Doli Armaanon Ki 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
All are concerned for tani’s ring, when samrat walks in. tani asks if he saw the ring, and he feigns ignorance. Samrat asks her to forget about it, as they shall buy a new one. Sandhya points out that it was of diamonds and it isnt that easy to forget about it. samrat remembers about james, and asks if it was actuallu of diamonds. Tani says that the ring was worht ten lakhs. He gets berserk and shocked. urmi says that it isnt a small amount. Tani offers for a police complaint, and samrat is scared, and then makes her sit down. Samrat says to tani that they should first search the house. urmi says that they have already done that, and there’s no harm in involving the police now. samrat eyes her frustratedly, and asks her to let him search first and that he shall handle it. damini gives him a chance and if they dont find, they shall have to report to the police. samrat is tensed.

In the room, Urmi narrates this all to Ishaan, and is tensed, while he asks her to stay out of it, and not interfere too much, knowing tani and samrat’s nature. Urmi says that its a matter of the house. he asks her to handle, as he is a little busy in work. she asks if everything is okay. He says that he is handling the divorce case of Vikram Singhania, who wants to divorce his wife, but she doesnt want to. She says that its very difficult to understand their personla equation. he is tensed. She says that she is sure that he shall handle everything. He smiles at her.

Tani meanwhile shows some pics from the almirah to damini. Shashi too shows interest. urmi asks what are they looking at. Shashi makes a asnide comment on sandhya’s complexion and then goes on a rant, while sandhya hears this from a distance. urmi asks her not to talk like this. Sandhya is hurt. She finally speaks up, saying that she is a widow, and still dresses so gaudily. tani asks her not to take it seriously. urmi says that sandhya is right, and that dark complexioned girls are liked everywhere, even in the beauty paegants. shashi pretends to be indifferent, and again taunts. Sandhya gets instigated. they enter into a verbal scuffle. damini asks them both to shut up. urmi asks shashi to never say things like that, as people arent characterised by colour anymore, and that a person is known by character and not colour. shashi says that colour only determines character. Sandhya asks if she should tell everyone what she truly is. shashi then boldly asks her to go on. Sandhya asks if she should tell what happened at the dinner table, the day she tasted rajma. Shashi gets scared and then apologises, while sandhya says that she finally came to line. tani asks what happened that day. Sandhya says that she doesnt wish to elaborate. Shashi pretends to be outraged, and thinks that she wont sit here. She rushes away. They all pester her to speak, but she is in tears and doesnt.

In her room, Sandhya goes on a rant of frustration, as to how she has always been differentiated on the basis of her colour, while urmi tries to compose her, saying that she shouldnt take shashi’s words by heart. she asks sandhya if she ever felt insulted, and she denies, ever having gotten insulted in this house. Urmi says tht Lord. krishna is himself dark, and yet he is the creator of the universe. She asks her to look at the positives, but she keeps cribbing on her colour. urmi is upset for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Restaurant
Kiran is shocked to know that samrat gave ten lakhs, while he gloats about it. She asks why and howcome he didnt tell her, as they could have gone to the police. he says that if they involve the police, she would be humiliated, and that Vikram singhania too would have known. she hears tensedly. He pretends to be a sacrificial martyr, while she praises him galore. he says that everyone cant be like him, and he understands hjer pain and assures that everything shall be alright. Inside, he is frustrated that he is in this mess due to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside
James taunts samrat as he comes, and demands ten lakhs now, and he shall stop bothering him. samrat says in anger that he has gone mad.james warns samrat that he should get 10 lakhs by tomorrow, or else he would show up at his house, with the ring and the hotel evidences. samrat is tensed. The screen freezes on his scared face.

Precap: Urmi tells ishaan that she finds something fishy the way, samrat is reluctant to go to the police, and she is sure that he is hiding something. He hears tensedly. Meanwhile, while samrat is taking a relaxation massage at a spa, he gets james’ call from his landline, and he is shocked, as to how he reached his house, where james is cmfortably seated with Damini, sandhya and shashi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    Now the plot thickens – Ishaan is doing Kiran’s hosband Vikram’s divorce…. uh oh

    1. Isn’t this amazing.I cannot wait to enjoy this.

  2. fan of the show

    Yes, I was wondering when Shashi was going to be cut down a peg or two… and now she knows there is someone in the house who is onto her, too… She picked on the wrong person.

