Don’t Fall In Love With Me (SanVeer) chapter 4 – Savitri Devi College And Hospital

Chapter 4: Too late to apologize…

Pragya started her therapies with a new psychiatric at the hospital after her discharge. One day, Veer was waiting outside the psychiatrist’s room for Pragya. She then comes from the room, closing the door behind and gets surprised seeing Veer sitting there. He immediately gets up once he sees her and slowly goes towards her.

Veer: – Hey. How are you?

Pragya sighs, she gives him a cold stare.

Veer: – Sorry if I disturbed you, I just wanted to see you as I didn’t have the chance to catch up with you since you got discharged. Beside uncle aur aunti won’t let me visit you at home, and I know that you took a break from work.

Pragya : – So are you stalking me now just like papa?

Veer : Kya? Wait…It’s not good for you to be stressed or angry now, let’s go to the cafeteria and talk calmly would you?

Pragya looks elsewhere without saying anything. Veer then puts his hand on her shoulder to assure her saying ” let’s talk please .

Once they took place at the cafeteria, Veer ordered two cups of tea along with some pastries. While he was busy answering to an urgent call, Pragya silently observes him while drinking her tea. Pragya’s heart melted for a moment when she felt his touch a few minutes ago. She is lost looking at his concerned eyes, she used to love his small eyes, she could always sense all just by looking at his eyes. She had so many things to say to him but she just couldn’t or was she just afraid, she wondered. Veer finished with his call and then excuses himself to Pragya.

Veer : – Here are your favourites pastries.

Pragya : – Dekho Veer, you don’t need to be so formal with me…

Veer : – I seriously don’t get women’s minds. If too friendly it’s wrong, if too formal it’s also wrong. Aab mein kya karoon yaar ?

Pragya finished up her tea, she looks straight at Veer.

Pragya : – Tik hai I will go straight to the point then. I don’t want you to be be friendly out of pity. Tumhara yeh isn’t helping me. Actually Veer I’m feeling uncomfortable around you.

Veer : – But we are friends na tu phir kyon tum aise…

Pragya : Please Veer…you don’t need to feel guilty about me!

Veer : – No matter what I’ll be there for you Pragya, you know it na ? So I just want to be sure that you are recovering and if you need to talk someone don’t hide it all inside your heart cause we are here, your family and myself. We may not be a couple anymore but hum dost hai na ? C’mon after all we were in a relationship for 2 years yaar !

Pragya : – Haan, 2 years and you’re talking about it with so much ease…It might have been easy for you but it was hard for me… cause of work, the ups & downs in life, I was tired…suffocating, I felt so lonely… You see we women even if we don’t say much we are more sensitive than men!

Veer : – It was you who wanted to break-up!

Pragya : – Here you go blaming me. And excuse-me you also didn’t tried to keep it up na, you were busy, I was busy and so on…I needed to breath, to make up my mind. I’ve just asked you for a break I didn’t said that it’s over forever and all… You see we women even if we don’t say much we are more sensitive than men!

Veer laughs at her last comment.

Pragya : – What’s so funny ?

Veer : – Yaar, why you girls are so complicated and confusing haan ? I’m sorry if I couldn’t read your mind all the time. Seriously Pragya, it has been a year now we both moved on and now I want us to be friends just like the old days you know. If you are not okay it’s not a problem but at least don’t treat me as a stranger, right now I wanna support you along with your family and your friends.

Pragya : – Everything would have been different if you could understand me that time, if you answered to my phone call that night. I know that you had your reasons but still the first person I ever thought of when I was so afraid and lost was you Veer. What does it mean to you ?

Veer then puts his hand on hers and looks at her full of concerned.

Pragya has tears in her eyes.

Veer : – I’m sorry yaar. All I could say is sorry. See you can blame me, slap me, do whatever you want but please, please don’t ignore me yaar, let me lend my hand to you.

Pragya : – Kash tum yeh sab mujhe pehle bata diya!

Pragya took her hand from his, she finishes her tea and gets up with her handbag and leaves Veer alone. While walking away she turned back and looks at Veer’s back, he is not turning back. She knew that he was waiting to propose to her, but then she already made up her mind if only he could have understood her that time, if only he could have held her hand, she thought. She walks in a long corridor and passes by Dr. Sanchi. Sanchi on the other hand goes outside the hospital to breath some fresh air, then she sees Veer passing by. While she turns away to avoid him he calls her out while noticing her presence there. He then approaches her.

Veer : – Hi, all good ?

Sanchi : – Haan, I came for a small break. Aur tum?

Veer : – I came to see my friend, she got discharged a few days ago and she’s doing therapy sessions here.

Sanchi : – Oh I see, your friend is lucky to have such a good supporter like you.

Veer : – Pata nahi yaar…Kind of complicated between us…

Sanchi : – Hme…Girlfriend ?

Veer wasn’t expecting that reply from her, he looks at her surprisingly.Veer decides to take a walk along with Sanchi to whom she agrees as she felt that he needed to opens up with someone.

Veer : – Hme…She is special for me as we had a past, baas.

Sanchi : – I see, so is she happy to see you around her or ?

Veer : – This is exactly what I don’t get, is she happy or angry, sometimes it feels like she wanna opens up to me but then no, we keep arguing about the same old story. And it’s not for her health to take rest or to get angry you know…

Sanchi : – I know sometimes it’s hard but most of the time when we assume something it means the other way around especially with men.

Veer : – Yaar why you girls are so complicated haan ? This is tougher than completing a puzzle.

Sanchi : – Lekin we are not all in the same boat!

Veer : – Oops sorry if I offended you. You know it felt nice talking to you, and you always appear at the right moment. Thanks yaar!

Sanchi : – Arre maine kuch nahi kya…

Veer : Oh haan, sunday there is a reunion with our class fellows, are you gonna attend it ?

Sanchi : Hme…I don’t think that I’ll make it on sunday so…

Veer : – C’mon it would be nice to catch up with others, I’ll get to see Kabir also. By the way how is he doing, you guys are still together right, everyone said that you two make the perfect couple I was eager to see both of you!

Sanchi then looks at the time and leaves Veer as she has to go back to the hospital. Veer starts his motorbike and therefor leaves the hospital.

” Eyes do speak larger than words.”

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