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Chapter one: Mystery

Ruby kolter was born 10th Feb, 2000. Making her 17. Her father is a CEO of a leading company and so she moves a lot.

Ruby was an ordinary teenage. She likes things simple, good grades are all she wants. She is cold and has some amazing martial art and sword fighting talent.
Ruby! Her mother called her. You’re going to be fine dear. There’s no need to be nervous.” I’m not nervous mama. I love you dear I love you too mama.

Ruby was little nervous new city, new area and new people. We don’t want to be late go to sleep honey. Ruby was cut off to her thought by her father,” Ok dad, Oaf! I can’t believe tomorrow we are moving to Australia. Ruby went to sleep but she can’t shut off her thoughts. It was 6:30am on Saturday morning. Ruby put everything in the van well her mom made breakfasts it was eggs, French toast, pancakes and fresh fruit. After having their breakfast. Ruby and her parents drove off to the airport. When they reached the airport they got their stuffs and they went inside they waited for their flight 13 to Australia.
They went to the gate and handed the tickets and took their seats in first class. It took them 28 hours to get to Australia. When they landed Ruby was little worried they took a taxi to their new house ruby focused on staring out the window. The taxi came to a suden halt.

Ruby stared at the house in awe. The house was better than their old ones. It had a pretty good structure. It was large with two stories and a mini balcony at every large window…….to be continue!

I hope you will love and like my story guyzz…..don’t forget to comment plzz!

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