Doli Armaanon Ki 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
tani vehenemently denies going back to mumbai, saying that she lieks it here, and they have to find out, who tried to run her over and why. samrat is tensed and but smilingly complies nevertheless. She then shocks him by asking him to pree her feet, as she has gotten bed sore, in the hospital. He fumes from inside, but frustratedly complies, swearing to have her revenge. He finds that she has fallen asleep, and then remembers about niranjan’s warning regarding the driver. He calls up the driver to confirm, who thinks that he must have killed samrat’s wife, thats why he is calling up, and hence doesnt pick up, and theerafter switches off the phone, leading samrat to believe that what niranjan said was actually true, and that the driver is ginoring him now. he thinks that he would have to definitely kill niranjan now as he has no other option, to solve this problem altogether.

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Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini finds the maid preparing ishaan’s tiffin box, and sends her out for an excuse of another work. she then mixes something in it, determined to have urmi out of ishaan ‘s life. sandhya finds her working in the kitchen, and comes and deduces that she definitely is upto something against urmi. Damini confirms it and says that this shall definitely end everything between urmi and ishaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Chawl
samrat thinks that niranjan is growingly becoming a pain in the ass, and hence now its time for him to get rid of him. he meets the gun dealer, and buys a desi pistol from him. He swears that now niranjan shall face his doom, and its time for him to go, and that what wouldnt happen to him that easily, according to Niranjan, would happen so easily, as he wouldnt blink twice before killing him.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s Office
ishaan is surprised to find damini in the office. She says that she came here to give him lunch. ishaan asks why. Damini says that urmi sent her here to ensure that he eats it, after he sent the full tiffin back the earlier day. ishaan is tensed. he refuses. She says that he should for her sake. he says that he doesnt want to. She says that urmi would raise a hue and cry and pick a fight with everyone back home. Damini says that they are reduced to the status of a servant. She manages to convince him to eat. He takes the first bite, and then frustratedl goes for water, while she eyes him evilly. She pretends to ask if everything is alright and if he is okay. he asks if urmi sent this food. She says yes. He says that he doesnt what revenge she is seeking, as she has put a load of chillies. she pretends to be shocked, saying that she cant trust urmi now, as she can go to any limits. he is tensed, while damini stands satisfied.

Scene 5:
Location: An isolated building
Niranjan’s car honking startles a tensed samrat and he ducks into hiding, waiting for him to arrive. He thinks that niraanjan has come earlier, but shall go empty handed. meanwhile, niranjan thinks that he shouldnt die today, as he has come with the full possible measures to prevent himself. As niranjan comes, samrat eyes him from hiding, thinking today he shall lose his life, as he gave challenge to the wrong person. Just then, niranjan gets urmi’s call, and tells her that samrat located a very isolated and dangerous building, and as they suspected samrat shall plan to kill him. urmi asks if he has come with all prepartions and says that he has come with a bullet proof jacket, and hopes that he hits in those areas only. samrat hears all this and is shocked. niranjan continues talking, oblivious that samrat is hearing them. He says that samrat has no idea of their plan, and that today he would definitely want to kill him, as thats the kind of place he has brought him to. urmi says that she has seen enough, and doesnt want tani to suffer. samrat listens to all this, while niranjan gives out entire plan, that once he hits niranjan, they should drag him to the court with this, and then also expose him in front of tani. he thinks here samrat shall be captive, and tani shall be free in Mumbai. urmi asks niranjan to be safe, and expose samrat to tani. Niranjan asks her to cancel the call, as samrat might come anytime. samrat understands that this is urmi’s plan all along, and she co-conspired niranjan also in this. samrat thinks that he would have taken care of niranjan today itself. samrat is determined that he shall change the game such, that they would be tormented solid. The screen freezes on his angry face.

Precap: Samrat springs up from behind, coming with bowed head, while niranjan is boggled and confused, about his next move.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Poor Urmi the series is by far going nowhere slowly what happen to women power urmi only cries that’s all what crap

    1. fan of the show

      She’s plotting against samRAT – that’s more than just crying. Now that samRAT knows the plan, Niranjan will have t improvise how to save himself.