    1. Shashi needs to be put in her place a long time ago.She believes she is the matador of this home.Rude and frontish.

  3. fan of the show

    Now James has not only inserted the knife in rat’s gut, he is also giving it a little twist… take that, rat!

    1. fan of the show

      I wonder if it will ever come out why James is after the rat.

      1. Yes Fan ,I think it will be revealed but later in the show.

      2. fan of the show

        Was James the son of the old couple whose house rat burned down? If that’a the case, he will likely make rat’s life absolute hell for a long ling time. … trying to remember who could James be and how could he know about the evil rat has done,…

    2. Ha Ha.The insertion of the knife in his guts will make the rotten garbage in his guts spill to the ground.Let him take that one in his behind.Evil only last for awhile.

  4. I’m very glad to hav been wrong about Gaurav that he is not cheating wit secretary, proud of u Gaurav. Samrat u RAT , love tat ”’JameS Bond”” giving u a hard time , SO. SO SO GOOD!!!!!

  5. Good episode.

  6. writers please end this serial soon it is not interesting anymore tooooooooooo many scripts concerning samrat and to know he is sooooooooooooo evil he needs to get exposed for who he really is

  7. Why has Sandya so ashamed of her beautiful bronze complexion.She looks beautiful .Color does not determine who you are that is foolishness.Your heart determines who you are. You may have a light complexion and is as evil as hell but some people with low self esteem do not like a dark complexion and will paint their faces with all types of whiteners to look light.Ladies color does not define who you are.Color does not give you the best job.Education is what takes you to the top.It doe not matter who or what you are God loves everyone.

    1. fan of the show

      I think Sandhya’s insecurity about skin color was put in to show how traumatized people can be through adult life when their childhood was scarred with being taunted for skin color – another form of psychological violence; and also to get in why victims of prejudice should not do this to themselves (through Urmi’s advice while trying to comfort her) This show is excellent for getting in all the things people do to each other that are violent and harmful.

      1. This is also a great problem in the world today.This is something that lots of people have hidden in their hearts throughout their lives but it is now coming out .I am in agreement with you about this show.It has touched the different types of abuse that face our societies today.

    2. fan of the show

      I also think this was put in the serial to show it’s not the color of skin that matters, it;s how you treat others, and in that case, Sandhya’s really really ugly.

      1. Sandhya is ugliness flows from her heart and what comes out of her mouth.

  8. So what happened the day she tasted rajma?? I missed that part. And what’s this about skin colour? The subject keeps popping up. Are the writers trying to pass a message across to us the viewers?

    1. She put pepper in the food and stated Urmi did that intentionally…created a scene on the table. This is how Urmi stopped cooking for her.

  9. shutup
    gloria , rosey

    1. fan of the show

      Is that how YOU treat others?

    2. Sara you are telling the wrong person to shut up.Search your self and see exactly what part of you needs to be closed.Please do not start with me because I will cut you down as a tree.According to my culture You do not tell someone to shut up.Being rude does not make you somebody therefore you are neither somebody or a nobody but scum.Please do not fire me up .Thank you.

  10. Boooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrring!

  11. fan of the show

    Updater didn’t post last two scenes: one was with rat and kiran, he complaining he had to pay off james, she telling rat how much he understands her (falling for rat); other was james and rat, james demanding 1 million or he will espose the rat, and throwing the rat down on the ground and with foot on chest and knife at throat, saying rat’s wife will be doing this stance next, only foot will not be on throat, it will be on neck.

    1. fan of the show

      foot will not be on chect, it will be on neck

    2. fan of the show

      Now those two scenes are there – great!

      1. fan of the show

        Scene 2 and scene 2

    3. Fan ,These were two good scenes to document.

  12. fan of the show

    Blackmailers keep blackmailing. rat is an idiot if he thinks the payoff of the ring gets him off James’s hook,

    1. Rat believes his back is cleared but he does not know the black mailing has now began.I am wondering what will he sell now. I forgot,I believe his Mom knew what he might have done and this is why she gave Urmi the bag of jewellery to keep in her locker.I am enjoying SAmrat at this time.He has so many personalities therefore you can never figure out which one he will use .

      1. fan of the show

        Just had a flash forward – rat steals Shashi’s jewelry from Urmi and Urmi gets blamed…. I hope it doesn’t happen

      2. fan of the show

        Or Shashi sets Urmi up by saying Urmi stole it, and they find it in Urmi’s closet…

      3. fan of the show

        I wouldn’t trust Shashi now for all the tea in china… don’t you think that good-heartedness without common sense can do you in?

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