Doli Armaanon Ki 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Annu’s and samrat’s residence
As the guards progress, ishaan covers urmi. He throws the stairs on them, and then sends urmi off, and fights them both off. finally, he is able to overpower them, and hurriedly leaves.

In the middle of the night, samrat’s phone rings, and he gets frustrated. As he picks up, the guards tell him hassledly tell him what just happened. He is tensed, and says that he would just come. the gurads tell him that they escaped, and how badly they got beaten. Samrat gets angry that they couldnt stop him, and says that he wouldnt pay them at all. They start saying that they are in much pain, but samrat doesnt pay heed to their pleads. He cancels the phone, and then decides to call saroj to find out if they had a talk with her. he dials saroj’s number, and she is shocked to see samrat’s call. she wakes up with a startle, and then finds devi asleep, and takes the call outside, wondering why is he calling so late. She protests that noone came here. Samrat tells her that she is lying to him, and he isnt a mad or a fool, and how guards told him what happened. saroj says that she isnt lying and desperately protests why would she talk, when she has been insisted by him not to, and that no member of the family had a talk with them or met them. Anu comes down with a dazed state, as saroj says that nothing is more precious than her daughter’s selfrespect. urmi might still get to see to see her son, but her daughter wont even get her respect back ever again. Anu is distraught as she stands listening to saroj. He says that she shouldnt even try to as she should be prepared for the consequences then. samrat tells saroj that he has made an MMS of annu, which he shall leak, on the internet, if she says even a word to urmi. saroj is shocked. Samrat reminds what this could mean for her younger daughter and adds that her daughter shall be in ruins. saroj is distraught. Saroj swears on anu that she wont tell anu anything, nor has she told anyone. samrat asks her to remember that anu’s MMS is saved on his phone, and again reminds what he can do with that video clip, and that their family shall be mortified and dead alive. He cancels the call. She is apalled, and annu asks what samrat said. saroj calms her saying that nothing happened. anu asks if he wont release the MMS. Saroj asks her not to worry as everything would be alright.

Meanwhile, samrat starts viewing the video clip, of annu bathing in the bathroom, and smiles evilly as he thinks that this is the trump card, and this shall get him shaurya’s custody and that now urmi would get a lesson for trying to beat him. He guffaws evilly.

The next morning, samrat comes down and radha eyes him lovingly. radha bends down and touches samrat’s feet while he is scared that someone might see them. samrat is shocked to hear the word Husband, and remembers what happened yesterday. He thinks that he would have to continue with the drama, that he would have to bear. He reminds her what he told her last night, and asks to keep this a secret till after the divorce. he asks her to take off the dupatta off too. kanchan finds radha tensed, and gets suspicious. Shashi asks whats he trying to say. Samrat makes up and says that the ghunghat isnt needed. shashi asks her to do the same too. radha complies by saying Ji Maa Ji, and then takes her blessings too. Samrat is shocked, seeing kanchan’s reaction and radha’s shy and demure nature. Shashi starts reprimanding her for behaving so strange. samrat gets up and begins to leave. She says that she is serving breakfast. but he rushes out hurriedly. kanchan reprimands radha for again trying to come too close to Samrat. she leaves in anger. radha thinks that now even if she wants, she cant stay away from him, as she is bound to be with for eternity.

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Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
The next mroning, urmi is highly tensed, and beyond any consolation offered, by ishaan, that samrat would definitely call. urmi is tensed that they have just two days for the hearing and what if samrat doesnt call saroj, by that time, and narrate the blackmail that he is using. Ishaan says that this ia chance that they would have to take. he asks her to have faith in him, as soon they shall get a complete recording of all conversations that saroj had with whoever. He tells that the guards must have informed samrat of their intrusion last night, and he would definitely have called up. urmi is still tensed. ishaan asks her to have faith in him, and then leaves. Urmi sits terribly tensed and upset, for her family and her helplessness in sorting this out for them.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s office
As samrat enters his cabin, he finds someone sitting there, and sis surprised. He asks who is the person and the person turns around. samrat gets tensed to find the its ishaan, in a cheerful mood. he hastily asks him whats the matter. ishaan says that his game is over as his reality is exposed now, and how he tried to blackmail saroj. samrat is shocked. Ishaan tells him that he knows everything about his evil plan. Samrat hastily asks him whats the matter, and says that he is lying. Ishaan says that now he has understood everything, as samrat plays a game, and got saroj to be on his side. Samrat asks him to speak if he knows it. ishaan asks him to chill and relax as he would narrate everything, but in the court, where he can be convicted, and he shall make full use of it. samrat thinks that saroj was lying to him after all. ishaan wonders how could saroj tell him, even after all the blackmail he did. He tells about how he and urmi met saroj, and she told him everything. samrat gets angry and asks him to tell what he knows. ishaan again taunts him that he would reval everything in court, with much amusement, and asks him to lament for now. samrat is extremely scared, as the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ishaan tells samrat that just like that, his entire game is over and now there’s nothing that can stop him from being exposed in the court. samrat is super angry and frustrated. Sroj gets down from the auto, outside the temple. Ishaan tells to urmi, in their hiding, that saroj keot her phone in the purse, and now she has to distract her, while he manages to retrieve the info, from her cell pgone. urmi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. C’mon ishaan show samrat his place.

  2. fan of the show

    It’s not good t tormn the one who wishes you evil (Ishan torments samRat) becasue it will spur them on to being even more evil. Why doesn’t he just bring it all to court and surprise samRat and his evil lawyer.

    1. fan of the show

      ok, I get it, Ishan was making sure samRat called Saroj by instigating him so they woud get the conversation for court

  3. I must say ishan is clever than dat dumb samrat n ishan will show him how to be a reall man not like napunsak samrat

  4. what can I say about this soap same old same old long and drawn out as usual

    1. fan of the show

      Ratings are pro: 18
      con: 5 so far

  5. hey, where is tauji disappeared? who had once come to help urmi. Why can’t she now call him back for her help. He came with a mission, but failed in it, as urmi’s life has rather worsened.

    1. Yeah i was wondering the same thing…

    2. fan of the show

      Didn’t he go back tO Australia or somthing like that?

    3. @fan of the show
      yeah, but before he left, he said that urmi could call him if she needs his help.

  6. Did i miss something? Did they have an hour episode over the weekend? i’m not really following this episode at all

  7. Yes Shayon…..there was a 1 hr episode on Sunday nite 9pm

  8. Its to wrost showing women character low how can write and director can show women to low and showing men hand up do any mother say her daughter is characterless women to wrost serial

    1. fan of the show

      People are blackmailed to do wrong things everywhere in this world

  9. Thank you Rani

  10. The old Ishaan was much more good looking than this one… sigh…

  11. oh boy am i fed up wit this serial dont know when samrat will be put in his rightful place. and goodluck to radha she has yet to find out the beast samrat is

  12. He I m like your serial doli armaanon ki

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