  2. Urmi is in so much trouble!

  3. God help us….this show has gone from bad to worse. I don’t watch but even the updates is making me want to give those writers a slap to knock some sense in their brains….

    1. fan of the show

      I haven’t seen ANY character on this show for whom I haven’t met a like person for real. samRAT is the worst nasty villain – it takes several people to have all the flaws he has, but they’re still depictions of real life. It’s just all wrapped up in one package in this show. Be glad its just a story and be patient for it to unfold.

  4. well said sharmi

  5. Urmi’s life is going from bad to worse. Samrat us always ahead of her.

    1. fan of the show

      It must be difficult to play such a villain every day.

  6. see what I am talking about how convenient samrat listening to urmi and naranjans conversation that is why I said before these soaps are a whole pack of shit the bad ones always come out on top so what next urmi and inshaan would never be happy together because murdering samrat will always be in everyones life doing evil and getting away with it poor writing you dotish writers you all need to be fired because you are just as bad and crooked as samrat and damini

  7. In this show Only culprits can eavesdrop ever thing against of them cut this kind of a crap

  8. They should have end this show when urmi get married , every week the TRP is dropping !

    1. fan of the show

      I don’t know what TRP is, but the voting in this forum has gone above 3.6 for the last 3 weeks, which means 72% of the peope who post to this forum think it is average or higher, only 28% of posters think it is poor or awful, and of those who hate it, many of them watch it every day anyway so they can tell everyone how awful it is…. go figure

  9. This show has gone to the extreme.Mother trying to set up daughter in law.Ishaan as a competent lawyer cannot figure out how why his mother is so involved with Urmi now? Can he not just take off the blind fold and see something is wrong.Now they are showing us that an abusive man will commit murder in order to revenge his wife.I would like them to have some cops hiding in a secret place with Naranjin to catch Samrat red handed doing the job.This mother in law needs a daughter in law who will cross the traditional boundaries and and disrespect her to the fullest.This is damn nonsense now.Why isn’t Urmi sying on her also.

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi doesn’t know yet. Why would she try to take revenge on someone she doesn’t know is hurting her?

      Besides, when has sinking below the level of your enmies ever really helped the situation. This is not the outcome a sane person would want

      1. Why is she seeking revenge on SAMRAT?Is she not sinking below the level of Samrat who is her biggest enemies.She should spy on her mother in law because of the things that are happening to her in the house right now.She should be more cautious.Let her use her third eye.

      2. fan of the show

        Her motivation is to save Tani by exposing samRAT. I don’t think she is trying for revenge, just exposure. Outing the truth is not the same as revenge. She’s not trying to kill him or burn his house, or spread rumors, or drug him, or kill his children, or be rude to his in-laws, or any of the other low life deeds samRAT has done againt Urmi. Those things are still way beneath the way Urmi operates, thank God. Instead of thinking she’s very weak, fans should see how strong she has been to keep her principles instead of burning her own blood by seeking revenge.

  10. This story has become worse.. I don’t want to watch it anymore.. What a lousy storyline!!!

    1. fan of the show

      Your opinon; your choice.

    2. fan of the show

      I don’t like what’s happening to Urmi. But I don’t think the story line is bad, I think the problems it depicts are right on.Thank God there is a show with some reality to it, instead of the ditsy boyfriend-girlfriend fluff. I read the writeups AND watch the show.

  11. This show is getting bad to worst.

  12. What kind of mother would be so cruel to her son? How can Ishaan be so dumb to trust his mother who was against his marriage from the beginning? Writers please bring Shanaya back so she can tell Urmi how her mother in law tried to prison her son’s mind maybe then Urmi would stop confiding in her and knock some sense into Ishaan. His father has more respect for Urmi than him

    1. fan of the show

      Yah, it’s amazing how a mother can hurt her own so just to split him away from a woman she does not approve of. Self-wil wins (loses) again over real love.

  13. What a load of crap!! and how conveniently Kanchan & Diwakar disappeared.

  14. U. writers. make woman inferior who do u think u r making us empowered woman feel like this way ur way of thinkn by is most disgusting I have stopped watchn this serials

    1. fan of the show

      How doe this story make women inferior? I don’t get it.

    2. fan of the show

      How does this story make women inferior? I don’t get it. Please explain your opinon.

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